Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

When Mrinu first told me that we should write about the past year and our plans for the coming year, I was blank. Literally. Also, telling the world about my New Year resolutions never appealed to me. But here I am doing just that. Why you may ask? Because one should always listen to a pretty girl; they are usually right about things and well its not good to annoy someone so pretty :P

2009 was well…a very normal year. Nothing extra ordinary happened. When I look back at the year, I see more of disappointments and they aren’t worth discussing. It wasn’t as dramatic a year like 2008 but there is nothing worth remembering either. But that’s all in the past and there is no point lamenting about it now.

So like a normal, positive person I am looking forward to the next year. I am a bit skeptical but I’ll still hope that things happen the way I would want them to. The last couple of weeks have been good and I am hoping that it remains that way.

My New Year resolution: To go with the flow. Yeah I am keeping it simple. And also not to have too many expectations from life (I don’t know if that will be possible) One can only enjoy life if we stop thinking so much and wanting so much out of it. It will have its ups and downs and to put it simply; we will just have to deal with it. There will be days when we’ll cry buckets but then there also will be days we’ll be so happy that nothing on earth can effect us.

So 2010 is to all the happy moments which make life worth living! Cheers!
Happy New Year Guys!

Will be waking upto another brand new year tomorrow. Provided I get up on time after all the merry making. A little thank you note (or a-could-do-without note in some places) for the year that went by:

For all the strength that was needed in times like these.
For enduring my job. Another long year.
Nandu left for UK. While that hurt, what really made me cry in amazement was how much she cares. Writing, mailing, sending sweet nothings, from out there, she doesn’t let us miss her even a bit. (Yea ok, a bit. No, make that a lot.)
Anjali’s last day today at work. I WILL SO MISS HER. AAAAARGH!
Drinking with girls, oh the lights, the buzz, the fun..Yes girls you make it speshul!
To writing more (free lancing, here I come!)
To have been able to earn as much as is needed to buy a pack of Parle–G every time I saw a stray around me.
To good things and bad, as they all left a taste in my mouth, bitter or sweet.

That’s it from me, don’t know how much should I be expecting from the coming year, but hope, I will! Keeping the faith, as that’s what I do best!
Happy 2010!

PS: Piya and Nandu, wuv!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


vnkjh nvdfj b jlnvlsv lskvjsv klsjvha asjsjcbv jkkdmzb!!

yea yea, we know we havent been writing at all! Winter laziness, we call it! and yes, we will be back very very soon :)

Muchos love!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have you ever noticed that-

  1. When you get a call at 2 at night, and you answer the phone all groggy in sleep, why does the person on the other side have to ask “oh you were sleeping?"
  2. When you tell your friend that you like someone, and ask him or her to keep it to themselves, how come the entire world (read: your circle of friends) gets to know about it the very next day?
  3. When you are showing your new apartment to people and they look at the kitchen and go “oh so this is the kitchen!?” No its the verandah actually
  4. Your friend finds a baby cute and goes all gaga over it but you cant help but wonder what’s so cute about her/him but cant say that, so you smile politely.
  5. You are having a vague, ‘dead end’ sort of a conversation with someone over the phone and the person on the other end keeps saying “aur bata…” or “and ….what else”. I always feel like saying “You could hang up if you have nothing else to talk about, I really wouldn’t mind.”
  6. One can never ever look good on a passport size photo. It’s like an unwritten rule, that God made and studio people follow.
  7. We all know a Neha, a Rohit, a Rahul, a Pooja. And for the bongs, a Abhishek, a Moumita, a Sushmita…
  8. There are days when you are absolutely free and would want to talk to people but no one would be free to talk to you. They would be at some party, or a meeting or out shopping. And it works exactly the opposite way when you are busy and can’t talk. The entire world will remember you on that particular day.
  9. You hear your phone ringing in the other room and by the time you answer it, the call gets cut. You call back on that number immediately but then that person doesn’t answer it. How can a person disappear within seconds?
  10. You meet distant relatives at family gatherings and social events and every time they exclaim “arrey, kitne bade ho gaye!”

    PS: I have to admit, that I have said/done all the above mentioned things many a times! But then its okay, I am human after all :P

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mundane Musings!

In utter blah-ness that has persisted way too long now...I tried writing a diary entry, tried writing a fictitious story and when all attempts failed this is what i came up with..thoughts trying to rhyme with words ???

Carefree and merry that’s how life use to be

Everything seemed manageable and there was no sign of ennui

Sitting on those college steps, sipping tea was my luxury

now luxury is considered getting free from work at five thirty .

Time seems to be passing by so quick, it’s hard to keep pace

You suddenly feel trapped and choked when ‘life’s’ reality hits you in the face

School and college days feel like a long gone fantasy,

where envy and contempt were mere forms of juvenility.

This world is a battle ground you learn to survive,

warily avoiding all the bickering and the constant strife.

Staring in the mirror I wonder what made me this way,

looking so worried, unhappy and frayed.

Will my silence be mistaken for my weakness?

If so, should I be caring a damn!

My resilience stronger than my will power

Don’t really bother about who’s being a sham!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aayi Diwali?

Diwali, the festival of lights. There is so much I can randomly say about it except that it’s become such a commercial and sparse festival, that I wouldn’t be able to say much without ranting quite a bit. Of late, all I could relate to it was, traffic jams, rush for buying gifts, a cursory puja, sweets, a not such a ban on firecrackers and a day that left you feeling a little happy but a little desolate as well. Don’t ask me why, I’m strange.
When we were little, Diwali was about fire crackers, about family getting together and praying, about new clothes and gifts that you got but again, of late, it has been about money in envelopes, estranged family members and haphazard pujas which you dutifully partake in regardless of where your mind is. It hasn’t been all bad of course, there have been some really quirky ones that I’ve celebrated and remembered and probably will for years to come. I love lighting candles and diya and just going from room to room lighting all possible light fittings, I loved the Diwalis when me and my sister used to just rent movies or buy VCDs and watch them non stop one after the other with breaks inbetween to be hospitable to guests, I loved going to the Gurudwara and lighting candles there as well. I loved? I still love ☺ So while I criticize some aspects, there is loads that I can see in it to make me smile eve when the overall picture doesn’t look so great.
This year, I’m away from family and friends and everything that is familiar so while I have the objectivity that is somewhat inbuilt, I’m also sentimental. I will miss sending ‘Shubh Dipawali’ smses to everyone who sends me one (that’s how I function!) I’ll miss sitting quietly in the evening figuring out what needs to be done, I’ll miss just picking up the phone to talk to my friends and passing the evening hanging on the phone with someone who was probably having just as lousy a time as me.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder? I think so ☺ I’ll be lighting up my little corner regardless of where I am, and hope that the Gods of small/big/medium sized things remember to bless my little cranny as well.

