Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hmm, so to feed your gossip hungry minds- this is how my story unravels.
Gmail- Inbox 1 – Hi, Piya we went through your writing samples, could you please come down for an interview tomorrow at 3pm?
Travel & Leisure.
Piya- Yipieee! Frantically calls Nandu, and IM’s Anjali and Mrinu.
Nandu- Oh! Cool, so you’ll go?
Piya- Yeah! I’ll tell boss that I have to wrap up some work at the bank. – LEAVE 1
So, I wear my ‘good- special occasion clothes and set out for mission TNL. Interview goes smooth and I’ve been assigned a task on the basis of which my selection depends. Mind you the task is quite random. So, anyway I give it my best shot and mail the assignment. I get a prompt reply saying- “I’m traveling as of now will get back asap”. Period. Nandu is XYZ still traveling? Or has XYZ been deported to some other country or has XYZ has suddenly become visually impaired??? Ok may be just may be my assignment wasn’t up to the mark but come-on decency demands you tell the other person.
Leave 2-3 and 4- Hi, Piya we have a vacancy in the production department, if you’re interested kindly come down tomorrow at 3pm (what’s with this 3pm fixation??). I must add that the place I got this mail from had me jumping up and down. I so badly want to name it; okay it’s an extremely prominent and popular channel and the name starts with N and ends with V. Sorry guys I couldn’t resist the urge.
This interview was such a boost to my ego… I seriously believe that people like ‘her’ should be present in abundance. However what followed next was extremely dramatic. On my first day somehow all the pent up excitement had died out. The only saving grace was that I knew I hadn’t quit my previous job (had just called in sick) so while on the shoot for some reason I kept sobbing and called up anjali. “Boohoo! I hate this, I’m not cut out for it, I can’t do this, I wana go back to writing” Anjali- Relax, you’re the first person I know who has two jobs in her hand and is still crying. True I felt like an idiot and the very next day I resumed work at my previous now present workplace.
Leave 5-6( I was down with viral- also!)-: This particular incident is solely responsible for leaving me feeling extremely dejected… okay not extremely but to quite an extent. Firstly, Anjali I know you had already warned me, and I’m so glad you weren’t a part of it. In my previous blog I had mentioned a category called ‘the oh-so professional writer’s world’ and the publishing house-I shall malign below- aptly fits here. So this place to begin with had a nut case as the editor-in chief/ cheap and forgetful people as the senior editors. Yeah! The person who was suppose to interview me had conveniently forgotten to inform me that she would be outta town on that very day. My next stint with them was when the editor fixed a meeting on a weekend (I just refused to take anymore offs: D) in a coffee shop, by the end of this meeting I was smiling because the offer was quite good. Okay I’m cutting this short. After yet another round of an interview they called me to finalize things. It was during this period that I was suffering from acute body ache, cold fever and informing them of the same I postponed the meeting by a day. Somehow I manage to drive down only to find out that the ***** (feel free to imagine) lady can’t offer me the promised amount because they usually don’t pay freshers so much. SO MUCH! And why the f…. couldn’t she tell me this over the phone… and I didn’t set the bar, the other senior chick did… (overlook lack of punctuations) anyway I jut walked out fuming…taken for a ride- HAIL HO professionalism. Smack u *******
Therefore, I did what I love doing. Sent a mail (I sent a letter to the editor and all the way I cursed it, someone should read it aloud and show them their real place) sing along :D - Yes I have a knack for composing some really to-the-point mails!! Anjali and Nandini would agree.

And now, notes from the jinxed soul:
1. The magazine I work for will not be published for 6 months… internal issues.. WHAT?
2. I shall get no money this month- courtesy all the leaves
3. I have strange friends who are depressed in life for stranger/ strangest reasons.
4. I’ve been snapping at my ‘invisible’ bf, for no reason.
5. I might end up working for Cosmopolitan. Picture this- 71 new-electrifying sex positions by Piya. WOW! So much for my education!
6.I’m close to slapping someone.

Anjali you should post the shady guys chat conversation here, he’s got some nerves. Nandu which category would he fall under?

PS: We’re (exclude Nandu) collectively going through a rough patch (I’m making this public- so feel free to pamper) but like Mrinu says- “we’re pretty and independent and can get past any hurdle”. So this phase will end too, paving the path for happiness for us all. I love you 3 bombshells… muaah. You know what’ll cheer me up- a photo shoot with pretty clothes. Yea yea yea!

