Monday, January 17, 2011

Respect, Mr.Lyricist.

We have all grown up during the 90s, haven't we? So it is but obvious that we grew up on Bollywood numbers, nay? But confession time, not just any Bollywood numbers, we danced on the raunchiest ones available. Those days, item songs were not really existent, so when the film makers had to add some masala, they would make the hero and heroine do, well, stuff. But as ten year olds, we understood zilch, except the beats. And we danced. Unknowingly to what we danced to. Here are some of our fondest memories, minus the raunchiness that we now understand.

Angna mein baba, duaare pe ma, kaise aye gori, hum tohare ghar maa..would be my pick.

This song was a hit with me and my sister, we would choose to be the girl and the boy in the song and enact it with the steps as shown in the TV. The song was plain fun and had beats that made you gyrate. Little did we know then, that the song had such a, umm, well sexual meaning.

Your father is in the porch, your mom is at the entrance, oh dear fair lady, how do I enter your house?
When I will finally come in, I will like to eat. So what will you feed me?
I will feed you garam garam pooris, you will eat from my soft soft (naram naram) hands.

I mean wtf. WTF. Why are they talking with such innuendos, and why were we as 11 year olds, singing this song?

Govinda knew a lot about sarkaaeleu khatiyas and found them jyaara too, just like any boy would. He was the epitome of such songs and his pelvic thrusts meant more than just good dancing. I know now.

As for the trouble the boy had in the song, well, I may safely say it is quite a problem in real life, especially cos the moms actually never leave the house.
Respect Mr. lyricist.

You see, I’d hate to admit that I ever liked a raunchy number, or even heard any when I was a child. 80’s and 90’s were, and still are, the data bank for the sleaziest songs (lyrics +choreography), so if asked otherwise I’d pretend to have never watched one and give you a raised eyebrow look for doing so :p

Chumma chumma de de..
The song that made ‘chumma’ more offensive than ever, is indomitably my most liked raunchy number. From pelvic thrusts, to grinding, to taking/tearing clothes off… this song was ‘cheapumptious’ (cheap + sumptious...i just like the combination I came up with) I still vividly recall how I would dance like crazy on this number, wearing my frilly frock (I was 7 then, do not judge) dancing on the sofa and repeatedly calling out ‘chumma chumma’. My mom though, could not tolerate my na├»ve self any longer and one day, told me that it was not “ladylike” to dance on such numbers…and definitely not the way I did :p

But I never outgrew my liking for this song, the tune..Yes, the tune still makes my feet tap.

I have two songs that I’d like to mention in this post.
Jaati hu main, jaldi hai kya
Dhadke jiya, wo kyu bhala

The song came out at a time when my allegiance was slowly shifting from Aamir Khan to the great SRK. He had just done two or three odd movies before Karan Arjun (for the uninitiated and the ignorant fools, the above song is from this film). I was in love with not just Shahrukh Khan but also the Baazigar pair of Kajol and SRK. On top of that, Kajol’s blue off shoulder top with colourful skirt (yes, I had an eye for fashion even back then!) made the song extremely watchable (if that’s a word). Two of my favourite stars gyrating on a catchy number, what more could I ask for. And I really didn’t care about the meaning behind the song.

Few more lines from the awesome song:
Jaadu tere jism ka teri or kheenche mujhe
Kaabu na khud pe rahe, jab jab main dekhoon tujhe

Holy crap! And I knew the entire song and used to take pride in the fact that I knew the words and the exact tune. No one cared about this talent of mine, but I was still very proud of it. Now that I think about it, I feel like making the younger me shut up!

I’d also like take a moment here and mention the super hit track from the film Khalnayak. It went like this, Choli ke peeche kya hai..
Now, I wasn’t allowed to sing this song as a kid. I knew it was scandalous but never could fathom as to why people raised eyebrows on this song. It was only few days back when I heard the song again, that I realized the big deal about it.
Yes. Two days back. At the age of 25.

Rukamani rukamani shaadi ke baad kya kya hua
kaun haara kaun jeeta khidki mein se, dekho zara
ooo o o o ooo
Baahon mein hai baahein daale meethi baatein hone lagi
Khatiya bhi dheere dheere khat khat hone lagi
Aage peechhe hua to jhatpat hone lagi

So this mast number from Roja which had a great tapping beat and had these old ladies slyly singing on a khat, which by the way, wasn't clue enough for my pre-teen, pre-pubescent mind.

That they were actually talking about a couple, erm, doing it on their wedding night and who came out tops is scandalous enough, never mind that its in a patriotic film. But filmy masala is filmy masala, who says the freedom fighter oriented flick can not have its share of raunchiness in the form of lewd lyrics. And please don't forget that this is the same movie which had the song 'Dil hai Chota sa, choti si aasha.'. The diabolical irony of this is not lost on me now.

They also mention what chacha and chachi and mama mami might have done, for which I have just one thing to say- ew gross! Its nice to think of most elders as asexual beings and this is the kind of denial I am happy to live in.

One stanza also had the following lyrics,
Mile do badan to ye jawaani khil gayi
Zameen aasmaan ki har khushi tab mil gayi

Eh, really? I'm not even going to translate it into English!

And I do pity the Rukamani's of India post Roja. Atleast the ones who understood.

And please don't forget that when this movie released, early 90's, I was a little kid. Innocent, musically unsound, tuneless but caught on to random songs with ease. And I can't even say this song is double meaning. It has only one meaning and it has been made quite plain.

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