Happy Diwali everyone :)

Shubh Deepawali for those who prefer to be more traditional ;)

Monday, October 12, 2009

If only...

O re manwa tu toh bawaara hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai…
Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte…

The song was striking a chord slowly but steadily. She was listening to the whole song for the first time. Before this, she had only caught the trailers on tv…he was playing it from a CD, that made her wonder how did he burn a CD of that recent a song so soon…she wasn’t complaining had just rained, and the sky was now a happy blue and air was fresh and vibrant, almost as if the breeze was a little girl in a ponytail, running in a meadow..happy, carefree and alive…

The car had open windows and there was no dust entering inside from the cars as there weren’t any..just a stray one now and then…they were on the highway of the Vasant Kunj Gurgaon road, and the speed of the car made her heart race..

The song, the weather and her feelings were playing frenzy with her mind and heart. She was worried he might be able to hear her heart beat.

This man, this absolutely gorgeous young man, tall and lanky, bright eyes and a laugh that spread to his eyes and made his whole face so very expressive and lively. What would she not do to see him smile and laugh beside her always? How had she not realized in the seven long years he had been a buddy, that he was the one who made her feel absolutely complete, absolutely happy, almost smug…

He joked about something, and she blushed, and then bit her lip, realizing that now she would be made fun of. He had seen her blush and asked her if the song was doing this to her…

All those years, they had been good friends, and yet she hadn’t bothered to think of him in this light. Tied up with bad relationships, a hectic job, a stressed family life, she had taken him as granted…the last few months he had shifted to her city, she had discovered she could feel something much, much more for him. And right now, she knew exactly what it was. The feeling of knowing made her shiver a little..

He now took a smooth turn and the airport loomed large in front of them. She asked why the airport, weren’t they on a long drive? He said, soon she would know. He parked his car in front of the arrivals and waited. He leaned against the car and she gazed at him peacefully, let her eyes go through his whole frame and smiled at herself. She had a prince waiting for right next to her, while she was busy kissing frogs..

From nowhere out of her day dreaming, she heard him shout out, “Hey Archu! Finally meet my best kept secret, Tina! My love, my foreign returned doll!” and then he turned to Tina and added, “God I missed you so so much!”

She was stunned for a while. Leaning on the other side of the car, she didn’t know if she could walk again, her feet felt like lead. She walked slowly to the other side and joined in the hugs and hand shakes.

“So this is Archu! Hi, I have heard so much about you. I told him to tell you all about us, but you know him, some crazy surprise he wanted it to be! But you cant shout at him, he is just too adorable! Two years were maddening without him….”

She just mumbled a few words, yes, ya he is, he never told me, wow, am happy for you guys..

And just at that moment, the same song started inside the car again.

Jo barse sapne boond boond,
naino ko moond moond
naino ko moond moond
kaise main chalun, dekh na sakun, anjane raaste…

Monday, August 17, 2009

And we bring to you...

There are romantic guys (sigh) and there are practical guys and there are practical guys with a romantic streak. We’ve seen all three varieties. They’re all nice, but the last one wins hands down. That is if the girl isn’t anti-mush. Then you are very lucky :P

So it all comes down to the fact that most girls like sweet romantic gestures. Be it the cheesy candle lit dinner, or well, you remembering her favourite cartoon and getting socks which have it. It makes them feel loved. And we’re not talking grand gestures here, its more about thoughtfulness.

After seeing endless romantic movies- (Notting Hill, When Harry Met Sally. You’ve Got Mail, Never Been Kissed, 27 Dresses, Jerry Maguire etc etc etc), numerous FRIENDS episodes- actually all FRIENDS episodes numerous times, reading lots and lots of chick-lit, having had some sort of experience with various sorts of guys- we think we can help guys out. We think. We’re almost sure but don’t trust us 100% .

While discussing all of this, we realized that guy- boys and men- are often confused and left clueless about what girls want and girls are sometimes, well frankly speaking , disappointed. Even if you have been dating for five years and it’s a foregone conclusion that you Will get married is no reason not to propose nicely. Horrible example in brackets, please don’t do it. (“Hey. So listen, we’ve been dating for years now? What say we get married?”) What will you tell your kids? What will you think of when you have to chase dementors? What will be that happy memory?

To answer all these questions, we bring to you- tadaaaa (*drumrolls*)…..


The Proposal Management Agency! (TPMA)

Romantic ideas for the uninitiated

Basically the concept is very single, when you’re asking a girl out, for a date or for Marriage it deserves a Special Something. Which means some amount of thought and planning. We have a couple of idea here based on which we hope that the dormant cells in your brain start working and you come up with innovative ideas of your own.

Now see here, a marriage proposal is perhaps the start of your life together and it’s imperative (yes, a heavy word must be used for proper emphasis) that you do this part really well. It’s what she will remember during the good times and the bad times, what she will tell her children and their children (probably her friends as well, but hey- no pressure!). It will be the memory that she will share with you as her most precious. And more importantly, if it makes her happy, won’t it make you happy too? Hai ki nahi?

Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: Regular
Budget Level- Medium
Effort Level: Thoughtful

Now what you have to do is, dress up nice, tell your girl to get ready for a special date, wear a dress or whatever you think looks nice on her and take her to a roof top restaurant. It has to be roof top. While you’re at it, take flowers, her favourites in her favourite colour.

Then propose.


Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- Low
Effort Level: Quite a bit

Take her out for a long drive. And by long we mean till the runway. Errr. The airport runway. Now you can dish out wine, (Indian wine, cheap also) make a toast to her, for her, with her, sit on the bonnet of your car and tell her why you want to marry her.


Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- None
Effort Level: Rare

Take her to your place when nobody is home. If you are planning to marry a girl, we’re sure you are old enough to have her come to your place alone. Make maggi for her yourself, and while she is waiting for you to come join her, give her your oldest toy, your oldest stuff toy (that torn tiger or that nearly headless teddy or that GI Joe dad got when he went abroad) and tell her why you trust her with it. Because she is nearly that special…


Purpose: Marriage proposal/ asking out

Romantic Level: Extreme
Budget Level- Medium to high
Effort Level: High. Creative

This requires a bit of creativity and a lot of effort but its all worth it. You should click lots of photos of your girl (without being creepy i.e. if she doesn’t like being clicked choose one of the other ideas), in various moods, your favourite poses, candid ones, fake-candid ones. Now depending on your access, use your room or hers and put up the photos in nice frames and in the middle of the room, ask her out or ask her to marry you and tell her that you can never get enough of seeing her, of being with her.


