Monday, August 17, 2009

And we bring to you...

There are romantic guys (sigh) and there are practical guys and there are practical guys with a romantic streak. We’ve seen all three varieties. They’re all nice, but the last one wins hands down. That is if the girl isn’t anti-mush. Then you are very lucky :P

So it all comes down to the fact that most girls like sweet romantic gestures. Be it the cheesy candle lit dinner, or well, you remembering her favourite cartoon and getting socks which have it. It makes them feel loved. And we’re not talking grand gestures here, its more about thoughtfulness.

After seeing endless romantic movies- (Notting Hill, When Harry Met Sally. You’ve Got Mail, Never Been Kissed, 27 Dresses, Jerry Maguire etc etc etc), numerous FRIENDS episodes- actually all FRIENDS episodes numerous times, reading lots and lots of chick-lit, having had some sort of experience with various sorts of guys- we think we can help guys out. We think. We’re almost sure but don’t trust us 100% .

While discussing all of this, we realized that guy- boys and men- are often confused and left clueless about what girls want and girls are sometimes, well frankly speaking , disappointed. Even if you have been dating for five years and it’s a foregone conclusion that you Will get married is no reason not to propose nicely. Horrible example in brackets, please don’t do it. (“Hey. So listen, we’ve been dating for years now? What say we get married?”) What will you tell your kids? What will you think of when you have to chase dementors? What will be that happy memory?

To answer all these questions, we bring to you- tadaaaa (*drumrolls*)…..


The Proposal Management Agency! (TPMA)

Romantic ideas for the uninitiated

Basically the concept is very single, when you’re asking a girl out, for a date or for Marriage it deserves a Special Something. Which means some amount of thought and planning. We have a couple of idea here based on which we hope that the dormant cells in your brain start working and you come up with innovative ideas of your own.

Now see here, a marriage proposal is perhaps the start of your life together and it’s imperative (yes, a heavy word must be used for proper emphasis) that you do this part really well. It’s what she will remember during the good times and the bad times, what she will tell her children and their children (probably her friends as well, but hey- no pressure!). It will be the memory that she will share with you as her most precious. And more importantly, if it makes her happy, won’t it make you happy too? Hai ki nahi?

Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: Regular
Budget Level- Medium
Effort Level: Thoughtful

Now what you have to do is, dress up nice, tell your girl to get ready for a special date, wear a dress or whatever you think looks nice on her and take her to a roof top restaurant. It has to be roof top. While you’re at it, take flowers, her favourites in her favourite colour.

Then propose.


Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- Low
Effort Level: Quite a bit

Take her out for a long drive. And by long we mean till the runway. Errr. The airport runway. Now you can dish out wine, (Indian wine, cheap also) make a toast to her, for her, with her, sit on the bonnet of your car and tell her why you want to marry her.


Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- None
Effort Level: Rare

Take her to your place when nobody is home. If you are planning to marry a girl, we’re sure you are old enough to have her come to your place alone. Make maggi for her yourself, and while she is waiting for you to come join her, give her your oldest toy, your oldest stuff toy (that torn tiger or that nearly headless teddy or that GI Joe dad got when he went abroad) and tell her why you trust her with it. Because she is nearly that special…


Purpose: Marriage proposal/ asking out

Romantic Level: Extreme
Budget Level- Medium to high
Effort Level: High. Creative

This requires a bit of creativity and a lot of effort but its all worth it. You should click lots of photos of your girl (without being creepy i.e. if she doesn’t like being clicked choose one of the other ideas), in various moods, your favourite poses, candid ones, fake-candid ones. Now depending on your access, use your room or hers and put up the photos in nice frames and in the middle of the room, ask her out or ask her to marry you and tell her that you can never get enough of seeing her, of being with her.


Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- High
Effort Level: Physical

A small vacation. To the hills. You and him camping. very very cold, nose red and freezing, you both share a vodka and smile with warmth at each other from what you can see in the light of the lantern. Clear skies, a lot of shooting stars, and you hold hands, gaze up. Then you kiss her and propose.


