Monday, May 3, 2010

Could you repeat that, please?

There are some things that mean very differently at different points in life, especially when you are in ‘love’. Here are some side effects that slowly come out of the sidelines and take over completely:

Talking till late on the phone
So your boyfriend cant let you off the phone, he wants to talk endlessly about how similar you are, about how you must go for that movie with him and other censorable stuff. You spend endless hours on the phone and get up sleep deprived for work the next day. At times, you sleep off on the phone and are then told how he counted your breaths (YES, happened to me)

So cut to a steady relationship. Your boyfriend calls you up at all the decent times a guy should call, you discuss each other's day and mostly hang up on a content note. If you stay up late talking to friends, you are hence forward looked down upon. He finds you on call waiting and says, Dont you have work the next day? Yeah, right.

Being out every weekend
So you are dating and you have to meet every weekend, go for movies, lunches, dinners, drinking, the works. Even matches played in your city are a possible date.

In a few years’ time. You may not meet every weekend or worse, he may become a frequent visitor to your house (now that your parents know and approve). You end up watching a movie at home or eating food experimentally cooked by you.
Outdoor plans suddenly become lame. And your guy even reproaches you for making too many plans with your friends. After all, why would you wanna be out in the sun? Just get the pirated cd home for pete's sake!

PS: It’s the pits when you are in a long distance after being in a short distance relationship with the same guy (I mean you were in the same city when you started to date, and then one of you moved out, still carrying on with your relationship). You will hate the fact that the other is having awesome weekend plans for no apparent reason.

Talking about guy friends
When you were dating initially, it was cool to talk about how many great friends you had in life. If you had platonic friendships with your guy friends and could discuss anything and everything under the sun with them, you were thought as chilled out by your bf. He took u as a happy go lucky person with no hang ups.

After dating almost forever, things change. Why would you wanna tell anyone you are sick of your job? So you had a fight at home, why tell your friends? You told your guy friend you couldnt go for the play because you aren’t well? aaaaaaaaaaaargh! You know how boys think! How can you be so open about your life!?


Eating Maggi
You and him, enjoying a lovely evening together at his place. You make some yummy maggi and you are content. Of course, that is what he wants too.

Cut to some years later. So tell me, are you planning to make maggi all your life or do you want to learn other things too? Roti would be a good start. eh. It’s difficult to have one cosy little date without discussing how we will be making life perfect for each other with all the delightful cooking in our future together. I thought perfection was what we had in our Maggi evenings.

Yes, same folks, different strokes.

Photo courtesy: Cathy Thorne

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