Monday, July 19, 2010

Love actually is all around you..

Everything…almost everything in this world ends and begins with love. Think about it. All problems, hatred, solutions and of course, happiness itself has one common theme: Love. It is a part of all lives in more than one way. If you think or simply observe the people around you, all of them, well almost all of them, can fit into one of these broader categories of love. Let me elucidate.

The much in love Aah…the perfect love. People belonging to this category have a constant smile on their face. Anytime of the day, you can find these people engaged in a conversation with the love of their life-over the phone or in person. If not talking, they are in deep thoughts about their loved one.

In denial love We all have been through this phase, haven’t we? These people live in constant denial about anything close to the word LOVE. They will have some symptoms of the previous category-like having a stupid smile every now and then without any reason- but when confronted, they will deny anything remotely related to the word love. Infact, ‘species’ of this category are extremely cynical about things related to love.

Getting rid of love They were once a upon a time ‘much in love’. Then got tired of the same love(if you know what I mean) But can’t get out of love because of old time’s sake. But desperately want to get rid of it and be ‘love-less’ for some time.

Wanting to be in love They love love. They love to be in love, think, breathe love. Infact, the whole concept can be ‘magical’ to them. They can endorse love to one and all.

Experimenting in love They have been in love, have fallen out of love and are willing to give love a shot but not whole heartedly. So what do they do? They experiment. With all ‘kinds of love’. You know, not be too attached but yet have a good time with each one of them. But end up in love all the same.

Denying love Not to be confused with “in denial love”. They don’t want to give love a chance. It comes often, knocks at their door, but the door remains firmly shut. Always. Love can be denied for several reasons. A ‘victim’ may have got hurt in love, or is just plain scared.

Find old love in a new bottle They are usually in love with same person all over again. Break ke baad.Very typical. Nothing much to explain.

Having numerous loves Life is a party for them. They love life and love giving love a chance as many times as it comes their way. They have fun every single time. No strings attached.

Heartbroken in Love The worst hit, if you ask me. Alcohol, tears, sleepless nights, loss of appetite, drunken phone calls. Phew. Need I say more?

This, of course, is my observation. I feel, we all somehow, in some way, fit into one or more than one of these categories. Now the question is- which category do you fall in? ;-)


Kanishk said...

I like your use of words...
"Everything…almost everything in this world ends and begins with love."

If you exchange the "ends" and "begins" the love will sound like the culprit instead. ;)

Mrinalini said...

Can i say i am a fusion of all these loves? :) u have summed it up so beautifully baby :)
loved it!

sanely insane said...

i tried and tried and couldn't think of anything u missed...

oh wait...maybe did u cover...'full sex till i find love' :P

yes yes there are those categories also :P

Anonymous said...

well there is always the 'unsure in love' - people who r in it but dont know whether it is love they are in.. people who keep comparing it with their heard/read/believed concepts of love and somehow scrape their own love's edges to make it fit one of the definitions.. wat say?

Anonymous said...

For the record, u girls shud post more often.. it gets disheartening to keep visiting and not find a new post :)

D said...

hahaha... and i cud actually relate each of the category to few people in my life... funny it was :P good one :)

Nandini said...

How about Not in Love Yet? But in love with life? I would like to think that you can exist happily as single somethings ;)


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