Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aayi Diwali?

Diwali, the festival of lights. There is so much I can randomly say about it except that it’s become such a commercial and sparse festival, that I wouldn’t be able to say much without ranting quite a bit. Of late, all I could relate to it was, traffic jams, rush for buying gifts, a cursory puja, sweets, a not such a ban on firecrackers and a day that left you feeling a little happy but a little desolate as well. Don’t ask me why, I’m strange.
When we were little, Diwali was about fire crackers, about family getting together and praying, about new clothes and gifts that you got but again, of late, it has been about money in envelopes, estranged family members and haphazard pujas which you dutifully partake in regardless of where your mind is. It hasn’t been all bad of course, there have been some really quirky ones that I’ve celebrated and remembered and probably will for years to come. I love lighting candles and diya and just going from room to room lighting all possible light fittings, I loved the Diwalis when me and my sister used to just rent movies or buy VCDs and watch them non stop one after the other with breaks inbetween to be hospitable to guests, I loved going to the Gurudwara and lighting candles there as well. I loved? I still love ☺ So while I criticize some aspects, there is loads that I can see in it to make me smile eve when the overall picture doesn’t look so great.
This year, I’m away from family and friends and everything that is familiar so while I have the objectivity that is somewhat inbuilt, I’m also sentimental. I will miss sending ‘Shubh Dipawali’ smses to everyone who sends me one (that’s how I function!) I’ll miss sitting quietly in the evening figuring out what needs to be done, I’ll miss just picking up the phone to talk to my friends and passing the evening hanging on the phone with someone who was probably having just as lousy a time as me.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder? I think so ☺ I’ll be lighting up my little corner regardless of where I am, and hope that the Gods of small/big/medium sized things remember to bless my little cranny as well.

Happy Diwali everyone :)

Shubh Deepawali for those who prefer to be more traditional ;)


The Sage said...

happy/ shubh/ shubho deepawali to you too!!!
well.. there are lots of things that come to the mind on reading this but then, if i write them all it will become a post in itself...

so an idea- just sit back, relax and enjoy the best you can of what you got in the form of deepawali...

sanely insane said...

Yes yes but make sure u have the mithais...smses baad mein bhej lena :P

i've missed quite a few diwalis at home...though the best missed one was this time when we took our client to goa...good fun we had...diwali by the beach side... :)

sometimes absence really really shows us how valuable things in our life are...

Anjali said...

even i message to only those who send me diwali greetings. Thats how i function too! :P and even i am clueless on Diwali evening. Lol! So i know how it is :P but yeah missed not being able to randomly call you when i was having a sort of lousy time here. :)

But i hope you had a good diwali there. :)


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