Purpose: Marriage proposal

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- High
Effort Level: Physical

A small vacation. To the hills. You and him camping. very very cold, nose red and freezing, you both share a vodka and smile with warmth at each other from what you can see in the light of the lantern. Clear skies, a lot of shooting stars, and you hold hands, gaze up. Then you kiss her and propose.


Purpose: Marriage proposal/asking out

Romantic Level: Medium to High
Budget Level- Medium
Effort Level: Talent related

This is easy. If you can sing, even a little, pick a song, her favourite, your favourite, your ‘song’, a song you can dedicate to her- in short- anything that’s easy to sing but also romantic (Remember Anyone but You from Juno?). Go to a karaoke bar, be prepared to be slightly embarrassed, made fun of etc etc and go all out! Who can resist? It’s a fun idea, romantic, won’t cost much and your girl will feel so special! Aww.

(Intake of alcohol permitted to bolster courage)


Purpose: Proposing/Asking out/For a date

Romantic Level: Medium
Budget Level- Low
Effort Level: Low

Although not highly original, (you can listen to the song ‘Falling in love at a coffee shop’ while reading this and understand why we say what we say) you couldn’t get a better ambience than the smell of freshly brewing coffee, some yummy desserts and space to hold hands. Coffee shops make PDAs somewhat accepted so long as you don’t go overboard which we suggest you don’t.

Then do your thing: Lots of quiet talk, whispered sweet nothings or a muffin with a ring.


Purpose: Proposing

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- Medium
Effort Level: Singing, cooking or dancing related

This is a cocktail of clichés but hey! whatever works right? We’re mixing- dedicating a song to her in a bar, to dancing with her cheek to cheek on a slow song in a nice quiet place (your place/her place/friend’s place) and even going down on your knee..Yet another idea would be to, bake a cake (ONLY and only if you know how to make one), or buy a cake alternatively, and write what you feel on the cake with icing in her favourite colour! A combination of two of these or even all three would convince her that even if you’re not being highly original, you Are trying!


Purpose: Proposing

Romantic Level: Medium
Budget Level- Low
Effort Level: Sporty

Now this is an all out guy’s way. Pick a game you’re good at but that she is also interested in. Make sure you’re better at it than she is. A basketball knockout, arm wrestling, cards, scrabble- indoor games, outdoor games- whichever !

Just bet on it :P Winner takes it all- and by all we mean the girl!


Purpose: Proposing/ asking out/ apologizing

Romantic Level: High
Budget Level- Almost Nil
Effort Level: Creative/ Daring

This idea is a bit inspired but it so cute and adorable that its sure to be a winner! Haven’t you crooned – ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all’ numerous times with Ronan Keating and realized that it made so much sense?? We’re suggesting, you don’t say anything but rather make little cards/ placards/ signboards and write what you feel like on them. Then when you meet her, show them to her, one by one.

Alternatively, if this isn’t up your sleeve, write her a letter!


We guess we got a bit carried away there didn’t we? That’s a lot of ideas, but that means you can choose whichever you like?

Girls, what do you think? What way would you like, write in with some suggestions.. Or tell us real life experiences?

Guys, how have you thought of proposing your girl? Or have you already done it, then share!

We love hearing back from you!

Saturday, August 1, 2009 it is right now...

Some quick updates, or maybe the lack of it. Life seems to be the usual and normal. Normal because there are no adventures or mis adventures happening in any of our lives or the ones that are happening… well one cant mention them here on blog space. Mrinu darling just came back from a weeklong holiday with her guy. She looked a bit tired today at work but yet very refreshed and at peace. Yeah, love does that to people. And eternally optimistic and oh so romantic Mrinu totally deserved the break. Ya, I know while you are reading this, you are probably thinking of your loved one and smiling. No? Come on! Don’t lie.

Nandini is lazing at home. God, I so wish I could trade lives with her. And clicking to her hearts content. Also, helping distressed friends with various problems in life, be it chosing the perfect shirt for a friend to wear to a meeting, to solving boy troubles of the other, to even giving lonely hearts company at the movies, Nandu has her plate full. She is also looking for that ‘perfect’ job. Yeah well who isn’t! :P

Piya’s life is and will always remain a roller coaster ride. But she is the one who comes out of every ride and says “ Hell ya! I want to sit on it again! Bring it on baby!” and jumps back right where the action is! At work, Piya has to deal with jealous female co-workers, prospective suitors, strict super boss, and smart alec immediate boss, and at night she devotes her time over the phone playing agony aunt to jilted ex-lover. Yes she is kind, wants to make sure that her ex is happy even when they aren’t together. She has always been the ‘Mommy’ and perhaps will remain one

My life on the other hand remains constant. Well, some changes here and there but miniscule and not worth mentioning. Apart from the fact that my boss still pretty much hates me and would not like to acknowledge my presence if he had it his way. Despite the fact that I work like a frikkin ant!
And yeah, the shaydar beeps a little less. Actually doesn’t beep that much (can you believe it!) But that’s a story for another day. ;) Oh well. Life as I said, remains the same for me.

So yeah, these were the updates. We will keep it coming. Watch this space for more…

Movies that we watched this month: Ice Age 3(fabulous), Harry Potter and the half blood prince (a bit of a let down), Hangover (must watch), Transformers2 (Mindless time pass), New York (predictable, not bad though), Luck (liked it)

Music that we are listening to: Dhan te nan, Kaminey (super cool!) Dido (lots of her!), MJ (he still rules!), Love Aaj Kal soundtrack (Chor bazari is cute), Hard times by eastmountainsouth (simply lovely)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jab We Met.... continued

We carry on with our versions as to when we met...
Chapter 3: When Piya met Nandu and Mrinu


Let me tell you how I bumped into Nandini and Mrinalini; through Anjali of course, and well, how we managed to keep it going since 2007!

Being the way I am, striking a conversation with unknown people is not a task; obviously I have to find them worth conversing with in the first place. And Nandini, Mrinalini were just the sort of people I would’ve wanted to be friends with. Once I had Anjali’s vote of confidence (she was a little wary of this new intern :P) knowing Nandini and Mrinalini was easy.

