Saturday, August 1, 2009 it is right now...

Some quick updates, or maybe the lack of it. Life seems to be the usual and normal. Normal because there are no adventures or mis adventures happening in any of our lives or the ones that are happening… well one cant mention them here on blog space. Mrinu darling just came back from a weeklong holiday with her guy. She looked a bit tired today at work but yet very refreshed and at peace. Yeah, love does that to people. And eternally optimistic and oh so romantic Mrinu totally deserved the break. Ya, I know while you are reading this, you are probably thinking of your loved one and smiling. No? Come on! Don’t lie.

Nandini is lazing at home. God, I so wish I could trade lives with her. And clicking to her hearts content. Also, helping distressed friends with various problems in life, be it chosing the perfect shirt for a friend to wear to a meeting, to solving boy troubles of the other, to even giving lonely hearts company at the movies, Nandu has her plate full. She is also looking for that ‘perfect’ job. Yeah well who isn’t! :P

Piya’s life is and will always remain a roller coaster ride. But she is the one who comes out of every ride and says “ Hell ya! I want to sit on it again! Bring it on baby!” and jumps back right where the action is! At work, Piya has to deal with jealous female co-workers, prospective suitors, strict super boss, and smart alec immediate boss, and at night she devotes her time over the phone playing agony aunt to jilted ex-lover. Yes she is kind, wants to make sure that her ex is happy even when they aren’t together. She has always been the ‘Mommy’ and perhaps will remain one

My life on the other hand remains constant. Well, some changes here and there but miniscule and not worth mentioning. Apart from the fact that my boss still pretty much hates me and would not like to acknowledge my presence if he had it his way. Despite the fact that I work like a frikkin ant!
And yeah, the shaydar beeps a little less. Actually doesn’t beep that much (can you believe it!) But that’s a story for another day. ;) Oh well. Life as I said, remains the same for me.

So yeah, these were the updates. We will keep it coming. Watch this space for more…

Movies that we watched this month: Ice Age 3(fabulous), Harry Potter and the half blood prince (a bit of a let down), Hangover (must watch), Transformers2 (Mindless time pass), New York (predictable, not bad though), Luck (liked it)

Music that we are listening to: Dhan te nan, Kaminey (super cool!) Dido (lots of her!), MJ (he still rules!), Love Aaj Kal soundtrack (Chor bazari is cute), Hard times by eastmountainsouth (simply lovely)


Phaedrus said...

i am envious of nandini... lazing at home!!! god, it has been eons that i have longed to do so..

sanely insane said...

am too tired to comment r u guys...


Nandini said...

@ Phaedrus
I think my lazy days are numbered. I could do with some action now though!

@ sanely insane- We're all good. More updates will follow :) Why are you so tired though? What have you been up to?

kaalicharan said...

Lovely ladies!
It's the friendly neighbourhood canine again...
@Piya: I wish my species met more of kind hearted girls like you...its hard to live off on negligence and apathy:( Don't worry too hard about the jealous counterparts...if they persist..I'll tear them to shreds...what goos are my incisors for:)

@Nandini: Shine on you Garfield:)

@Mrinu: welcome back after a deserved hiatus!

@Tuna Runa: where are thou???

Mrinalini said...

@Kaalu baby,
Thanks for dropping by..yes Piya is a kind hearted beauty and needs all the luck in the world to combat the menace at work! Ofcourse ur incisors wud do it much better ;)

and I am rite here Calvy, just let me know whenever you want to meet :D


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