Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mush in the air!

I don’t like mush too much. I have always maintained that too much mush makes me nauseous. I am the sort who usually rolls her eyes at people being too romantic. I mean its just too filmy…such things only look good in the movies and not in real life. But something happened yesterday, something extremely cute that sort of made me feel all warm and fuzzy in this cold.

All of you must have read the post about code names. In that post I had talked about this guy who we fondly called Bus Bhaiya. Back then I had mentioned about his dedication for his ladylove and how his gtalk status messages were always dedicated to her. Guess what, they still are. He usually writes vague poetry about his girl or picks up some random quote from some place and makes it his status message. Somedays the quotes are cute, yes, I have to admit but yesterday, his status message made me smile and silently say “awww”. It simply said, “ I love us :) “ That’s all. Had it been someone else, I would have surely asked but knowing him it had to be for his girl and that just made the sentence extra special for me. It was simple and yet it said a lot! Gotta admit, the girlfriend is lucky to have someone so romantic in her life.

Awww moment number #2- Now I have to first give some background. You see, my friend met this guy in her French class. She eventually left the course mid way but she continued being friends with him. The guy obviously likes her…hasn’t been able to ask her out yet, he is shy(I feel for you guys…I really do) but my friend maintains that they are just ‘good friends’. Maybe they are, but I like to think otherwise. They do spend a lot of time together; they are out together every weekend.
The other evening he came and picked her up from work and dropped her home. That way they would get to spend some time together. I’m not too sure as to what transpired in the car but when I asked her in the morning next day about her ride back home she just made a face and said how she doesn’t like people throwing unnecessary attitude. Point noted. Ride back home wasn’t good. I went back to work.

So anyway, after a long day at work when we finally left office, it was dark and cold (Delhi winters at its best these days!) We both were heading towards the parking lot when I looked back and saw this guy approaching us from behind. My friend was busy on the phone calling her driver and did not see him at all. I obviously got very excited the moment I recognized him and tried telling my friend but she was too pre occupied. We just exchanged polite smiles while my friend told her driver to get the car to which the guy just said “madam peeche lagi hai car” and came and stood in front of her. And only then did my friend notice him. He gave the sweetest smile to her and my stupid friend just looked baffled. He had been waiting outside our office in that cold for two and a half hours just to surprise her and apologize and make up for his behavior the previous night. Later when I spoke to her at night, she told me that he also got her a huge bouquet!

I know what he did has been done millions of times before by other people, but nevertheless it was extremely sweet. Yes there is no other word to describe it. Sweet because even though they are not dating and they are ‘just friends’ he made so much of an effort to apologize. Sweet because he drove all the way from his office in NOIDA to our office in Gurgaon just to say a ‘sorry’ and was brave enough to wait patiently in that cold for two long hours. He could have just called her up, but I guess he wanted to see my friend’s reaction. I don’t know if he got the desired reaction from her but he surely put a huge smile on my face. I hope my friend does say a ‘yes’ to him eventually, whenever he has the courage to ask her out. But the way things are going; I’d say he is almost there :)


Mrinalini said...

Mush-that-is-about-to-become-love, u mean :P
i love awwww moments and am glad you are recognizing them for what they are :)
and dont talk about bus bhaiyya, i wud have 'loved us' too :| :)

Debasish said...

You know what's going to happen, don't you?
He won't ask her out till it is too late and when he finally does muster up the courage your friend will say 'no' because he is already acting like her boyfriend. Why say yes?

Sometimes I do feel for you girls... I really do. :)

Ricky said...

(Awwww) X 2 !! :)

sanely insane said...

the diff between aww so sweet, and daymn so corny is mostly the mood u r in :P

Nandini said...

:) Cute!

@ Debashish- What're you on about? :P Yeh kaise baat hui? Bechari ladki got confused na, give her a chance!
I'm glad you feel for us though, not enough people do ;) ;P

@sanely- So which one do you think this is? The former or the latter? Let us guess your mood too!

Blowfish said...


Anjali said...

@ Mrinu
I sure hope it does!And as far as Bus Bhaiyya is concerned...i know would have got tired of daily dose of mush soon had u been with him. I know you :P

Sceptical eh?
I am hoping for positive things for both of them :)
and yeah as nandini put it ...thanks! You guys generally dont get it :P

I know what u thought... :) But isnt mush always corny? ;) So its ok i guess. Corny can be fun.

@ Ricky and Blowfish
Haina?! :D

Yep, it is!

The Sage said...

one vote for debashish from the sage.. me fully agrees...

Piya said...

sighhhhhhhhhhhhh! have always heard of things like these happening with people around me... i hope someday i give you something so romantic to write about :D:D

rain girl said...

hmmm.. i kinda agree with debasish too :P dunno why though :P

Defiant Princess said...

That really made go "Aww how sweet" :)
just came across your blog and Love it!
Keep it up gurls!

Anonymous said...

Thats cute :)
but whr r u guys?? no post in almost a month! and thr r 4 of u :P


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