Now, Nandini was that girl in office who looked pretty, prim & proper, was very tech savvy, rational, had all the nice chap-sticks etc… and with all of this, was absolutely grounded. She’d instantly accepted my presence, made sure I was included in all the fun and before I knew it, I loved ‘this’ character. Most of my time would pass by hopping from Anjali’s bay to Nandu’s. She gave me Oreo cookies almost daily, books to read and tons of movies to watch. Nandini aka ‘chalu tamatar’ is the ‘fevicol’ in the Pretty Four’s friendship. Keeps us together, keeps the fun alive, loves unconditionally and pampers US regularly!

While God hurriedly packed me, Anjali and Nandini off to earth, he took his time with Mrinalini. He added a lot of drama, a lot of emotions, a lot of sense and oodles of romance and then created Mrinalini. This woman is a rare find and I feel lucky to have met her. When I first saw this pretty girl, I thought she’d be one of those snooty intellectual types, who’d refuse to entertain an intern. Thank God I was wrong! Though Mrinu did take her time with me, but soon enough we were bonding over ‘jaat’ songs, bitchiness and boyfriends! I’ve always admired her optimism and her famous ONE liners have always kept the ray of hope alive in me.
My 2 months of internship was soon extended to 6 months and the time I spent at that media house amongst these hip media girls is/was/ will always be the best time EVER spent and experienced.

I strongly advocate the concept of an ‘internship’!

Chapter 4: When Mrinu met “the other three”


And as we go down ‘memory lane’ I can safely conclude that I am the last one to have joined the bandwagon. It was Nandu who began the destined ‘frandships’ we now have. She was a very good friend of Anjali’s when I joined the organization two years back. I, however knew Anjali since a long long time. Never really friends, we kept bumping into each other in our locality and had common friends to a dozen. If we weren’t bumping into each other for a while, then it was people who would remind us of the other’s existence by telling us, ‘hey you look a lot like Anjali, the features and all’ or ‘hey you remind me of Mrinu, a tuition friend, you guys look very similar’ LOL!

So when I joined the media house that year, it wasn’t really a surprise that I bumped into yes, none other than Anjali..The friendship that was long due had now started rolling. We had jokes of every kind, we had sarcasm for common people we knew, we had all that jazz brewing between us. And Anjali, on her part, came with two other people, Piya and Nandini. Piya was the cutest and most fashionable intern I had ever seen, with a sense of humor that made you wonder about her varied characteristics. She would discuss bags and perfumes like a French one minute, and sing Jaat songs like Hat ja Tau (from the truck wala’s stereo on the way to office) the next minute. Good fun!

Nandini, however was somebody who would not be a friend as far as my records go. Very fair, tall, almost like a model, I don’t have many friends like that. I go by the belief that such stats make the person a little less on IQ, so I don’t really mix. And I am of the super mixing variety..When I started to get to know Nandu, however, it was like, ummm, meant to be..Smart, literary, compassionate and very idealistic, in short, very similar..I realized Nandu had broken the cliché I had made in my head..And I was glad. She is what you call a ‘breath of fresh and dreamy air’ in the mundane life we city dwellers have.

So Nandu, Piya and Anjali came together into my life as a complete group in itself and if I may confess, it was probably the first time I discovered female friendship. A tomboy with football as first love, I really didn’t gel with girls too much in life. These three, however have made up for all the childhood fun I missed and more..
It has been no looking back ever since…Life and our profound wisdom-sharing about ‘boys’, vodka, Harry Potter, the love for writing, music and movies and so much more to discover, thanks for making my life so ‘Pretty’ girls!

Happy birthday to us!

Jab We Met

We are celebrating one year of our blog. We thought of a lot of things that make it special, you the readers and friends, our writing which we want to look back at fondly one day, the fun we have blogging about most of our strange yet happy daily lives, the list could go on..

But what makes it the most special, is the four of us!

This blog post is a kind of a trip down memory lane as the four of us reminisce about how we met each other. (We met each other and then kept meeting.), how it all started, how the four of us got together and then there was no stopping us thereafter!

Chapter 1: When Nandu met Anjali


The baton was handed to me, Nandini. Because Mrinu said “You’re the oldest in the organization”, by which she meant her present and my erstwhile office and that made me feel odd, sad, slightly left out but also wonderous. Eh? Wonderous? I mean, in wonder. What is the word for that? Anyway, I was amazed, astounded, gladdened, and other such happily surprised words that we were still such good friends after all this while. Perhaps better friends than we were. People have office acquaintances, colleagues they hang out with or get to know as a part of social survival skills; very few have what we did or still have- friendships that are so strong that time becomes immaterial.

Let’s flashback to about more than two years ago, just about (If you want the cinematic version then you can think in black and white. Or sepia perhaps?). It was any given day, grumpy morning in the bus, having woken up much against my wishes. I would usually listen to music and sleep in the bus, read sometimes. This girl had just joined the organization, maybe a couple of days old and the bus route had been slightly varied to include picking her up. However, nobody remembered her name, no one had her phone number and well, nobody cared about the new girl who missed the bus and would have to manage coming SUCH a long, virtually transportation-less route by herself. It made me a little angry, plus I side with the underdog. I mean, cmon! So when I did see her in office, I introduced myself. I don’t usually do this, I’m a bit of an introvert but one does what one has to, to combat meanness and support public good (Don’t I sound all holier than thou? I’m not!). I took her number, told her that I could call her in the mornings if she was late etc etc. And That’s how I met Anjali.

Everything else was gradual, but still fast. Fast in the sense that we’re so close now that when people meet us, they wonder how long we’ve been friends. It surprises me too sometimes. But like I said, time doesn’t matter. She was mostly reserved initially, quiet but I would like to say that I have a feeling about things like this. My charm and congenial disposition broke the ice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Naww. See, friendships like this, they happen and when they do, you don’t question, you accept. We’re both very similar as people, by nature, in our ideologies and our approach to life. But there was also so much more to her. She was/is still calm, rational very down-to-earth and approachable. Atleast that’s how it seemed to me! She isn’t like that with everyone which is another thing I like about her. She’s discriminating; don’t get me wrong, she’s nice to everyone, but who she likes, she decides and then sticks to it.

Anjali and I have often talked about this, that how there comes a time when you feel like you’re content with all the people you have in your life, you don’t want the extras or you don’t want to make that extra effort when your circle already seems so full. Yes well, it doesn’t quite happen like that. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, and you know what? It’s good.