Purpose: Marriage proposal/asking out

Romantic Level: Medium to High
Budget Level- Medium
Effort Level: Talent related

This is easy. If you can sing, even a little, pick a song, her favourite, your favourite, your ‘song’, a song you can dedicate to her- in short- anything that’s easy to sing but also romantic (Remember Anyone but You from Juno?). Go to a karaoke bar, be prepared to be slightly embarrassed, made fun of etc etc and go all out! Who can resist? It’s a fun idea, romantic, won’t cost much and your girl will feel so special! Aww.

(Intake of alcohol permitted to bolster courage)


Purpose: Proposing/Asking out/For a date

Romantic Level: Medium
Budget Level- Low
Effort Level: Low

Although not highly original, (you can listen to the song ‘Falling in love at a coffee shop’ while reading this and understand why we say what we say) you couldn’t get a better ambience than the smell of freshly brewing coffee, some yummy desserts and space to hold hands. Coffee shops make PDAs somewhat accepted so long as you don’t go overboard which we suggest you don’t.

Then do your thing: Lots of quiet talk, whispered sweet nothings or a muffin with a ring.


Purpose: Proposing

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- Medium
Effort Level: Singing, cooking or dancing related

This is a cocktail of clichés but hey! whatever works right? We’re mixing- dedicating a song to her in a bar, to dancing with her cheek to cheek on a slow song in a nice quiet place (your place/her place/friend’s place) and even going down on your knee..Yet another idea would be to, bake a cake (ONLY and only if you know how to make one), or buy a cake alternatively, and write what you feel on the cake with icing in her favourite colour! A combination of two of these or even all three would convince her that even if you’re not being highly original, you Are trying!


Purpose: Proposing

Romantic Level: Medium
Budget Level- Low
Effort Level: Sporty

Now this is an all out guy’s way. Pick a game you’re good at but that she is also interested in. Make sure you’re better at it than she is. A basketball knockout, arm wrestling, cards, scrabble- indoor games, outdoor games- whichever !

Just bet on it :P Winner takes it all- and by all we mean the girl!


Purpose: Proposing/ asking out/ apologizing

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- Almost Nil
Effort Level: Creative/ Daring

This idea is a bit inspired but it so cute and adorable that its sure to be a winner! Haven’t you crooned – ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all’ numerous times with Ronan Keating and realized that it made so much sense?? We’re suggesting, you don’t say anything but rather make little cards/ placards/ signboards and write what you feel like on them. Then when you meet her, show them to her, one by one.

Alternatively, if this isn’t up your sleeve, write her a letter!


We guess we got a bit carried away there didn’t we? That’s a lot of ideas, but that means you can choose whichever you like?

Girls, what do you think? What way would you like, write in with some suggestions.. Or tell us real life experiences?

Guys, how have you thought of proposing your girl? Or have you already done it, then share!

We love hearing back from you!


Anonymous said...

how about a nice long drive on a rainy day with a bottle of wine and a waterproof scroll in it saying... 'u make my heart smile. be my wife!'??

Debasish said...

I guess for marriage proposals - One should be romantic and make it eventful enough to be worth remembering.

For asking out etc. I would suggest - tone down on the romance and flowery stuff. In fact, it is best to just say it simply. All you need to do is sound sincere enough.

I like the placards idea - [Surely gonna use that one :)]. Also, I would like to see more "apologizing" ideas. That's something we end up doing more of, anyway.

rain girl said...

totally blunderful...i mean, wonderful ideas ;)

but why do guys have to make all the effort? why can't girls propose? in a sexy negligee? at his door.... with a tub of ice get the drift, right? :P which guy will say no?? :P

Ricky said...

Good ones. I will have to get back to this post in an year or so :D

Well, my favorite way is to go on a hiking/biking/camping trip in some national park and spend time together (wine besides a lake won't be a bad idea either)

Ankit said...

Nice! Very well thought of and about I must say. Maybe you guys can consider writing a book. 'Larki patane ke sau (100) tarike' or '5 din larki in' types.. Altho do think of a better and less-crassier name :P Shud b a bestseller if u ask me!

