Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cotton or Straw or China or... Comments!

We met at this place called - lets call it pretty land..shall we? For it was populated with beauty and thats where the quadro(since its 4 and trio is for three so quadro should be for four) met . Nandini, Anjali, Piya and finally Mrinu. And we bonded and found each other here. The blog came to being here too. It was a special place. Girl bonding was discovered by Mrinu, a pillar like support in friendship was discovered by Piya, while Nandini and Anjali, who were already thick by then, happily created a small girly group with love and a lot of care. So much so, that distance eventually stopped mattering.

Soon, Nandini left PrettyLand to pursue a career in what she loved, even though it took her saat samundar paar. She is currently there, being awesome in her chosen field, also traveling the world, seeing new places and staying in touch always. Spreading happiness. She misses being close to her girls and not meeting them randomly and on special ocassions but such are the trials one has to endure in life- still its not so bad. Whoever created cell phones, phones, skype and internet is getting blessed.

Piya was an intern, (as you all know by now if you have followed us closely) and had left the organisation before any of us. She went crazy looking for that perfect job, faced relationship highs and lows at the same time and ended up with one of the country's leading mobile brands in the end. Her life there, however, deserves a post all by itself. (very exciting, trust us, you) She is currently struggling with some bitchy colleagues, much drama and much more but like mentioned before- that deserves a post in itself. Even though blah can be a state of mind for her frequently, Piya moments surface occasionally when she will sing songs that dont mean anything, making random noises which can be both endearing and annoying and take you down a couple of notches if you are feeling a bit too smug. But that's Piya. She's held a job for more than a year and the others couldn't have been happier for her, she's on her way!

Anjali, the sanest one amongst us (you have no idea HOW sane. Pun intended), was wanting to leave this job more than she was tired of being called fussy and single. She had started looking for one for the last whole year itself and was keeping happy and calm and not losing her mind over this rut called life by being with us, her pretty friends :) (at heart too!) The last year kept getting interesting and unpredictable for her, and before we knew it, she had chosen a job with such a different profile that you would have thought she was upto something. A risk analyst no less! And well, personally, she had aced something pretty important. (this is the part where we go wink wink) Yes yes, the lady is climbing ladders, stairs and also frequently taking the lift. She's going places! Hopefully great ones!

Mrinu was holding the fort at the not so PrettyLand. With all of the ladies gone, she had the urge to move too. She's had it for a while but good company kept her in a profile that she should have quit a while ago since it wasn't that appreciative of her creative talents. She could could have joined an asylum in sadness once Anjali left. If she had looked for a job with that much dedication, then she would have been the second last one to leave, but no. She realised her desperation had hit a new low once Anjali left. Saying yes to shifts, to far off places, she was doing it all. Happy to say, she resigned ten days back and is now a high flying online journalist in a much better company. It may not be PrettyLand but hey- it pays the bills and its new so it will be a while before she gets bugged of it and then she will go to a hill station and be happy for a couple of weeks! Thats Mrinu too!

With her, the journey of PrettyLand comes to an end. Not the memories, not the friends we made there, esp, not them. They don't come to an end, heck no. Aren't we celebrating our 2nd year blog anniversary?We carry on, a little slow with this blog because the twenty somethings just keep getting busier with each birthday. But the blog is special. Its a little space which we created and personalised and trusted enough with each other. Sounded off sarcasm, shared absolutely hilarious incidents (drunk or otherwise) bashed various genders (we pointed out female behaviour too!) and got philosophical at our retrospective hours. And made friends! You!

We hope its been as much fun reading the blog as we have had writing it. And we also hope that the ones who're here to stay, will stay despite the frequent disappearances and the ones who stumble will take pause and read something funny and smile. Because whatever we do write- (even male bashing posts)- are all in good humour.

Which is why year 2 is even more special, because the dreams are bigger now, life has more at stake, there's more to share, and most importantly, because we know, while some wander, some are here to stay.
We are. And you are.

P.S: With reference to the title- there are traditional gift suggestions for the 2nd year anniversary but we think comments are the best, don't you?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Love actually is all around you..

Everything…almost everything in this world ends and begins with love. Think about it. All problems, hatred, solutions and of course, happiness itself has one common theme: Love. It is a part of all lives in more than one way. If you think or simply observe the people around you, all of them, well almost all of them, can fit into one of these broader categories of love. Let me elucidate.

The much in love Aah…the perfect love. People belonging to this category have a constant smile on their face. Anytime of the day, you can find these people engaged in a conversation with the love of their life-over the phone or in person. If not talking, they are in deep thoughts about their loved one.

In denial love We all have been through this phase, haven’t we? These people live in constant denial about anything close to the word LOVE. They will have some symptoms of the previous category-like having a stupid smile every now and then without any reason- but when confronted, they will deny anything remotely related to the word love. Infact, ‘species’ of this category are extremely cynical about things related to love.

Getting rid of love They were once a upon a time ‘much in love’. Then got tired of the same love(if you know what I mean) But can’t get out of love because of old time’s sake. But desperately want to get rid of it and be ‘love-less’ for some time.

Wanting to be in love They love love. They love to be in love, think, breathe love. Infact, the whole concept can be ‘magical’ to them. They can endorse love to one and all.

Experimenting in love They have been in love, have fallen out of love and are willing to give love a shot but not whole heartedly. So what do they do? They experiment. With all ‘kinds of love’. You know, not be too attached but yet have a good time with each one of them. But end up in love all the same.

Denying love Not to be confused with “in denial love”. They don’t want to give love a chance. It comes often, knocks at their door, but the door remains firmly shut. Always. Love can be denied for several reasons. A ‘victim’ may have got hurt in love, or is just plain scared.

Find old love in a new bottle They are usually in love with same person all over again. Break ke baad.Very typical. Nothing much to explain.

Having numerous loves Life is a party for them. They love life and love giving love a chance as many times as it comes their way. They have fun every single time. No strings attached.

Heartbroken in Love The worst hit, if you ask me. Alcohol, tears, sleepless nights, loss of appetite, drunken phone calls. Phew. Need I say more?

This, of course, is my observation. I feel, we all somehow, in some way, fit into one or more than one of these categories. Now the question is- which category do you fall in? ;-)

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