Chapter 2: When Anjali met Piya


I was just a month old in the company. It was one rainy day and we were wrapping up work, when our boss came and told three of us to give our computers to the people standing behind her. When I looked up I saw

1. A boy dressed in formals ( and looking a bit odd in our office because he was the only one in a tie. You see, in a media house nobody really wears a tie to work)

2. A girl dressed in shirt and trousers (sigh. yes)

3. Another girl and this one looked very hip, dressed in a smart shirt, jeans and big hoops.

They all looked a bit nervous and were eager to impress the boss with their intellect. They were there for an interview and were asked to give a copy test.

Cut two- Different day. Early morning at work. My boss came and introduced the team to a new girl, the big hoops girl. Number 3! Looked at me and said ‘you have a new neighbour (she was going to sit next to me) Show her around and tell her about the work.’ That’s how I met Piya. One look at her and I decided that she could never possibly be my friend. Yes, that was my first impression of her.

I have to make an honest confession here: I have always been wary of ‘fashionable girls’. The ones who can spot Prada and Gucci from a distance, have the names of the latest perfumes at their finger tips, fuss over chipped nail, look and behave like a supermodel and Piya ‘looked’ all that! So me, the simpleton, was confident that we both could never be friends. And when I thought that, MR G up there had a hearty laugh! Piya, the new intern was not just friendly but also dying to impress one and all (this, I got to know much later from the DIVA herself)

I tried. I tried very hard to maintain a distance but it was difficult to ignore someone who looked like an absolute DIVA and behaved just the opposite. Well…most of the time. So when a girl dressed in hip branded clothes impersonated Simpu of Channel V with élan , one couldn’t help but join in the laughter. One moment she would be going gaga about the Davidoff perfume on her bathroom shelf and the next moment she would be cracking one of her famous one liners!

I give Piya all the credit for our friendship. Had she, the intern not tried so hard to impress me, the so- called ‘senior member’ of the team, I would have missed the chance to know someone so vivacious, smart, witty, warm and affectionate a person like her. She is now an integral part of my life, with the other two ( Mrinu and Nandu) and am so glad about that. On a day when we are walking down the memory lane, I’d like to say a big Thank You to the Pretty.Perfect.Piya.

We aren’t done yet… the story of our Dosti continues. Over to you Piya!


Happy Anniversary to the Pretties!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letter of complaint to THE manufacturer

To THE Manufacturer,
Heaven Villa
Next to Pearly Gates
Opposite hell

Sub: Defected pieces being circulated, please take curative measures ASAP!

Respected Mr. G,
This is to bring to your notice that your product-Men- are causing great trouble, anxiety and much pain in our lives down here. On purchase no prior warnings were issued at the back of it, also, no user manual was handed for the proper functioning of this product. This has created a lot of havoc in *‘our’ lives and we would request you to help us deal with this problem in the best possible way.

The product has the following defects:
• Is clueless
• Needs regular oiling
• Is slow and takes a lot of time to start functioning
• Produces foul smell periodically
• No number of kicks forces ‘it’ to work… is stubborn and moody….if I may add.
• The product lives under a perpetual impression of being Sovereign
• No amount of ‘our’ understanding helps it to become better

After reading the aforementioned issues, I’m hoping you will realize that women don’t complain out of habit- we are just painfully confused!

The problem does exist; however, we would like to give you a chance to rectify the “item” since you have in the past created some excellent quality products- US! And because we respect your abilities and capabilities, we would like to give some suggestions to speed up the process:
1. User manual is a MUST!- it will help us to deal with the problem effectively- page by page.
2. Warning signs ( such as; Suicidal Tendencies, Mama’s Boy, Woman in a Man’s Body, Simply Stupid, Beyond Improvement, Infidel, Born Brain Dead, No Scope, Awful Humor, Idolizes Salman Khan- Himesh Reshammiya and the likes, Multiple Flirting Disorder, Thinks ‘elevate’ is cool! Etc etc) should be printed in caps- preferably on the Forehead!
Mr G, I feel these 2 points will be enough to take care of the situation down here. If you incorporate these points while manufacturing the product it will really simplify all ‘our’ lives.

Hoping to see some positive results soon!

Yours Sincerely
Puzzled Women!

P.S: Don’t fret over the products already manufactured; we’ll try coming up with some permanent solutions! However, your guidance and suggestions shall always be welcome.

* ‘Our’- refers to the collectively confused community of countless women

ASSUMPTION and DISCLAIMER: Girls, you WILL enjoy the post. Guys, please to take in good humours. Ok? Ok. Many thanks.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Code of conduct while in a meeting!

Ever so often, me and Anjali go through what we call ‘pointless and endless meetings’. It is a way devised by our boss to ensure that we spend atleast sometime with him and take notice of him. Ofcourse the exercise is futile, because after every such meeting, we emerge even more wary and sick of him. I know, we hardly talk to him but that is because his personality is such. His huge frame, his fair complexion and very well taken care of features (ewww) and his strange fascination to red and pink and happy girly colours doesn’t do much to make us even remotely happy about the fact that we are associated with him at work.

Everytime he calls up on my extension and says, ‘Mrinalini, you and Anjali come to my desk,’ I feel nausea. There are times when we are at lunch in the canteen, and he smses from the fourth floor, ‘Meet me at my desk.’ Sigh!
Lately, his meetings have become even more painful than usual. He gives us this hogwash about how he is now delegating us with ‘higher’ powers and how we should feel privileged in these trying times. In our language, we call it ‘more work.’

We tell Nandini about our woes on gtalk, on sms, on phone. And pretty ‘khurafati’ Nandu has come up with this absolutely brilliant plan to keep us happy and perky during these meetings. She sends us smses, which can make any normal person roll in hilarity, but me and Anjali cant laugh inside a board room, so we keep a straight face and burst within.