Strange beings called men

I’m a happee girl! No clue why, not questioning and I’m not even sure if it will last by the time I end this post, but what the heck! I will enjoy it while it lasts.

I’m rejoining school, well not precisely but I’m going back to studies after one and a half year of work and a few months of brainless-ness. It’s exciting and slightly nerve wracking, I mean being in class again, studying etc etc..

But but but, after 15 years of straight in girls only educational institutes, I will study with boys. Ick.

Let us, for a moment forget about the males in my previous workplace. I can’t call them guys, they were more like uncles, and bhaiyyas and umm all manners of beings. (and not a single one of them was good looking, makes me mad, it does)

So forgetting about the creatures in my office (and I will later tell you the reason for this selective retention, another story- another blog, several stories actually, but I digress; getting out of the bracket->) –ya, so forgetting about them, my erm experience with the opposite sex has been, for the lack of a better word, somewhat limited. Sure, they’re people too, but strange people.

See, in my limited experience (and I cant reinforce that point enough) I can categorize the guys I know:-

Shy guys(SG’s) – These are everywhere. Male versions of me so to say, never dated, never been in a relationship, stutter in front of girls and are basically shy. (Point to be noted- I do not stutter in front of guys, this is a trait specific to SG’s)

I like these kinds mostly, they don’t letch or make double meaning comments (it wouldn’t occur to them..and puns simply sail over their heads, even glaring ones). I like them and I like to be nice to them, somebody has to! But the problem is, it is unusual for them to have somebody be nice to them, and they decide that it is the perfect opportunity for them to overcome their shyness and venture into the world of relationships. Get the picture? No? They decide, I’m safe. I have to go to great pains to show that while I’m nice, I’m umm not interested.

Smart-asses (SA’s)- The deal with SA’s is that they are so obvious, they might as well carry a neon sign declaring it. Cocky, full of themselves, they think they are God’s gift to womankind (puke, gag, choke). They do not have the gift of gab but like to think so and believe that impressing girls is all about talking. Not a pretty picture. (What’s with the picture references, you ask? I think visually *nodding head*) Case in point- this awwwwwful guy in HR (cannot begin to emphasize the no of w’s required in that awwwwful to complete the description)

Checks out all girls on legs, whether you’re in the cafeteria, pantry, parking lot, anywhere. Talks non-stop in a high, whiney voice and thinks that if he only talks in English, it will impress girls *elegant snort*

Hmm.. so where was I? Oh ya, he was a self confessed ‘Cassanova’, a stud since school, all girls were gaga over him (gagagagagaa= gag gag gag) And I have no idea if it was his weird spectacles but it seemed to me that he was constantly letching. No kidding. Sorta glinty look in his eye. You don’t think it was glass reflecting, do you? Naww. He once stared at a girl in the cafeteria all through lunch, she was wearing a skirt. And I stared at him all through lunch to see how long he would stare. Fun fun.

Smart Alecks (SA2’s)- Well, you may as well ask me what’s the difference between the smart asses and the smart alecks. I’ll tell you- smart alecks are toned down/sophisticated versions of the asses. Mercifully, they don’t letch/ogle/lurk but they think they are pretty cool. But most importantly, they are major attention seekers and any attention will do whether male or female but they would be happier with the latter. Case in point? Well this guy I knew who you will hear much much much more about. He had purple long hair which was fading to pink, before that he had bright red, traffic light bright red hair , and after that he dyed them black, cut them short, and then finally went bald. Gettit? He would address 10 people in one single remark, pretend to be everyone’s best friend (such people get on my nerves, someone should puhleez restrain them) , and generally be all over the place, and all over everyone. Well, sometimes almost literally, no kidding.

Bhaiyyas/geeks/over 40-yr-old married uncles- Chance pe dance. That seems to be their motto (for the lack of a better word) in life. They will wish you ‘Good morning’; mutter ‘Hi’, ‘Hello, how are you?’ or find just about any reason to converse with you. Inane pieces of nonsense that will make any sensible person want to scream like weather discussions, transportation woes, life, work, children, colleagues..aaarghh. Please pity me!

