Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Review the past year and consider plans for the coming new year? I'd not be able to say, nothing ever goes exactly according to my plan but I think that the pieces of the jigsaw fall together haphazardly but in place somehow. That sounds rather silly in a sentence doesn't it? Anyway, thats what I'd like to believe.

Someone silly said, expect the worst but hope for the best and I guess I like silly :P Because that's how I'd like to be, optimistic but realistic and sometimes idealistic. Thats a lot of tics but since they're not the itchy ones, I'm okay with them!

Acha anyway, I don't know so much about resolutions but I'd like to be happier and I do believe that its a personal decision. I actually am quite content with my lot except for lack of physical proximity with some of the people I love most in the world- my family, my friends and of course my blog sisters :) But I'm trying to make it on my own, on a new adventure, exploring - so thats some compensation, although not too much but you cant have your cake, eat it and put some in the freezer for next year too.

What the past year has taught me is that given time and patience, things can be made possible and that there are people you can never give up on no matter how tough it gets and there are those who don't give up on you; that sometimes love is absolutely unconditional, the only condition being that you be at the receiving end; that you can do stupid things and get over them. I learnt (not through personal experience) that love happens and that it can also go wrong and its alright, you take something from the experience regardless.

I learnt that Piya has a huge amount of inner strength that she herself doesnt know she is capable of.
I learnt that Anjali can really wade through the thicks and still dislike whining.
I learnt that Mrinu can drink like a fish and then move like humpty dumpty and talk like she has verbal diarrhea :P Haha kidding Mrinu! But its true :P
Apart from that, I learnt that she is right in her belief in love and hope and happy endings.

In their own way, all of them have made me proud of the people they are and the potential I can see in them.

And I continue to learn new things from these three amazingly pretty people :) Well, lets just say amazing because even if they looked like Medusa (which I thank God for that they dont, they're all easy on the eyes ;P ) I couldn't care less. They are what they are and not what they look like and I love them.

Happy new year everyone. I hope the coming year is, if nothing else, adventurous. And I wish everyone had friends like I do to share it with; if not, go out and make some!
Life's short, make some memories.



The Sage said...

hey nandini... hope that 2010 goes really well for you...

Anjali said...

The post just brought a smile to my face. :) I miss you loads...and you know that right?

Beauty and the BEast said...

whenever I miss friends... I think I should come here and dig up a couple of my fav posts and just feel ... nice...

You girls are really something!! Stay tight!!

And happy new year to all of you!

Piya said...

bnb: it's beacuse of lovable readers like you that our blog continues to breathe :) much thanks :))

Mrinalini said...


sanely insane said...

:) thats why pals make life real good :)

i have jst one res this write more...

but last year taught me a lot...hopefully this year i'll find out if i learnt anything :P


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