Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swirling in a pool of CRAP!

I never ever wished life to be a fairytale. I certainly dint wish for it to be a nightmare too. A ‘liveable’ life would have been just fine.

I have been missing from the blog scene for a while now, blame it on my fairytale:p.
Work’s been keeping me on my toes (literally). While the initial one month of my training occupied most of my time avoiding strange, wicked, stupid people, the following month was a breath of fresh air. With my improved ‘sucking-up’ skills and hard work (no seriously I did work hard… not hardly: p) I was shifted to a team I preferred. I represented my company and clients at the fashion week along with 2 other female colleagues, looked my best (still felt underdressed once at the venue), admired models backstage, ogled at a few male models, exclaimed on seeing Sari-Man (man with a draped sari on his tee accompanied with a nose ring) and felt irritated on seeing him hog all the media attention.
On my second day at the fashion week, I needed the need to be ‘known’ and so I urged Nandini to drop in after college. Seeing Nandini (looking suave as ever) get off the auto, I felt a pang of relief, I knew could finally perform the ‘baby this is my place’ act; air kiss, engage myself in some ‘serious discussion’ laugh, giggle and comfortably look preoccupied.
Once the fashion fiesta was over, it was time to welcome Mr long-distance. He was convincingly smitten by the new me (weight loss + birthday clothes + pleasing hairstyle= new me). Four days with him were pure bliss; it was the therapy I desperately required.

Apart from staying clear of bickering at work place, hoping each day for life to change for good, day dreaming, just dreaming, sulking, whining, laughing at times and dressing up for lousy clubs, there’s nothing quite interesting going on. Nandini and Mrinalini are a balancing factor in my and Anjali’s life.

I often wonder – When Happiness and luck were being distributed, were I and Anjali busy eating?

PS: Ever heard anyone writing their obituary as a part of an interview test?
Stay hooked- Anjali shall elaborate: D


Anjali said...

hugs! :)

we will survive! and i mean all four of us :)

Nandini said...

Yes yes, Sing it along ;)

And Anjali, waiting for the elaboration !

P.S: One day of Fashion week was fun ;P Just about as much as my fashion impaired senses could take!

Mrinalini said...

Sigh! I know not life without all this crap...Maybe swirling in it has become a way of life with us..
But what we have is a heart that never gives up and H O P E!
You will turn things around dear, you will :)


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