Dishy and nice but taken or married – Yes, this happens most often, the very rare single guy in your immediate surroundings turns out to be engaged/married/in a relationship. And I will not whine but the good ones are alwaaaaaaaysssss taken. (waaaaaah) Or they are not around me at least. Sniff.

The next category exists only in my book in the sense that I’m separating them from all the rest because of well, their erm particular affinity towards me. Its inexplicable, unwanted and someone please tell me how to avoid it.

The Singhs – Sardars. They really like me. I’m trying to be mature and not put in a sad smiley face here but the urge is overpowering. Why? Do I look like a sardarni? Or that I prefer men whose hair length is waaaaay longer than mine? Or whose faces become unrecognizable after they hit puberty because all the hair covers it?

No offence to anyone, anywhere but it’s a personal preference, I like guys without um covered faces(?) eeps.

But since 8th grade when this little sardar kid who grew up into a horrible boy decided that I would be ok as his girlfriend. Really, now. Suddenly, I was his girlfriend. He was 2 years elder, but one class junior to me. *Sigh* We were sorta playground friends till then, I used to play cricket with him and he taught me how to jump off a moving swing, which you gotta admit is pretty darn cool. So when I heard that 13-yr-old me had gone to Nirulas with that sorry bugger, I tripped. Can you blame me? Really?

So it started then and hasn’t stopped since. Be it the nice studio fella from Amritsar who wanted me to pose for him and maybe accompany him to the zoo so that he could practice. Well really. He said that his male cousins are not good enough to practice on since they aren’t all that glamruss. So after knowing the guy for 15 minutes, I’m supposed to be his model, muse and best friend? Not happening.

So there in these few categories, is the sum total of what I know of/about guys. And I would really, really like to change my opinion provided I get the opportunity. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of movies and levels!

Hi, Mrinalini here. Yes, the name is very heavy but nothing about me is. Except the fact that I sometimes have heavy bouts of depression, ranging on subjects like why am I so less paid (which is a concern with all my girlfriends as well), why cant I take an off whenever I feel like (which I again do, I call them Random Wednesdays) or why must the fat shopkeeper pelt the dog, when he himself is ugly enough to be pelted. And sometimes, the reasons are more on the trivial note, like why must my X who has really ‘moved on’ (quote unquote) keep IMing me to ask me if I am happy! Happy, who uses such words anymore? I do, but as my friends know, it’s a lala land we must all escape to sometimes.

So that brings me to the food for my soul as of now. Have watched 7 movies in the past one week. Osians film festival was on and like a true blue Bengali, I was doing its rounds, meticulously buying the next shows tickets even before having watched the current show. Bonobhoomi (a story of four women in inland Bengal, complete with tears, turmoil and strength in adversity) Lal Paharer Golpo (the best one acc to me, about how Chho nritya is becoming extinct in Bengal and how an old master played by Mithun Chakraborty rejuvenates this dying dance form in his own arrogant yet priceless way) Swarger neeche manush (Oh LORD! And watching a man jerk off in the silver screen with Anjali and our moms sitting next to us was the only thing left to do in life!) Lets Go (by the pseudo intellectual Anjan Dutta, who is trying to get it right with every movie he makes, so full marks for trying and coming out of his ‘aantel’ world) The Confessional (a Filipino docu on how everyone around us lies and pretends to be people they are actually not, won an award btw) and Mumbai Cutting (ten movies rolled in one, by ten different directors; a brilliant effort where some movies simply stood out, like the one made by Anurag Kashyap) and a few more forgettable ones.

After this many movies, cups of teas and rainy showers later, I realized one thing. There are very few people who really meet you on that level. You know, when you want to watch that certain movie, and your ‘admirers’(which are in the plenty somehow) want to watch the Hulk instead (what’s with superheroes who cant control their aggression? Don’t we have gujjars in real life anyway!) or when you tell them its of social interest, they guffaw thinking how can watching a movie bring about a change anyway? They don’t get it, its not really about having to do something all the time, sometimes it is just about a feeling that sinks in when you watch a certain story unfold…a message that is conveyed just like that…

Anyway, getting heavy I guess, and like I told you guys, I am not about anything close to that…So adieu for now!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vague plays and silly classmates

It’s a Sunday and we are in India Habitat Centre to watch a play based on Gabriel Gracia Marquez’s story organized by the Columbian Embassy. We wonder around looking for the Stein Auditorium. My father exclaims like a five year old- “Look fish!” Ma and me look towards where dad is pointing. There is a man made pond sitting right in the middle of the plush green lawns of Habitat. Water lilies are floating and some strange orange fish are swimming around. We stand and watch for a few minutes and move on. We are finally able to locate the auditorium and enter the lobby to find lot of page three ‘arty’ people all huddled in small groups and talking with this solemn look on their face. My parents and I look and feel extremely lost because usually at such gatherings my hyper active social parents always do bump into some one known. And me….well lets not talk about my social skills here. Not in this post, maybe later.

