Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jab We Met.... continued

We carry on with our versions as to when we met...
Chapter 3: When Piya met Nandu and Mrinu


Let me tell you how I bumped into Nandini and Mrinalini; through Anjali of course, and well, how we managed to keep it going since 2007!

Being the way I am, striking a conversation with unknown people is not a task; obviously I have to find them worth conversing with in the first place. And Nandini, Mrinalini were just the sort of people I would’ve wanted to be friends with. Once I had Anjali’s vote of confidence (she was a little wary of this new intern :P) knowing Nandini and Mrinalini was easy.

Now, Nandini was that girl in office who looked pretty, prim & proper, was very tech savvy, rational, had all the nice chap-sticks etc… and with all of this, was absolutely grounded. She’d instantly accepted my presence, made sure I was included in all the fun and before I knew it, I loved ‘this’ character. Most of my time would pass by hopping from Anjali’s bay to Nandu’s. She gave me Oreo cookies almost daily, books to read and tons of movies to watch. Nandini aka ‘chalu tamatar’ is the ‘fevicol’ in the Pretty Four’s friendship. Keeps us together, keeps the fun alive, loves unconditionally and pampers US regularly!

While God hurriedly packed me, Anjali and Nandini off to earth, he took his time with Mrinalini. He added a lot of drama, a lot of emotions, a lot of sense and oodles of romance and then created Mrinalini. This woman is a rare find and I feel lucky to have met her. When I first saw this pretty girl, I thought she’d be one of those snooty intellectual types, who’d refuse to entertain an intern. Thank God I was wrong! Though Mrinu did take her time with me, but soon enough we were bonding over ‘jaat’ songs, bitchiness and boyfriends! I’ve always admired her optimism and her famous ONE liners have always kept the ray of hope alive in me.
My 2 months of internship was soon extended to 6 months and the time I spent at that media house amongst these hip media girls is/was/ will always be the best time EVER spent and experienced.

I strongly advocate the concept of an ‘internship’!

Chapter 4: When Mrinu met “the other three”


And as we go down ‘memory lane’ I can safely conclude that I am the last one to have joined the bandwagon. It was Nandu who began the destined ‘frandships’ we now have. She was a very good friend of Anjali’s when I joined the organization two years back. I, however knew Anjali since a long long time. Never really friends, we kept bumping into each other in our locality and had common friends to a dozen. If we weren’t bumping into each other for a while, then it was people who would remind us of the other’s existence by telling us, ‘hey you look a lot like Anjali, the features and all’ or ‘hey you remind me of Mrinu, a tuition friend, you guys look very similar’ LOL!

So when I joined the media house that year, it wasn’t really a surprise that I bumped into yes, none other than Anjali..The friendship that was long due had now started rolling. We had jokes of every kind, we had sarcasm for common people we knew, we had all that jazz brewing between us. And Anjali, on her part, came with two other people, Piya and Nandini. Piya was the cutest and most fashionable intern I had ever seen, with a sense of humor that made you wonder about her varied characteristics. She would discuss bags and perfumes like a French one minute, and sing Jaat songs like Hat ja Tau (from the truck wala’s stereo on the way to office) the next minute. Good fun!

Nandini, however was somebody who would not be a friend as far as my records go. Very fair, tall, almost like a model, I don’t have many friends like that. I go by the belief that such stats make the person a little less on IQ, so I don’t really mix. And I am of the super mixing variety..When I started to get to know Nandu, however, it was like, ummm, meant to be..Smart, literary, compassionate and very idealistic, in short, very similar..I realized Nandu had broken the cliché I had made in my head..And I was glad. She is what you call a ‘breath of fresh and dreamy air’ in the mundane life we city dwellers have.

So Nandu, Piya and Anjali came together into my life as a complete group in itself and if I may confess, it was probably the first time I discovered female friendship. A tomboy with football as first love, I really didn’t gel with girls too much in life. These three, however have made up for all the childhood fun I missed and more..
It has been no looking back ever since…Life and our profound wisdom-sharing about ‘boys’, vodka, Harry Potter, the love for writing, music and movies and so much more to discover, thanks for making my life so ‘Pretty’ girls!

Happy birthday to us!


Kaalicharan/calvy said...

Woof Woof!
It's a great read to find out how the protagonists met on a fateful day and imagined this wonderful web space! I'm sure it must have been an incredible journey...the past two years! May you all keep hunting in pairs and I'm already looking forward to 5th anniversary post!:)

Stay blessed my pretty friends:)

Nainesh said...

Happy Anniversary! Great reading it has been! Here's wishing for more!

Ria said...

u guys totally rock! may this 'frandship' and the blog grow from strength to strength!god bless

rain girl said...

congratulationssssss!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Blowfish said...

Happy Anniversary Gurls.........
U all rock!!!!!

Phaedrus said...

congrats girls.. and to stumble upon your blog when you are celebrating your anniversary is indeed providential... nice blog... do keep it up... will keep checking it out...

Mrinalini said...

Thank you sooo much for all the wishes! Hoping we grow from strength to strength too :) and hoping we make more such friendships in this journey >>:D<<

JB said...

Profound apologies to the Pretty Four .....I am late ....no actually supppppper late...but then u know the story of my life....

Anyways...wish you girls many many more years together and as Mrinalini says hope you guys make more such friendships...

Congratulations!!! There couldnt have been a better way to celebrate the Birthday/Anniversary whatever you want to call IT...

Much Love


Ps. BTW U guys rock :) :)

Nandini said...

Awww JB :) :') Thank you so much! Don't apologize, we more than understand!
So much encouragement from everyone when this actually DID start as 'late night nonsense' and I'm glad it remains that. Well, not all nonsense ;)

And thank you everyone! Like Mrinu said- We hope to make more friends around here, and cement the frienships that we've already formed.

Much love :)


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