Here are a few Nandu gems:

‘Meeting, is it? Time to play another round of K I L L E R! Whoopah!’
‘You must wink at Anjali and if someone notices, wink at them too and mouth- I am Killer!’
‘You must accidentally by intention step on someone’s toes!’
‘Look around blankly for a while and after five minutes say, Why are we here? What is our purpose?’
‘Or or you both can wave around hands and pretend to talk to each other in sign language. And tell your boss it is to prevent Noise Pollution!’
‘At any given time, raise your fingers to make a V sign and say- Peace brother! Lenon died for it. Show some respect.’
‘Look at everyone with great attention and then announce in a quiet voice- No, everyone loses. Anjali has the prettiest eyes.’
‘Scribble in your diary-Ten things to do while attending a boring meeting and then flash the paper around.’
‘Coordinate with each other and then show the thumbs up sign. Add sly looks. You could also mutter- hehehehe.’
‘If someone is addressing to you, make your fingers squiggle and say- Talk to the hand!’
‘Before raising any point, just raise your hand and jump in your seat and mouth- me me me!’
‘Are you doing all that I’m saying? Ok, when the meeting ends, announce- I was killer, who is the loser detective?’
‘Say- I have an important point to raise, and then draw a point on a piece of paper and raise it in the air.’
‘Take my photo with you and say- She insisted’
‘Just randomly scream- Hello Hello. I think I’m picking up some important signals.It’s the cute boy from the eighth floor.’
‘At the end of any point, look at Mrinu and say-I concur, do you concur?’
‘Look at nobody in particular and mutter rhinoplasty, liposuction, rhinoplasty, liposuction…like a chant!’
‘Say-Lets observe two minute silence for all those who no longer get to attend meetings such as these. Then close your eyes and fold your hands.’
‘Just hum a song and say – My inner singer could not be contained!’

So ya..having a friend like Nandini has its benefits. She makes life-in-the-times-of-recession-hit-working friends so much much much fun! Wouldn’t you agree?

PS: I suggest you try some of this yourself. I often wink at Anjali, mutter stuff, show thumbs up sign et al. It is FUN!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It poured that day... Piya's Version

It poured that day. But still, having tea with him outside after ages was worth it. Not listening to mum, she left for the back alley. The small tea shop was deserted, the shop guy was the only one sitting there with a flashy raincoat on him. He expected customers even now, she smirked. And with a jolt, she realized that she was out for the very purpose.
She went and sat on the somewhat cold and wet wooden bench, not conscious at all. It wasn’t one of the things that could get her worked up. Her appearance, her clothes were all very normal. In fact, she was wearing her dad’s t-shirt and her baggy jeans. The rains always made her wear something of her dad’s. Warm and comfy it felt against the skin.
Time passed, she had a phone, but didn’t want to sms him..He would be coming anyway, didn’t need to push it..Instead, she lit a cigarette, rainy days deserved a smoke, she always thought.

Through her smoke rings she reminisced the times they had spent together. There was no space for formality back then. He would often sing to her from his varied collection, bother her with his silly boyish jabbering ,and, every month expected her to cook chicken curry, which she gladly did. In college, Friday evenings were dedicated to spending nights at each other’s place, baking cakes, cooking maggie late in the night and giving impromptu singing performances. She smiled at her silliness now- how out of tune she must have sounded back then- since she barely qualified as a bathroom singer. But she wanted him to know, know that she appreciated music- a lot.

She had fallen for him and he knew. But they never got around to discussing the “possibilities”. Post college he went away to the states to pursue a ‘fancy’ degree while she stayed back to pursue a diploma in advertising. That day, just before he left they met up at this very place, it wasn’t raining then. The streets were dark, dimly lit and the yellow light from the lamppost soothed her mounting restlessness. They walked holding hands (it was deemed normal), he sounded excited and she appeared lost. She noticed from the corner of her eye that he was staring, he had also abruptly stopped now… at this point they had kissed. A second later he was back to blabbering about his soon-to-begin adventure, almost as if what transpired between them a few seconds back dint matter.

She kept mulling over their kiss moment time and again. Why, why had he kissed her and why did she let him? And why could she not ask him what it meant? The questions and lack of answers always left her irate.
He was smitten by his new life, while she chose to be pre-occupied with studies and work. They would chat online once a week; where he typed the most. He would call on all the festivals and her birthday. She was amused at his fake accent. At work, most of her time was consumed with constant browsing through his orkut account- album after album. His charming life made her envious and her desperate attempts to match up to it constantly failed; for he didn’t notice. Gradually the calls dropped, chatting became less frequent, he seemed content and distant. ‘Oye ’ sweetie had given way to ‘hey’ and eventually ‘hi’.

‘You fill up my senses like a night in a forest Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain’ HE was calling, after sooooo long. She jumped outa bed ran to her phone and almost screamed into it. His accent sounded real now. “Hey’ ill be in town day after tomorr-ah lets catch up”. He ended the call saying “I‘ve missed you and we need to talk”.
She did her little ‘happy’ dance and began to construe various implications of “we need to talk” the good and the ugly. Now she was just waiting for him to come and put a rest to her impatience.

The cigarette had finished long back, she finger-combed her hair, got off the bench and dusted the moist mud off her backside; when suddenly she felt a tap. He was there handsomely dressed, smiling, looking and smelling so good. Delicious - she thought. They hugged, may be a little too long. It didn’t bother her, he was here and she could handle it. Yup she could. He handed her a bag- “this is for you……let's go”. He took her hand and led the way.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It poured that day... Anjali's Version

It poured that day.But still, having tea with him outside was worth it. Not listening to mum, she left for the back alley. The small tea shop was deserted, the shop guy was the only one sitting there with a flashy raincoat on him. He expected customers even now, she smirked. And with a jolt, she realized that she was out for the very purpose.

She went and sat on the somewhat cold and wet wooden bench, not conscious at all. It wasn’t one of the things that could get her worked up. Her appearance, her clothes were all very normal. Infact, she was wearing her dad’s t-shirt and her baggy jeans. The rains always made her wear something of her dad’s. Warm and comfy it felt against the skin.

Time passed, she had a phone, but didn’t want to sms him..He would be coming anyway, didn’t need to push it. Instead, she lit a cigarette, rainy days deserved a smoke, she always thought….and so did crappy days at work. She suddenly realized, that how off late, she had been smoking quite regularly. She took a puff ‘ahh it felt so good’ she thought, but at the same time felt a bit guilty. She should try to quit, she thought. “Some other day I guess, not today” she murmured to herself.

Her phone beeped. It was his message. “Babes, its pouring here n am stuck in a stupid jam. Will be late. Leave after sometime ok? I’ll meet u at the chai wala in an hour or so?” She read and re-read. ‘Now what?’ She thought of going back but it was raining hard and she felt quite comfy here. She could wait for sometime and then see how far he was. Ya she would do that. “Ek Masala chai” she placed the order and lit up another cigarette and looked out.

