Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jab We Met

We are celebrating one year of our blog. We thought of a lot of things that make it special, you the readers and friends, our writing which we want to look back at fondly one day, the fun we have blogging about most of our strange yet happy daily lives, the list could go on..

But what makes it the most special, is the four of us!

This blog post is a kind of a trip down memory lane as the four of us reminisce about how we met each other. (We met each other and then kept meeting.), how it all started, how the four of us got together and then there was no stopping us thereafter!

Chapter 1: When Nandu met Anjali


The baton was handed to me, Nandini. Because Mrinu said “You’re the oldest in the organization”, by which she meant her present and my erstwhile office and that made me feel odd, sad, slightly left out but also wonderous. Eh? Wonderous? I mean, in wonder. What is the word for that? Anyway, I was amazed, astounded, gladdened, and other such happily surprised words that we were still such good friends after all this while. Perhaps better friends than we were. People have office acquaintances, colleagues they hang out with or get to know as a part of social survival skills; very few have what we did or still have- friendships that are so strong that time becomes immaterial.

Let’s flashback to about more than two years ago, just about (If you want the cinematic version then you can think in black and white. Or sepia perhaps?). It was any given day, grumpy morning in the bus, having woken up much against my wishes. I would usually listen to music and sleep in the bus, read sometimes. This girl had just joined the organization, maybe a couple of days old and the bus route had been slightly varied to include picking her up. However, nobody remembered her name, no one had her phone number and well, nobody cared about the new girl who missed the bus and would have to manage coming SUCH a long, virtually transportation-less route by herself. It made me a little angry, plus I side with the underdog. I mean, cmon! So when I did see her in office, I introduced myself. I don’t usually do this, I’m a bit of an introvert but one does what one has to, to combat meanness and support public good (Don’t I sound all holier than thou? I’m not!). I took her number, told her that I could call her in the mornings if she was late etc etc. And That’s how I met Anjali.

Everything else was gradual, but still fast. Fast in the sense that we’re so close now that when people meet us, they wonder how long we’ve been friends. It surprises me too sometimes. But like I said, time doesn’t matter. She was mostly reserved initially, quiet but I would like to say that I have a feeling about things like this. My charm and congenial disposition broke the ice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Naww. See, friendships like this, they happen and when they do, you don’t question, you accept. We’re both very similar as people, by nature, in our ideologies and our approach to life. But there was also so much more to her. She was/is still calm, rational very down-to-earth and approachable. Atleast that’s how it seemed to me! She isn’t like that with everyone which is another thing I like about her. She’s discriminating; don’t get me wrong, she’s nice to everyone, but who she likes, she decides and then sticks to it.

Anjali and I have often talked about this, that how there comes a time when you feel like you’re content with all the people you have in your life, you don’t want the extras or you don’t want to make that extra effort when your circle already seems so full. Yes well, it doesn’t quite happen like that. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, and you know what? It’s good.

Chapter 2: When Anjali met Piya


I was just a month old in the company. It was one rainy day and we were wrapping up work, when our boss came and told three of us to give our computers to the people standing behind her. When I looked up I saw

1. A boy dressed in formals ( and looking a bit odd in our office because he was the only one in a tie. You see, in a media house nobody really wears a tie to work)

2. A girl dressed in shirt and trousers (sigh. yes)

3. Another girl and this one looked very hip, dressed in a smart shirt, jeans and big hoops.

They all looked a bit nervous and were eager to impress the boss with their intellect. They were there for an interview and were asked to give a copy test.

Cut two- Different day. Early morning at work. My boss came and introduced the team to a new girl, the big hoops girl. Number 3! Looked at me and said ‘you have a new neighbour (she was going to sit next to me) Show her around and tell her about the work.’ That’s how I met Piya. One look at her and I decided that she could never possibly be my friend. Yes, that was my first impression of her.

I have to make an honest confession here: I have always been wary of ‘fashionable girls’. The ones who can spot Prada and Gucci from a distance, have the names of the latest perfumes at their finger tips, fuss over chipped nail, look and behave like a supermodel and Piya ‘looked’ all that! So me, the simpleton, was confident that we both could never be friends. And when I thought that, MR G up there had a hearty laugh! Piya, the new intern was not just friendly but also dying to impress one and all (this, I got to know much later from the DIVA herself)

I tried. I tried very hard to maintain a distance but it was difficult to ignore someone who looked like an absolute DIVA and behaved just the opposite. Well…most of the time. So when a girl dressed in hip branded clothes impersonated Simpu of Channel V with √©lan , one couldn’t help but join in the laughter. One moment she would be going gaga about the Davidoff perfume on her bathroom shelf and the next moment she would be cracking one of her famous one liners!

I give Piya all the credit for our friendship. Had she, the intern not tried so hard to impress me, the so- called ‘senior member’ of the team, I would have missed the chance to know someone so vivacious, smart, witty, warm and affectionate a person like her. She is now an integral part of my life, with the other two ( Mrinu and Nandu) and am so glad about that. On a day when we are walking down the memory lane, I’d like to say a big Thank You to the Pretty.Perfect.Piya.

We aren’t done yet… the story of our Dosti continues. Over to you Piya!

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Ricky said...

A very interesting read. Congratulations on completing an year of writing. It is really amazing how we end up making friends. Looking forward to more such reads from you all.


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