Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The pretty times in not-so pretty times.

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A serious bout of seriousness has hit us. No jokes, each has been dealing with a range of emotions, namely anger, frustration, homesickness, delusion, anticipation and for one of us, its taken a toll seeing us all in such a state.

Nandini, the not so silent witness and listener to all our woes came with a genius idea unmatched by any khuraphati we know in our lives. A sudden dose of such fun made us roar in laughter all at once. Much needed, trust you me.

God bless our friend.
And while God is at it, hopefully He also takes care of our individual miseries.


Priyanka said...

All is well in pretty land?

Those sudden bouts of laughter are sometimes all you want to live for.

Mrinalini said...

@Priyanka, it never is! but we swim and we swim and we reach the shore! :)

Mrinalini said...

@Nandu, absolutely lovely piece of work there! cant get over how you made it soooo nice on a day sooooo disappointing! chumu nao :*


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