Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to understand the people from Mars?!

This Valentine’s Day, we girls have decided to do what we do best! Or atleast what we find the most entertaining; discuss men! We have written about how men talk and what they actually mean. It is purely out of real life incidences so forgive us if that isn’t generic for you! And as a sort of a summary, we have come to realise that men are almost always contradicting themselves! Dont believe us? Read on..

1) When a guy asks about another guy "how does he look like?" its always a trick question and there is no right answer for it. Whatever you say, will be a negative answer only!

2) When you call a guy a geek, they may take offence to it in front of you, but secretly they love being called a geek, they really have no issues with it. They feel smart infact!

3) When your guy asks you, ‘So this guy you went out with for a movie, he is dating someone?’

What it means if you say Yes- Sala, apne life mein kuch sahi nahi chal raha hai kya jo meri bandi ko line maar raha hai?

What it means if you say No- Sala, apne life mein kuch sahi nahi chal raha hai kya jo meri bandi ko line maar raha hai?

4) When your best friend who is a guy, says, ‘So he asked you out?’ and you answer in the affirmative, he says 'wow am so happy for you!'

What he means-'Shit, how could she start dating! But she was always available for us to hang out, why the hell did she have to start dating too! I hope the guy isn’t really good and this is short lived!'

5) After a fight, you tell your guy you want to hang up and not talk, and he does exactly that. You fume that he didn’t linger on and say sorry.

What he thinks after hanging up-'Phew that was close! Hopefully subah tak thandi ho jayegi! I wish her boss keeps her busy with work and then I can always talk sweetly into things!'

6) When a guy is totally hitting on you and you catch him off guard and say you already know, he feels cornered and back tracks and says ‘Are you mad? What made you think like that?’

What he actually thinks in head- 'No, this girl is way too smart for me...cant handle her!'

7) When a guys says, ‘That's not what I meant...gosh I dont wanna explain now’

What it means is that it is exactly what he means, and since he finds himself in a soup now & fails to come up with a perfect POP (plaster of paris) lie, he uses that all time famous ‘I dont wanna explain’ (jeez guys! the same line all the time:|)

8) Like when they say they dont gossip, it just means that they smoke in one corner pretending to be cool but are having the most interesting bitching session about the new guy in Flat 5 who got the hot girl. (This one is screaming the truth man!)

We could have gone on and on but we resisted on two factors. A)We also know when to stop. B) We have a fair amount of male readers and though all the above is true, we wonder how much of this will go down well! Anyway, let us know if you have more to add to this list :P

Happy Valentine's Day people!


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