Friday, June 17, 2011

Drops of Jupiter

Walking gets too boring, when you learn how to fly!

Let's cover the clichés first- great weather, some purpose in life, (mind you only SOME because people with a lot of purpose are not so easily delighted), doughnuts, rain, some selectively chosen music to compliment the clouds, and some mindless dancing. Did I cover everything? Vodka shots? But its daylight, let's save that for later!

An awesome bookstore, some nice poetry (definitely a bluestocking!), nice conversation with a few darlings, random hugs to mom and the prospect of a delicious weekend.

Now am I covered?


Phaedrus said...

Flying becomes boring when you start enjoying the walks...

Anjali said...

i think you spoke too soon nandu! the weather has again become blah :| should rain now, should become perfect again.

Mrinalini said...

@Phaedrus, you would say :P

and Nandu, rains should only be followed by all that you mentioned! warna baarish baarish nahi! :*
PS-spent a lonely monsoon, I would know :|

Nandini said...

@Mrinu, my monsoons were solitary too, but I guess that's ok. Was just glad to have had some monsoons at all!
And you had a working monsoon! Uff! Makes you not like the rains so much, that one!
The rainy days should've been spent drinking cha with your little 'baby'(its just a phrase, not an actual little baby yo!), him looking out the window, you looking at him :P


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