Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do's and Don'ts

Funny thing happened in the morning today. You see my new job (which is not so new anymore) entails me to wake up early in the morning and start working from home. So every day I wake up really early in the morning (let me not disclose the time here…some people might die of shock) open my laptop and start working.

Since, I wake up really early in the morning, it so happens that most of the days, I am sleep deprived. Anyway, so today while staring at the laptop and trying to make some sense about the stuff I was writing about, I felt this strong urge to take a power nap. Point to be noted here, I was up and working for almost one and half hours by this time and my family was just waking up. Yes.

I decided to take a short power nap (power naps are supposed to be short, aint it?) and resume work after sometime. So I lay on my comfy bed and dozed off thinking that the sleep would do me good and I would start working again in sometime. Suddenly my dad entered the room declaring “Do’s and don’ts for Kolkata!!”.

Bit of a background here. Long weekend ahead, so am going to Kolkata, alone. To catch up with some friends, faff, the usual. Anyway, since morning this was the first time that I was talking to my dad. I mean I didn’t even know that he was up and about!

So yeah, when he entered the room declaring that, the drousy-in-sleep me got a little startled. He of course ignored the fact that I was trying to sleep and continued“First, do not do late nights. Dont give your uncle and aunt (I am going to be staying with my relatives) unnecessary tension”.

“How late is ‘late night’?” I asked.

“Don’t come home at 12. Its not done. You are staying with your relatives. Remember that”.

“Second”, he continued “Do not have vodka there!”

Ok now I was fully up! Are you kidding me? I am going to be meeting friends there, they get to booze and I don’t!? Instead, I made a funny face and said “Do I ever come home drunk, dad? Why would you say that?” and tried to look hurt. It didn’t work.

“That is not important here, what is important is that you listen to me. Do not have vodka there. I don’t want the entire Kolkata discussing my daughters love for Vodka!” Sigh, dads can be dramatic.

“Third, do not disappear for the day. Do not go on a silent mode. Basically keep us informed about your whereabouts.” And with that he left the room and slammed the door shut.

It took me a while to take in all the instructions. Then I realized that the list consisted of only donts. So what about the Do’s? Surely he could suggest me some places to visit, to eat etc. So I went out and asked him. “You just told me about the Don’ts. What about the Do’s?”

All he had to say to that was “Do’s are hidden in the Don’ts. Figure them out.” and went back to reading his paper.

Dads. Funny people. :-


sanely insane said...

sometimes even thought things pinch...they may not necessarily be the worst of things

Anonymous said...

lol! what stories has he heard of u that he thinks his daughter loves vodka so much huh? :D

hope ur trip was fun!

Piya said...

i could imagine uncle's expression while he said the vodka bit :P read this post at work and Anjali, you made my day easier to get through with :) :)i'm a fan of 'anjali & her dad's discussions' :D want more!!!

Anjali said...

@ Sanely
Of course they dont. They make for funny conversations. :)

@ N
I hope nothing too bad! :P and the trip was awesome :)

@ Piya
U get to hear most of them anyway if not here, then on phone :D they are funny indeed!


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