Saturday, November 13, 2010

Puke free since ummm....(contd)

On a September night, when beloved Nandu was planning the beginning of a new chapter, all the girls (including two other buddies (we'll call them Kin and Neenz) met up. We went to Hard Rock Café, to apparently celebrate in style. And we cut a cake, made toasts, clicked pictures and got super, duper drunk. Got hit on, all of us- by a cheesy bartender there- we even have pics with the smarmy fellow. But that's deviating from the point.

We were staying at Nandu’s place, so we didn’t care much about being reprimanded by our parents. We looked for our cars, and at this point, we must tell you Nandu and Mrinu were totally flying off their handles. Mrinu was walking with a different set of people, thinking they were her friends and also trying to open random cars, thinking those were Nandu’s big gaddi.

After several drinks and having a few plates of very cheesy nachos, somehow two very and four semi drunk girls got into one car.
Once inside the car, we were 7 including the hapless driver. Nandu sat on the car floor, mainly because a) there was no space and b) she was sliding off surfaces like everything was a slide. They both were mighty high and none of the others girls could manage two of those. The fresh breeze felt good on our faces but Nandu kept saying ‘I feel queasy, no?’

Mrinu was singing something in her mother tongue and the car felt like a bus. Nandu was trying to get her attention by scraping her knee but Mrinu enjoyed the tickles and continued singing. When the rocky motion of the car (thanks to bad, dumb driver) + enough alcohol and less food - the Nachos decided to make an unsavoury reappearance. On Mrinu's arm.

Mrinu just felt warm and told the world how warm her arm felt. Nandu realized her awesome little skirt was spoilt. She started whining in a funny manner saying ‘My skirt. I puked. Eh eh.’And Mrinu was marveling at how she must share a special bond with Nandu indeed to not be grossed out by by being puked upon. (They share a special bond since)

It was a long night thereafter, with one little bottle of mineral water and an arm and a little skirt that needed washing.

On a cold December nite, Mrinu set off in an empty bus to Connaught Place. She was to meet Anjali and her childhood friend, Lawyer boy. The duo were already hanging out there and Mrinu was to join them. Being too cold and lazy, she had put it off till almost 8pm, but then she trudged in the bus. Once there, it was too overwhelming (Reasons cant be disclosed. Lets say Anjali was quitting the place where they both worked in and umm, romance was in the air.)

So the drinks began. It was a Saturday, so Mrinu had to eat vegetarian fare and she picked really cheesy stuff. And began her stint with Vodka. In the beginning all three of them spoke, with rounds of vodka and cheesy nachos or buns or some veg crap. There was karaoke and awesome singers rolled one favorite song after the other. Mrinu kept coming in and out of focus, she remembered sharing a few laughs, then a lot of colours. In her head, that is.

When she next opened her eyes, Anjali and LB were tabbing the bill. She wanted to get up, to speak, to be able to say she needed the loo, but there was inability written all over her. Anjali, being the awesome friend that she is, understood the need and lifted her till the washroom. in the loo, Mrinu totally chatted up a stranger (asking if the girl had come with her fiance, and to the utter disbelief of Anjali, she hugged that woman when she said she was gonna get married soon)

Thoroughly embarrassed, the three made an exit and started looking for autowalas, mainly for Mrinu. LB, who was from Kolkata and should have been given first prefernce, was too tied up looking for autos for the super high Mrinu. Meanwhile, Mrinu rejected most autowalas shrieking 'Yeh banda rapist lagta hai' to almost every one of them.

When one finally agreed, LB volunteered to drop his hapless school-friend-now-drunk-woman home. Little Anjali prayed and went towards the Metro.
In the auto, Mrinu wanted promises from LB, of the forever kinds and he kept nodding his head to everthing. Him being tall made her look up at him and that did things to her already sick tummy. And then like a projectile, she threw up. from the right side of the auto, she puked, came up, told her buddy 'Basically I never puke' crouched and puked again, came back up and said 'Puking is not my style' and puked some more.

LB kept patting her hand, telling her yes, he agreed that she never puked. In fact he said that even now, she wasn't puking (she later understood that was sarcasm)
After the auto screeched a halt below her house, he asked her to do some last minute damage control, like clean her face on her sweater, set the hair straight and finally, to stand on her own.

Mrinu reached her house, barged into the loo, sat on the floor and sang 'Zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye..' After her dad knocked on the door quite a few times, she came out almost an hour or so later, in jeans wet from sitting on the floor. Her dad smelled the puke on her and gave a disapproving look. If the daughter's vodka nites weren't enough, she was now coming back with remnants of it. Tch tch.

Drunk Mrinu had another cross on her list. She had now puked.


The Sage said...

zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye, eh mrinu?? and what about the ghams you gave to others?? ;)

D said...
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D said...

"Ye Banda Rapist Lagta Hai" hahahahahahaha....wat a scene it wud have been..
Mrinu is Mrinu after all... :D

sanely insane said...

so a) you guys shud start carrying cams around...your lives could make u rich sticom stars :P

b) why do kids think they can drink to the pits of the stomach and not puke...wat they should be aiming at is making sure they puke with elegance :)

Amrita said...



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