Rain always had a calming effect on her. The water, the greenery, all made her happy and nostalgic. She started humming Country Road and smiled to herself. 'Why cant all days be like this?' she wondered. She was enjoying the randomness of the day. No rush, no deadlines, no phone calls. Only the sound of rain falling on the asbestos roof…

Masala Chai arrived in a small glass. She took a sip and cooed. “Perfect” she said to the chai wala to which he just gave a toothy grin. The big tree outside was swishing along with the wind. Suddenly she saw a small head peeping at her from behind the tree. She waved and called him out. But he hid behind the tree. She called out “idhar aao!” He again peeped and this time stared at her. She waved and called him. The little boy was drenched to the core and was shivering a bit. He kept standing near the tree and smiled shyly at her. She called out again, “idhar aao”.

He finally started walking towards her. The little thing came and stood at the entrance of the shop. He kept smiling shyly. “ Idhar aake baitho” she said and slowly he came and stood near the wooden bench. He was in an old dirty oversized T-shirt and shorts. Drenched, the thin T-shirt stuck to his small frame. He looked about eight. Although tiny and frail, he had bright eyes and chubby cheeks. She offered him a biscuit that had come along with her tea. At first he just looked at her and did not take it. When she insisted, he took it and gingerly took a bite. She noticed how quickly he finished it. She offered him more and this time he took two without any hesitation. He continued to stand at end of the long wooden bench she was sitting on. She looked at the small cabinet that was placed near the stove at front of the shop. There were biscuits in a glass jar, eggs neatly stacked next to it and paos in a basket. She ordered for a plate of 'anda bread' and another cup of tea.

She looked at the boy lost in his thoughts, gorging on the tasteless biscuits. “ Kahin kaam karte ho?” He looked up and nodded. “ Peeche ki dukaan me” . “Aaj kaam nahi hai?” “Dukaan band hai”. Ah well, that explains why he is hungry, must not have got his day’s meal.

The food arrived. “Yeh lo” she pushed the plate towards him. He looked at what was being offered and then gave a big smile. She noticed that one tooth in the front was missing. He took a big bite and sat down on the bench. She enquired about his name again. “Mohan” he said. “Kya kaam karte ho tum Mohan?” “ Peeche dhaabe pe kaam karta hu. Sab kaam kar leta hu. Chai dena, table saaf karma, sab kuchh. Baarish ke liye maalik ne dukaan nahi kholi” he said. She smiled at him and listened intently. She took a sip of her chai, and lit up her third cigarette. ‘I really need to quit!’ she thought and took a drag. “Didi aapko cigarette nahi peeni chahiye, sehat ke liye kharab hai” Mohan said solemnly and then took a bite of the bread. She looked at him and chuckled.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It poured that day...Mrinalini's version

It seems the idea worked. The Rain Gods did bless us with two divine rainy nights..Now wishing for more..Sigh!
So, here goes my version:

It poured that day. But still, having tea with him outside after ages was worth it. Not listening to mum, she left for the back alley. The small tea shop was deserted, the shop guy was the only one sitting there with a flashy raincoat on him. He expected customers even now, she smirked. And with a jolt, she realized that she was out for the very purpose.

She went and sat on the somewhat cold and wet wooden bench, not conscious at all. It wasn’t one of the things that could get her worked up. Her appearance, her clothes were all very normal. Infact, she was wearing her dad’s t-shirt and her baggy jeans. The rains always made her wear something of her dad’s. Warm and comfy it felt against the skin.

Time passed, she had a phone, but didn’t want to sms him..He would be coming anyway, didn’t need to push it..Instead, she lit a cigarette, rainy days deserved a smoke, she always thought..

She reflected on how rain was the answer to so many of her questions..The rains came and poured over the heavy feelings she had kept in her heart for so many months. He was now a different person, no more hers to have. It was all very different now..The equations had changed so very much, but yet, she felt she hadn’t changed. He had. The metamorphosis had been his ever since they had split. And now, it had been two years to that.
He still hadn’t come. What was this? Cold feet? But this wasn’t a date. It was plain ol’ her, and it wasn’t like renaissance. Life had moved on, and so had everything else with it..Paths were chosen, there wasn’t much looking back to be done..Then why was this difficult?

He came, in his track suit..she smiled..Somethings never changed..
“Smoking? Been here long? Am sorry..gym just got over..” he said.
“Yes, I guessed that much..want to have tea?” she asked.
“Umm, thik hai”

On two small cups of tea, they acted like this was the hardest thing they were doing..
It was a mistake, coming here today. It was good the way things had become silent, possibly forever..she thought.

Oh lord! When will this feeling go? When will I look sane and capable to hold one normal meeting with her? he thought in his head..

"So hows work?" she asked..
“It is great. Never thought I’d be anything other than a hospitality guy. And here, I am with a MBA to my name!” he said.
“Yes, that indeed was a great career move..Am are things with her?” she asked, sounding normal..
“It is the best, we plan to settle down soon..Even our folks are happy. What about you? Becoming an old lady, you are..” he nervously joked..
“Yes, very soon. It is upto us. We are planning for spring next year.”
“Oh wow! Congrats! That is news.”

Weird. Weird. Weird.

It is time to get up and go. And never look back. This idea was a bad one. All your fault! her mind shouted things randomly..

“Chal walk me home, will you? Its started to rain again..Mum goes berserk, you know..” she said quickly, not knowing what else to say or do.
“Yes I know your mum. Chalo..” he said. He felt glad she took the call, as always..

Neither spoke, or maybe they did, but it was almost as insignificant like the meeting they had..Reaching her house, she said, “Take care. Bye and good luck with life..”
“ too..umm..ok then, see ya..” he trailed..

And they parted.

There was nothing more to it. Remembering just caused distress, and a little bit of pain. That was then, and this was now. Memories were like ecstasy, they just caused a whirl of emotions that weren’t meant to be. And reality had moved on. Way beyond to what had been.

Just the rain had remained.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It poured that day...

We are going a little out of character with this concept. Actually, a few weeks back, it had rained pleasantly enough to make us feel like write a fictional piece each. We wanted to make a story out of a rainy day itself. And all four of us did; while one of us was dreamily vague, one was very-city, one was uber cool with her thoughts and one was, ummm..plain real. We will be posting each of our story in the next few days and you can guess which one is what ;)

PS: We are also trying to appease the Rain Gods in this manner as they are clearly not in a mood to appease us with some blissful rains. Rain Gods, we are creative when you pour. Please consider this flattery enough to pay a visit soon!

The common opening to the story thus runs:

It poured that day. But still, having tea with him outside was worth it. Not listening to mum, she left for the back alley. The small tea shop was deserted, the shop guy was the only one sitting there with a flashy raincoat on him. He expected customers even now, she smirked. And with a jolt, she realized that she was out for the very purpose.

