Saturday, October 23, 2010

foggy windows

I could probably tell you in descending order how I like my seasons but I’d have trouble picking a favourite.

I love the sultryness of summer and the endlessly long days with their scope of daylight, it breathes of potential. Sure, they’ve been killer this year but life goes on doesn’t it?

I love the brief spring which brings colour to the erstwhile winter wonderland. Where once there was barren, there is abundance and fragrances.

I love monsoons just for the sheer expectation of them. They’re unpredictable and a nuisance but I love the rain showers, thunderstorms and dancing in the rain. Life stops, but it also begins.

Autumn. I like how it marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of another- the yellowing leaves, the barren trees, the fact that it paves the way for winter.

Well, what can I say, I’m biased I’ve realized. Winter, it turns out might just be my favourite. Possibly because of its brief visit and the respite it provides from the scorching (previously described romantically as sultry) summers.

My bias for winters could have to do with the fact that Diwali marked the beginning of winters so it always felt… festive and hopeful. And even though we traditionally don’t celebrate Christmas but it became associated with presents and Santa Claus it and snow (no we don’t get it in Delhi but it’s the idea, si?) and of course New Year. It’s the twilight of the year.

A time of recollections and nostalgia,

of warm afternoon magic,

chai, coffee and soup,

of languid conversations and introspective monologues.

Of orange peels and woolly warmth,

cozying in duvets, especially the extra precious minutes in the morning.

It’s a wisp of cold wind on the tip of your nose

And mufflers, shawls, mittens and socks

hibernating birds (and humans)
peanuts and dry fruits of all kinds

knitting needles and balls of wool

long long baths and (justified) alcohol intake

Long walks in the evenings

frosty mornings and smileys on foggy car windows

dewey leaves and wet grass
Hugs, cuddles and lazy snuggles.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that I’m a winter baby. Or does it?


Mrinalini said...

Nandu!!! >:D<
U know i am a rain person, but the way u talk of winters, i feel warm already :*
It’s a wisp of cold wind on the tip of your nose..frosty mornings and smileys on foggy car windows..
sigh girl, you sum it so well :)

Nandini said...

Mrinu :)
What can I say? I could sell you each season as it approaches, can't guarantee about the ongoing ones!

The Sage said...

winters!! riding your bike with the visor pulled up so that the wind bites into you and numbs you...

wow!! nice read...

Anjali said...
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Anjali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anjali said...

Winter happens to be my favourite too! Monsoon is a close second ofcourse. And there is already a nip in the air...winters are here...almost :D

Well written :)

Piya said...

i love winters...and the way u've worded it, makes me love it even more :):). Beautifully written!


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