Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have you ever noticed that-

  1. When you get a call at 2 at night, and you answer the phone all groggy in sleep, why does the person on the other side have to ask “oh you were sleeping?"
  2. When you tell your friend that you like someone, and ask him or her to keep it to themselves, how come the entire world (read: your circle of friends) gets to know about it the very next day?
  3. When you are showing your new apartment to people and they look at the kitchen and go “oh so this is the kitchen!?” No its the verandah actually
  4. Your friend finds a baby cute and goes all gaga over it but you cant help but wonder what’s so cute about her/him but cant say that, so you smile politely.
  5. You are having a vague, ‘dead end’ sort of a conversation with someone over the phone and the person on the other end keeps saying “aur bata…” or “and ….what else”. I always feel like saying “You could hang up if you have nothing else to talk about, I really wouldn’t mind.”
  6. One can never ever look good on a passport size photo. It’s like an unwritten rule, that God made and studio people follow.
  7. We all know a Neha, a Rohit, a Rahul, a Pooja. And for the bongs, a Abhishek, a Moumita, a Sushmita…
  8. There are days when you are absolutely free and would want to talk to people but no one would be free to talk to you. They would be at some party, or a meeting or out shopping. And it works exactly the opposite way when you are busy and can’t talk. The entire world will remember you on that particular day.
  9. You hear your phone ringing in the other room and by the time you answer it, the call gets cut. You call back on that number immediately but then that person doesn’t answer it. How can a person disappear within seconds?
  10. You meet distant relatives at family gatherings and social events and every time they exclaim “arrey, kitne bade ho gaye!”

    PS: I have to admit, that I have said/done all the above mentioned things many a times! But then its okay, I am human after all :P


sanely insane said...

"lets do this sometime"

never understood the concept of sometime :P

Pri said...

LOL!! Had a good laugh over this..have experienced each and every one of these situations :D

Nandini said...

4!!! I may sound mean but I empathize so much and I would like to say that I wasnt a particularly cute baby and not many people exclaimed over me. I know it, I just do!
And I can never bring myself to say- 'Oh So cute' so I just smile gamely and say 'Hehe'. Very lame :P

And 8... Happened to me so many times, I've literally sat by the phone and dialled eight numbers in a row and literally no one was free to talk to me and then I decided to give up and sleep and everybody called!! Ironies!

Fun list :P And guilty of doing quite a few of those too. Except when I wake up people I say "Oh I didnt know you were sleeping this early or So sorry I woke you up but lissteennnnnn..." :D

Mrinalini said...

lol! i love this list and only because i kept saying true, true after every point! Girl, u make me proud with your observations :)
waise, i am the kind who says, 'oh so this is the kitchen!' sad..but then what else do u say..
communication woes :|

sanely insane said...

@mrinalini...u kno when u stumble upon the kitchen...u can say...ooh such a nice kitchen top, or wat a lovely modular design, nice colors, or shoudnt u get a stronger exhaust fan :P :P

priyanka said...

Very true ..perfect guys...cheerz

Mrinalini said...

hahahahaha! yep, remind me to be that resourceful with my vocabulary next time i am visiting a friend's house :D

sanely insane said...

@mrinu bilkul bilkul :P

Rags said...

1, 5, 6,7, 9, 10 - completely agree!
6!! if only anyone ever saw my passport pic :( :(

Anjali said...

@ sanely

'sometime' probably would mean 'never'. But then you had already figured that out... didnt you? :P

:) yus yus...

@ nandu,
Even i have woken you up and said the same thing! and continued talking! :P

@ mrinu
Haha! Was just stating the obvious :) but thanks!and yeah sanely is right, take his advice they might come handy ;)

@ priyanka
Thank you! Welcome to our blog!

@ rags
You have seen my passport pic...havent you? Yours cant be more hideous than that!

Piya said...

HAHAHA :D i have done all of this. oh this is the loo :P, dead end conversations pe countless 'aur bata...kitne bade ho gaye toh all time fav hai..toh abb kya kar rahe ho...beti badi ho gayi (dude stop staring) :P:P ahh Mrinu i love the this. it's an "applicable to all" sort of a post :D

Janhit Me Jaari ;)

The Sage said...

very true for all except 5. coz apparently there are some people who just need to hear aur bata before they continue speaking again... an ex girlfriend of one of my classmates being a case in the point...


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