She went and sat on the somewhat cold and wet wooden bench, not conscious at all. It wasn’t one of the things that could get her worked up. Her appearance, her clothes were all very normal. Infact, she was wearing her dad’s t-shirt and her baggy jeans. The rains always made her wear something of her dad’s. Warm and comfy it felt against the skin.

Time passed, she had a phone, but didn’t want to sms him..He would be coming anyway, didn’t need to push it..Instead, she lit a cigarette, rainy days deserved a smoke, she always thought..


It poured that day. But still, having tea with him outside was worth it. Not listening to mum, she left for the back alley. The small tea shop was deserted, the shop guy was the only one sitting there with a flashy raincoat on him. He expected customers even now, she smirked. And with a jolt, she realized that she was out for the very purpose.

She went and sat on the somewhat cold and wet wooden bench, not conscious at all. It wasn’t one of the things that could get her worked up. Her appearance, her clothes were all very normal. Infact, she was wearing her dad’s t-shirt and her baggy jeans. The rains always made her wear something of her dad’s. Warm and comfy it felt against the skin.

Time passed, she had a phone, but didn’t want to sms him..He would be coming anyway, didn’t need to push it..Instead, she lit a cigarette, rainy days deserved a smoke, she always thought..

Her attention drifted, her gaze trailed the drops slithering away in a hurry on the broken window pane as she tried to be creative with the smoke swirls. She chuckled, he would be amused, she could never carry it off. He seemed to be the anchor point and her thoughts kept drifting back to him. Should she worry? That everything seemed to lead back to him eventually? Nah, she had her balance. She looked at the shop guy and signaled for a cup of tea. What better way to wait, to pass time, and she didn’t mind waiting. After a long time, she felt relaxed, almost boneless with contentment with no other reason that consistent rain and the prospect of meeting him. She remembered when they’d both gotten caught in the rain last week, dripping wet and eating maggi. She smiled, and then caught the shop keeper’s look. He must surely think she’s demented, giggling and smiling to herself.

Her tea arrived, and defying the law of averages, it tasted rather good. Or maybe she was feeling too complacent. It was a wonder, how the brain works as she imagined lazy thoughts going from one nerve to the other, carrying signals and thoughts. She hummed a song, and waited. It was raining harder now, she was getting goose bumps on her skin. She had a sudden urge to jump and twirl in the rain, splash in puddles and not care about clothes, hair, shoes, dignity… Wouldn’t that be street entertainment now?

This weather could induce melancholy, she mused. If she were so inclined maybe she could debate life, love, existence, mortality, morality and what not but she would rather not. Its amazing how the mind can be clear of all strife. Perhaps the most toughest question right now was, if he got delayed or worse yet didn’t come, would she be mad? Or would she not let anything spoil her mood and sip her tea, have another one and stroll back home?

She looked up to order another tea and there he was. And once again, her heart skipped a little. New love or strong love, she wondered? Will it stay like this always, this intensity of her love or will it fade away with familiarity? Who cares. She shrugged her shoulders unconsciously as she dismissed the thought, signaled for two teas and smiled at him.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Another outing, another coffee shop.. and another list! Whoops! We do seem to be making a habit of this aren't we? But the lists are made over sugar high’s and not martini highs (Where's your list, N? We're waiting!). We collectively shudder to think what those lists would be like if made public!
A laid back Saturday, recession hit pockets and a street full of tempting wares. Is that torture or what? However, we didn't give in to temptation (desserts don't count) and stuck to essentials. Hence we treated ourselves to dessert and it was then that the idea of another list came up and while we enjoy all your comments and feedback, we have our doubts whether this list of mostly inside jokes and shared experiences would mean anything to anyone else other than the four of us.

It’s just our way of stamping this blog with our personalities, making it into a memoir of sorts so that we don’t forget- being silly, being together and most of all being silly together…

The following is a short compilation (liable to be updated time to time!) of some of the stupid, mad, sometimes sensible, sometimes ridiculous things we say from time to time. As stated, these are more personal jokes but there are some things almost everyone will relate to…
And well nobody quotes us, so we quote ourselves :P

Presenting, what we like to call- Quotable quotes:

On Nandini’s crush over a college professor:
“If I could get used to Leonardo, Hugh Jackman and Arjun Rampal being unachievable, what's a professor? chin up mate..”

Drunk Mrinu telling JB:
“Never trust a woman with an 'X' in her name! What is she? An MF Hussain film??”

Mrinu in the middle of the day at work:
“Vodka kahan ka shabaab hai?”

“Men are never men. They never grow up to be a man! They remain boys, always…”

“Pretty (pronounced: purrreettyyy) lies in the eyes of the holder. (Who holder?)
Depends on who is holding you at that time.”

Mrinu telling Anjali about prospects of meeting a Shahid Kapoor-esqe stranger at a camp:
“If you can trek together, you can do anything together.”

“It's all about H O P E” ( please notice the space between each alphabet)

“I always believed in true love- Sachha pyar is all there is”


“Marriage makes you Round”

“Round people can also be attractive….….in some cultures”

Drunk Anjali on phone to Nandini:
“Remind me to pee when I get home haan.”

Anjali, to a guy friend over gtalk, while PRETENDING to be drunk. (It was a typo, but oh-so-embarassing):
“Main frooty fresh and juicy” (She wanted to type MANGO instead of Main)

“Living in denial doesn't help”


In the heights of summer:
“I can't wear woolen trousers to office, because… well they're woolen!”

On being told that the game of hide and seek was ‘I Spy you’ :
“So it was always 'I spy you' and not 'I Spice' ?????”

Mrinu, on reading the draft of quotable quotes, “ITS I SPY YOU?? Nobody told me till this moment!”

Pia busted some more childhood beliefs when she realized that it was 'Roshini karta bajaj' and not 'Roshini kutta bajaj!'


On a girl called Roxy: “Roxy sounds like an underwear brand.”

On how shampooing hair is a sure shot technique for a good hair day and hence feeling good about yourself:
“Shampooing hair is like troubleshooting. If that does not work, what will?”

“All girls like me” (what she actually wanted to write was- all girls like IT) damage done :D

“Life is such a scalene triangle sometimes, nothing matches.”

PS: Ever wanted to use a non-sensical term wherever you felt like and in any situation? Well, we have one :D.. its “TAAM” use it any anywhere and everywhere, it's a sure shot way to baffle a victim.

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