Monday, March 15, 2010

Five ways a Woman can ‘possibly’ stay happy with a Man!

The post you’re about to read is NOT a typical example of ‘male bashing’ (even though it might seem like it initially). It’s an amalgamation of thoughts and a few lessons. Lessons, that we woman more so often conveniently forget.

From one Woman to her fellow Woman-beings :D. Here we go….

Five ways a Woman can ‘possibly’ stay happy with a Man!

1. Staying with a man is more than enough, you’re asking too much by wanting to be happy :P

2. Do not Expect. Swear by this, put it as a reminder on your phone…do whatever it takes but avoid expecting from your Man/any Man. It’ll pinch less and you’ll eventually be happy!

3. When you feel you’re unable to get through him, try and think like a man and you’d probably realize there was nothing to understand about in the first place :P and that being stupid about regular things is his favorite time-pass ;).

4. Stop reading ‘men are from mars and women are from venus’. No matter where who’s from, we’re together living on one planet and you can’t be reading books to understand your guy. And why would you even wanna try to understand him? Darling, you can have jars of ‘Womens Horlick’ and still not have the strength required to understand a Man. So don’t beat yourself over it. Indulge in what God made us best at (not mentioning the list, cuz we all have our gifts ;);) lol.

5. If he sounds/behaves too unreasonable (which is most of the time) start saying this in a loop ‘arre tum itni idiotic baatein kaise kar lete ho har baar…kya ye tumhara talent hai? After this you should run, run far and run fast...but only to find Another Guy :D

Phew, I’m done, and this was such a task! Thank god I decided to write just 5 points cuz if I had to write point number 6, believe me, this post would have taken me a few more days to complete or may have never got completed!

On a serious note, no matter how many points I write, no matter how many books you read, no matter the number of advices you seek…in the end only YOU can make YOU happy!

P.S: I doubt any guy would take offence to this post, it’s sort of in their favor ;). And girls don’t forget that the word ‘possible’ has been marked in bold and underlined ;);)

P.P.S: Don't give too much thought or importance to this word 'happy' cuz it's way too heavy to be shouldered all the time.

Till my next,


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