Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mundane Musings!

In utter blah-ness that has persisted way too long now...I tried writing a diary entry, tried writing a fictitious story and when all attempts failed this is what i came up with..thoughts trying to rhyme with words ???

Carefree and merry that’s how life use to be

Everything seemed manageable and there was no sign of ennui

Sitting on those college steps, sipping tea was my luxury

now luxury is considered getting free from work at five thirty .

Time seems to be passing by so quick, it’s hard to keep pace

You suddenly feel trapped and choked when ‘life’s’ reality hits you in the face

School and college days feel like a long gone fantasy,

where envy and contempt were mere forms of juvenility.

This world is a battle ground you learn to survive,

warily avoiding all the bickering and the constant strife.

Staring in the mirror I wonder what made me this way,

looking so worried, unhappy and frayed.

Will my silence be mistaken for my weakness?

If so, should I be caring a damn!

My resilience stronger than my will power

Don’t really bother about who’s being a sham!


sanely insane said...

u kno i've never seen anybody rhyme to ennui before :P

Piya said...

now you have :)

The Sage said...

nice nice...

Piya said...

@Sage: thanks :D feels good to be appreciated :)

Anjali said...

love the last couple of lines :)
you go girl! :D

The Sage said...

@ piya
one who is good is appreciated... natural...


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