Sunday, June 14, 2009

It poured that day... Piya's Version

It poured that day. But still, having tea with him outside after ages was worth it. Not listening to mum, she left for the back alley. The small tea shop was deserted, the shop guy was the only one sitting there with a flashy raincoat on him. He expected customers even now, she smirked. And with a jolt, she realized that she was out for the very purpose.
She went and sat on the somewhat cold and wet wooden bench, not conscious at all. It wasn’t one of the things that could get her worked up. Her appearance, her clothes were all very normal. In fact, she was wearing her dad’s t-shirt and her baggy jeans. The rains always made her wear something of her dad’s. Warm and comfy it felt against the skin.
Time passed, she had a phone, but didn’t want to sms him..He would be coming anyway, didn’t need to push it..Instead, she lit a cigarette, rainy days deserved a smoke, she always thought.

Through her smoke rings she reminisced the times they had spent together. There was no space for formality back then. He would often sing to her from his varied collection, bother her with his silly boyish jabbering ,and, every month expected her to cook chicken curry, which she gladly did. In college, Friday evenings were dedicated to spending nights at each other’s place, baking cakes, cooking maggie late in the night and giving impromptu singing performances. She smiled at her silliness now- how out of tune she must have sounded back then- since she barely qualified as a bathroom singer. But she wanted him to know, know that she appreciated music- a lot.

She had fallen for him and he knew. But they never got around to discussing the “possibilities”. Post college he went away to the states to pursue a ‘fancy’ degree while she stayed back to pursue a diploma in advertising. That day, just before he left they met up at this very place, it wasn’t raining then. The streets were dark, dimly lit and the yellow light from the lamppost soothed her mounting restlessness. They walked holding hands (it was deemed normal), he sounded excited and she appeared lost. She noticed from the corner of her eye that he was staring, he had also abruptly stopped now… at this point they had kissed. A second later he was back to blabbering about his soon-to-begin adventure, almost as if what transpired between them a few seconds back dint matter.

She kept mulling over their kiss moment time and again. Why, why had he kissed her and why did she let him? And why could she not ask him what it meant? The questions and lack of answers always left her irate.
He was smitten by his new life, while she chose to be pre-occupied with studies and work. They would chat online once a week; where he typed the most. He would call on all the festivals and her birthday. She was amused at his fake accent. At work, most of her time was consumed with constant browsing through his orkut account- album after album. His charming life made her envious and her desperate attempts to match up to it constantly failed; for he didn’t notice. Gradually the calls dropped, chatting became less frequent, he seemed content and distant. ‘Oye ’ sweetie had given way to ‘hey’ and eventually ‘hi’.

‘You fill up my senses like a night in a forest Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain’ HE was calling, after sooooo long. She jumped outa bed ran to her phone and almost screamed into it. His accent sounded real now. “Hey’ ill be in town day after tomorr-ah lets catch up”. He ended the call saying “I‘ve missed you and we need to talk”.
She did her little ‘happy’ dance and began to construe various implications of “we need to talk” the good and the ugly. Now she was just waiting for him to come and put a rest to her impatience.

The cigarette had finished long back, she finger-combed her hair, got off the bench and dusted the moist mud off her backside; when suddenly she felt a tap. He was there handsomely dressed, smiling, looking and smelling so good. Delicious - she thought. They hugged, may be a little too long. It didn’t bother her, he was here and she could handle it. Yup she could. He handed her a bag- “this is for you……let's go”. He took her hand and led the way.


Anjali said...

"‘Oye ’ sweetie had given way to ‘hey’ and eventually ‘hi’." hmmm...gets me thinking ;)

and i loved the ending! Cute!

Preeti said...

aawww.. this is adorable... really really cute.. makes my heart melt.

Mrinalini said...

the story is so refreshingly positive :) i love it when love strikes back :) sigh

Tenzin said...

areee ludki...bade senti senti kahani suna rahi hai...hehehe... just kiddin...nice wish tat hapens to every1 except me...

Beauty and the BEast said...

I soooo wanna know what's in the bag!!! :O

Beautiful story!! The romantic in me loved every optimistic bit of it!!!

Piya said...

Thanks BnB :-).. and as far as the contents of the bag are concerned, well im just waiting for another shower spell :D

Preeti n Tenzin: you are such sweethearts. thanks for the encouragement :-) and now stay hooked!

My dearest Anjali and Mrinu : sloppy kisses to u both!

Rags said...

very romantic and i knew the smelling delicious part would have come only in yr version :P

Nandini said...

Hehe. There are traces of you stamped all over this story :) I love that!

sanely insane said...

some stories come out so sweetly :)

though i got more enticed by the chai...i'm thinking mumbai have to add a vada pav to the scene :)

Piya said...
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Piya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Piya said...

Rags: Only you could have realised that :D and nandu i know cant help it.. so me :p

Sanely Insane: thank you :D and yes vada pao with chai is absolutely called for:)

Ricky said... ending to the story. I like it but still curious, what's in the bag?


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