Friday, March 9, 2012

To BB or not to Be

a.k.a. Apocalypse how?

She tapped at her BB again. A watched BB receives no ping, she knew. But she couldn’t help it. It was her lifeline, her umbilical cord to the world of communication i.e. her whole existence and to have it not work freaked her out totally(!!!!111).

‘This is just ridiculous,’ she thought. ‘I’m witnessing or rather mildly experiencing my first conscious solar flare (of which she knew nothing about yet it would mark THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT #2012 #mayanswereright #hashtagsrock) and I cannot update my gtalk status, BB status, facebook update or twitter.’

A manic thought seized her. WHAT if only the RIM services were hit by the flare and others weren’t? She furiously tapped away at her apps and checked her Whatsapp flare to life, while she mentally composed an update- ‘Witnessing the solar flare, can sense the activity in earth’s magnetic field and feel a wave of coronal mass ejections coming my way. Hope everyone is safe x’ But it wasn’t meant to be. Whatsapp wasn’t working either.

News headlines replayed themselves in her head.
पृथ्वी पर पहुंचा सौर तूफान, अगले 24 घंटे तक रहेगा असर,
Solar storms headed our way, what’s the impact?
जोरदार सौर तूफान
Solar Flare: What If Biggest Known Sun Storm Hit Today?

And many others. They played back in her head like repeated foghorns while images of space and footage of supernovas played in her head. It was all a blur as everyone had been hooked, watching TV news channels in hope of information to prepare themselves for Impending Doom. Her brother had emerged with an old flim strip and had proceeded to make ‘sun goggles’ for everyone. Just in case. She had stocked up a few jars of nutella and extra sunscreen.

Mentally unconventional as she was, she had decided to be prepared for all eventualities and had thought of all possible things she would say to her friends. The only problem was how.
‘I wonder if I can buy a messenger pigeon’, she mused. ‘If this keeps up, how will I spread the word far and wide? A pigeon would be a wise investment.’

Her inspired idea was interrupted by the most unexpected sound- PING!

She jolted and looked left and right in a frenzy (while her freshly shampooed hair styled in a fashionable ponytail flipped back and forth) Was the moment upon us? When the fate of humanity rested on how she would react?
It was a BB ping! Her eyes widened in surprise and her pupils dilated in shock.

‘No, this cannot be’ Her mind refused to acknowledge all evidence of the fact that her BB was working. Again. When what it should be doing was reacting to the solar flare in a more dramatic manner than losing service for a couple of minutes.

Airtel network down in Gurgaon, are you getting my pings?

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