Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It poured that day...Mrinalini's version

It seems the idea worked. The Rain Gods did bless us with two divine rainy nights..Now wishing for more..Sigh!
So, here goes my version:

It poured that day. But still, having tea with him outside after ages was worth it. Not listening to mum, she left for the back alley. The small tea shop was deserted, the shop guy was the only one sitting there with a flashy raincoat on him. He expected customers even now, she smirked. And with a jolt, she realized that she was out for the very purpose.

She went and sat on the somewhat cold and wet wooden bench, not conscious at all. It wasn’t one of the things that could get her worked up. Her appearance, her clothes were all very normal. Infact, she was wearing her dad’s t-shirt and her baggy jeans. The rains always made her wear something of her dad’s. Warm and comfy it felt against the skin.

Time passed, she had a phone, but didn’t want to sms him..He would be coming anyway, didn’t need to push it..Instead, she lit a cigarette, rainy days deserved a smoke, she always thought..

She reflected on how rain was the answer to so many of her questions..The rains came and poured over the heavy feelings she had kept in her heart for so many months. He was now a different person, no more hers to have. It was all very different now..The equations had changed so very much, but yet, she felt she hadn’t changed. He had. The metamorphosis had been his ever since they had split. And now, it had been two years to that.
He still hadn’t come. What was this? Cold feet? But this wasn’t a date. It was plain ol’ her, and it wasn’t like renaissance. Life had moved on, and so had everything else with it..Paths were chosen, there wasn’t much looking back to be done..Then why was this difficult?

He came, in his track suit..she smiled..Somethings never changed..
“Smoking? Been here long? Am sorry..gym just got over..” he said.
“Yes, I guessed that much..want to have tea?” she asked.
“Umm, thik hai”

On two small cups of tea, they acted like this was the hardest thing they were doing..
It was a mistake, coming here today. It was good the way things had become silent, possibly forever..she thought.

Oh lord! When will this feeling go? When will I look sane and capable to hold one normal meeting with her? he thought in his head..

"So hows work?" she asked..
“It is great. Never thought I’d be anything other than a hospitality guy. And here, I am with a MBA to my name!” he said.
“Yes, that indeed was a great career move..Am glad..And..how are things with her?” she asked, sounding normal..
“It is the best, we plan to settle down soon..Even our folks are happy. What about you? Becoming an old lady, you are..” he nervously joked..
“Yes, very soon. It is upto us. We are planning for spring next year.”
“Oh wow! Congrats! That is news.”

Weird. Weird. Weird.

It is time to get up and go. And never look back. This idea was a bad one. All your fault! her mind shouted things randomly..

“Chal walk me home, will you? Its started to rain again..Mum goes berserk, you know..” she said quickly, not knowing what else to say or do.
“Yes I know your mum. Chalo..” he said. He felt glad she took the call, as always..

Neither spoke, or maybe they did, but it was almost as insignificant like the meeting they had..Reaching her house, she said, “Take care. Bye and good luck with life..”
“Umm..yea..you too..umm..ok then, see ya..” he trailed..

And they parted.

There was nothing more to it. Remembering just caused distress, and a little bit of pain. That was then, and this was now. Memories were like ecstasy, they just caused a whirl of emotions that weren’t meant to be. And reality had moved on. Way beyond to what had been.

Just the rain had remained.


Ria said...

hmmm.beautiful piece.dats y dey say the reality of life is much differant from the fantasies and the best way to live is to mix n match a lil bit of both :) dont u think?

Also rain stirs some very special emotions/nostalgia in all us.for me its steaming hot khichdi with ilish maach bhaaja,the songs from Taal and some poetry :) sad, we arent blessed with much rains in dis part of the world :(

The Sage said...

well done... beautifully put across... but why associate rain with pain??

Nandini said...

Loved the post and the pic :) So different from my version, its amazing how the mind works!

and I think this has more to do with closure than pain right? Moving on, closing chapters?

Anjali said...

Totally agree with Nandu.Its important to move on, so that one can live life without any regret, any grudge agaisnt that person.

Beautifully written :)

Ricky said...

Simple and sweet story...pretty good one and I don't what it is about rains but it adds a different dimension to the story.

N said...

1. ITS RAINING IN DELHI!?!?!??!?! so so so jealous.

*deep breath*

2. very well written story. i think you can tell so much about you girls from the way you write. each one has a different style and the storyline is completely different too :) i like. waiting for more.

Mrinalini said...

@anjali n nandu,
thanks for the rite pic :) and yes, it is about complete closure..infact ages after the closure..if there is such a phase..

Mrinalini said...

mix n match this definitely is..and yes, ur rainy memories are shared very fondly by me..i wish..sigh

@the sage
its not painful at all, its plain numbness of now vs huge emotions of the past..dunno if the awkwardness was evident or not..

thanks..where have u been?
wait for the next two, they are even diverse.. :)

where have u been?? glad 'u r back':P thanks for liking the story..more coming!

rain girl said...



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