Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

When Mrinu first told me that we should write about the past year and our plans for the coming year, I was blank. Literally. Also, telling the world about my New Year resolutions never appealed to me. But here I am doing just that. Why you may ask? Because one should always listen to a pretty girl; they are usually right about things and well its not good to annoy someone so pretty :P

2009 was well…a very normal year. Nothing extra ordinary happened. When I look back at the year, I see more of disappointments and they aren’t worth discussing. It wasn’t as dramatic a year like 2008 but there is nothing worth remembering either. But that’s all in the past and there is no point lamenting about it now.

So like a normal, positive person I am looking forward to the next year. I am a bit skeptical but I’ll still hope that things happen the way I would want them to. The last couple of weeks have been good and I am hoping that it remains that way.

My New Year resolution: To go with the flow. Yeah I am keeping it simple. And also not to have too many expectations from life (I don’t know if that will be possible) One can only enjoy life if we stop thinking so much and wanting so much out of it. It will have its ups and downs and to put it simply; we will just have to deal with it. There will be days when we’ll cry buckets but then there also will be days we’ll be so happy that nothing on earth can effect us.

So 2010 is to all the happy moments which make life worth living! Cheers!
Happy New Year Guys!

Will be waking upto another brand new year tomorrow. Provided I get up on time after all the merry making. A little thank you note (or a-could-do-without note in some places) for the year that went by:

For all the strength that was needed in times like these.
For enduring my job. Another long year.
Nandu left for UK. While that hurt, what really made me cry in amazement was how much she cares. Writing, mailing, sending sweet nothings, from out there, she doesn’t let us miss her even a bit. (Yea ok, a bit. No, make that a lot.)
Anjali’s last day today at work. I WILL SO MISS HER. AAAAARGH!
Drinking with girls, oh the lights, the buzz, the fun..Yes girls you make it speshul!
To writing more (free lancing, here I come!)
To have been able to earn as much as is needed to buy a pack of Parle–G every time I saw a stray around me.
To good things and bad, as they all left a taste in my mouth, bitter or sweet.

That’s it from me, don’t know how much should I be expecting from the coming year, but hope, I will! Keeping the faith, as that’s what I do best!
Happy 2010!

PS: Piya and Nandu, wuv!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


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yea yea, we know we havent been writing at all! Winter laziness, we call it! and yes, we will be back very very soon :)

Muchos love!

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