And u guys shud add a beachfront restaurant to the rooftop restaurant date thing. I understand that staying in Delhi that idea may not come so easily or look feasible, but when u r in Bombay that's a very natural thing. Sitting with your feet dug in the sand with the water lapping up close, should be right up there.

And one clarification, in the guy-beat-girl-in-sport-n-winner-take-all one.. when u say guy wins n takes all, and all is the girl, what exactly does the guy get here?

Anjali said...

@ Anonymous

Sigh...i started dreaming after reading your comment. It sounds absolutely perfect and oh-so romantic


True, one should make it extra special when u are asking a girl to marry you but there is no harm in asking a girl out on a date in a different, unique way right? and yes one should sound sincere...true

apologizing ideas, hmm...lets just say here too one should just sound sincere :P that should work :)

@rain girl

of course a girl can ask out a guy! And i think your idea would be an absolute hit! ;)

@ Ricky
You could be our 'sucess story'in case you do use one of our ideas...and if they work! Lol! And wine by the lake sounds absolutely amazing!


Thanks, for actually thinking that we can write a book on this :) but believe me we are pretty clueless about matters of the heart.
Beach front restaurant sounds like a superb idea!And yes it isn't possible in a place like Delhi :(

If the guy wins, he gets to take the girl out for dinner perhaps, or whatever they both want to do...its up to them. You get the drift? ;)

JB said...

I hate you....I hate you all...its so difficult for me to fathom as to how you guys write so well... I was actually keeping myself in every situation and imagining all that is unimaginable...And as far as sharing incidences is concerned I think i have already done my bit :) :)

Keep on writing this well and keep helping us imagine the unimaginable :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Debasish said...

Sincerity alone doesn't always work when it comes to apologizing. Let me put it this way, usually, girls don't really want to stay upset anyway. They would like to ensure that the guy takes the effort to do something special to show that he is truly cares, etc.

And God forbid, if any of the proposal ideas work, there is a lifetime of saying sorry ahead of us :)

Nandini said...

@ JB
We know you love us Jasmine :) ;)
Thank you for your inputs and we love you for your encouraging feedback, you inspire us to write better! Hope we continue to live upto your expectations!! Mwah!

The Sage said...

HELP!!! HELP!!! could someone throw me a life jacket to save myself from drowning in the sea of mush!!!

actually, quite nice ideas for the guys who can take in this much of mush... i am sure you'll be getting quite a few thank yous... good job done...

Phaedrus said...

another idea... take her out for an IPL match of her home team (preferably one in which her team is sure to win), and in the intermission try and work out an arrangement with the cameramen to show you holding a banner of you proposing to her on the giant screen!!!

Mrinalini said...

@The Sage,
LOL! I know mush aint your domain, but then, how do you plan to go about it? Planning to focus on your radar while popping the question ;)

IPL!!!Now you've got my attention there!Yes, watching your team play and the next thing u know, you are being proposed to, will be too much of a good thing! Plus if the girl's a fanatic, then even if the team loses that day, it wouldnt really matter :D

Anonymous said...

:) awww makes me think of the proposal i recieved and what an absolute mess i made of it! LOL! poor guy.....had him back pedalling and nervous. i think maybe the next post should be what the women need to do when proposed , how to react, etc.
so atleast the efforts put in by the men dont go waste! :D

Piya said...

wah what a splendid response to the post! Anjali, Mrinalini and Nandu great job.. u got the boys 'thinking' ;)

shalini said...

Awesome Read :) :) :): )

I second JB here, you guys are too good at it !!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and imagining all the situations was almost a delight !

Anonymous said...
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Beauty and the BEast said...

wow!! you have given this a lot of thought!!! And I must say.. I would very much be a sucker for at least three of them... sigh..

Kaalicharan said...

Wow! Indeed it calls for a standing ovation:) The only question that circum navigates in my skull now is...'are these strategies tested on animals too....precisely dogs?' ;)

Rain said...

I once wrote something similar (not as elaborate, but):

Love the post, and love the blog! :-)

Rain said...
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sanely insane said...

where do you lot keep disappearing man...been a month since u gals posted


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