Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Another outing, another coffee shop.. and another list! Whoops! We do seem to be making a habit of this aren't we? But the lists are made over sugar high’s and not martini highs (Where's your list, N? We're waiting!). We collectively shudder to think what those lists would be like if made public!
A laid back Saturday, recession hit pockets and a street full of tempting wares. Is that torture or what? However, we didn't give in to temptation (desserts don't count) and stuck to essentials. Hence we treated ourselves to dessert and it was then that the idea of another list came up and while we enjoy all your comments and feedback, we have our doubts whether this list of mostly inside jokes and shared experiences would mean anything to anyone else other than the four of us.

It’s just our way of stamping this blog with our personalities, making it into a memoir of sorts so that we don’t forget- being silly, being together and most of all being silly together…

The following is a short compilation (liable to be updated time to time!) of some of the stupid, mad, sometimes sensible, sometimes ridiculous things we say from time to time. As stated, these are more personal jokes but there are some things almost everyone will relate to…
And well nobody quotes us, so we quote ourselves :P

Presenting, what we like to call- Quotable quotes:

On Nandini’s crush over a college professor:
“If I could get used to Leonardo, Hugh Jackman and Arjun Rampal being unachievable, what's a professor? chin up mate..”

Drunk Mrinu telling JB:
“Never trust a woman with an 'X' in her name! What is she? An MF Hussain film??”

Mrinu in the middle of the day at work:
“Vodka kahan ka shabaab hai?”

“Men are never men. They never grow up to be a man! They remain boys, always…”

“Pretty (pronounced: purrreettyyy) lies in the eyes of the holder. (Who holder?)
Depends on who is holding you at that time.”

Mrinu telling Anjali about prospects of meeting a Shahid Kapoor-esqe stranger at a camp:
“If you can trek together, you can do anything together.”

“It's all about H O P E” ( please notice the space between each alphabet)

“I always believed in true love- Sachha pyar is all there is”


“Marriage makes you Round”

“Round people can also be attractive….….in some cultures”

Drunk Anjali on phone to Nandini:
“Remind me to pee when I get home haan.”

Anjali, to a guy friend over gtalk, while PRETENDING to be drunk. (It was a typo, but oh-so-embarassing):
“Main frooty fresh and juicy” (She wanted to type MANGO instead of Main)

“Living in denial doesn't help”


In the heights of summer:
“I can't wear woolen trousers to office, because… well they're woolen!”

On being told that the game of hide and seek was ‘I Spy you’ :
“So it was always 'I spy you' and not 'I Spice' ?????”

Mrinu, on reading the draft of quotable quotes, “ITS I SPY YOU?? Nobody told me till this moment!”

Pia busted some more childhood beliefs when she realized that it was 'Roshini karta bajaj' and not 'Roshini kutta bajaj!'


On a girl called Roxy: “Roxy sounds like an underwear brand.”

On how shampooing hair is a sure shot technique for a good hair day and hence feeling good about yourself:
“Shampooing hair is like troubleshooting. If that does not work, what will?”

“All girls like me” (what she actually wanted to write was- all girls like IT) damage done :D

“Life is such a scalene triangle sometimes, nothing matches.”

PS: Ever wanted to use a non-sensical term wherever you felt like and in any situation? Well, we have one :D.. its “TAAM” use it any anywhere and everywhere, it's a sure shot way to baffle a victim.


Debasish said...

"Main frooty fresh and juicy"
Awesome! ;)

JB said...

Btw Its Roshan karta Bajaj and not Roshini Karta Bajaj :) :)

Intresting... How come Anjali's list is the shorted????

I can add one to it "I Love JB but She had abandoned me ". The most recent on that i remember :) :)

Nice read

sanely insane said...

“Men are never men. They never grow up to be a man! They remain boys, always…”


“If you can trek together, you can do anything together.”

hmm...so people in pune mst be really together...cose puneites trek a lot :P and delhiites mst be fighting a lot :P not many close options for us poor ppl :P :P

“Remind me to pee when I get home haan.”

a friend in need...sometimes makes for a humorous line indeed

'Roshini kutta bajaj!'

ok now i can say ROFL...i'm just imagining the ad again and again in my mind and putting that line there...ha ha ha...oh man

'Roxy sounds like an underwear brand.'

It is an underwear brand...jst like Rupa

Mrinalini said...

:D I guess my theory stands more than right bcs Delhiites do get into fights more than anyone else! Have to visit Pune though.. :P

N said...

hahahaha! love ur lists, girls! :) and yes, will put up some lists from my end soon i promise. have u read my list on how u know ur on the other side of 25? check that out for the time being.


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