Friday, December 31, 2010

Bittersweet Symphony

So another year has come to a closure. And this year flew to say the least. There were changes, big and small, but we managed well. Everytime.

Piya, or the hesistant blogger as she will be now known as, recovered from a bad case of ‘wrong time, wrong guy’ and well, the winters see a new Piya with confidence and the heart in the right place. She bid one of the most memorable part of her life goodbye but only emerged stronger.

Nandu has had a little adventure across the seven seas, is a degree richer but perhaps none the wiser (kidding! But wisdom is definitely overrated)! Stranded in mid-twenties, this year will perhaps take a swing -life’s a clean slate, ready to be filled in. She now is a kickass photographer (to us, she always was) and has started her career, with a ‘little help from her friends’.

Mrinu braved a zor ka jhatka with élan. She, the believer in many things and the one with an open heart embraced a lot of things that were contrary to her philosophies. And till the last moment, she did the juggling act till she finally waded through, with surprising ease. It was probably a big thing but seems natural, when one sees it from a third person view.

Anjali, the little ant of the group had joined a new place in the beginning of this year only to realize she had left the devil for the fire. The new job made her get up at 5am every morning for making reports and while she became worldly wise, the stress showed on her pretty little face. Add to that some very unique relationships and people in her life, and you would agree with us if we said she sustained a zoo cum circus the entire year.

As age catches up with us (pun intended) we become busier. Remember how we wanted to grow up to be able to do things our way? Turns out that when you are a grown up, things still don’t happen your way. There is a fair amount of cajoling, coaxing and mind wrenching efforts to be put before a job is well done. Sigh. If only we could, we would have remained like those little girls from the Vodafone ad, saving seats for our friends, sharing chocolates and well, with no boys in the picture for a long time to come.

The year was nice to us, yes. And we were in turn, very nice to it. We worked hard, partied hard, made amends, made new friendships, braved crap at work and in life, and till last night, braved the very frosty winters to do what we love the most; meet up and share a drink and toast to what is the most precious to us, our friendship.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year that is full of warm, fuzzy memories.

PS-Resolution would be to ummm...(shamelessly confessing)to write more :P

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