The show starts half an hour late. A pretty Colombian girl gives the welcome address in broken and heavily accented English. We are informed that we all are here to celebrate Columbian national day. Someone from the corner starts clapping after hearing that. Err…whats there to clap?? It’s the national day dude! Or is he encouraging the girl with broken English on the stage? She clearly appears to be nervous. Ya, maybe that. The girl repeats what she said in English once again in Spanish. Then the ambassador addresses the audience.

Finally the play starts. Five women dressed in Rajasthani gypsy outfits enter the stage. Their faces are painted white. Just like the mime artists. All of them look the same. Spanish music starts playing in the background and the women start dancing. It continues for a good two minutes. Suddenly another woman enters wearing a hideous wig and white paint on her face and makes strange sounds. Ma and I exchange looks. Dad looks bewildered. “Was that Spanish?” I ask ma. Ma doesn’t reply and continues to look at the actors. Ok, maybe not I think, “What language is the play in, ma?” “English I think” Ma replies but doesn’t seem too sure. We spot Seema aunty who is one of the actors on the stage and the reason why we are watching the play. And suddenly the woman with the hideous wig starts speaking in Rajasthani Hindi. Yes, not English. Not even Hindi but Rajasthani Hindi. Above the stage, we notice, an electronic board, which is providing English sub-titles. Yes! A play in strange Hindi with English sub-titles. And I chuckle….loudly!

15 minutes into the play and I am still giggling. It’s an odd play. Forgive my ignorance towards abstract modern plays but I can’t digest five people playing the same character at the same time. I look at my dad. He is clearly reading the sub- titles and not really watching the play. My mom has the look that says if-I-meet-any-of-the-actors-outside-and-recognise-them-I-will-surely-kill-them. After an hour mom declares “I can’t watch this anymore! Let’s go.” My dad is in favour of it too. So the Roys walk out. Eat at Etopia and head back home. On our way back home Seema Aunty calls on Ma’s cell. I can hear her saying “It was so good! I mean …different but very good! It was abstract, and some of it went above my head! But overall really good!” I laugh sitting at the backseat. Poor ma. Trying to be as tactful as possible, which is not really her forte.

It’s a Monday morning and I’m at work. Getting the blues. Gtalk is on. Pia is telling me about the dresses she bought over the weekend.

Pia: u must go thr….Take mrinu with u na
Anjali: Yeah…lets see, don’t have money though
Pia: baby, everything is on sale. U’ll get stuff thr sasta

My boss enters the bay. I quickly close the chat window and pretend to be busy. I look through a fashion site and pretend to read it intensely (the look that I have mastered by now). He looks at me, thinks of saying something and then walks off. Aah! Close! I realize it’s almost 11 and I haven’t started working. Shit! I should now….before the boss comes back and says something. I am deep into work (for a change) when suddenly a gtalk window pops up on the right side of the screen.

Mihir: Hi there.

Mihir!!?? My classmate from school? Why is he IM-ing…we don’t even talk? I keep looking at the window for couple of seconds, thinking what to do. Should or should I not answer back? I don’t even remember the last time I spoke to him. Not even in school. So why is he IM-ing me? I think hard (oh god! Such a life changing decision!) and eventually reply with a “hi”.

Mihir: So wats up?

Shit! Why did I reply? Now we both will have this random conversation and I’ll keep wondering what exactly is the point. I used to dislike him in school. I don’t know why though….actually I don’t remember.

Anjali: Nothing much…..
Mihir: Saw the dark knight?
Anjali: nope, want to though. Badly, u?
Mihir: yeah..loved the joker..worth another watch
Anjali: Hmm
Mihir: May I know what u do?

Chivalry and all huh….not bad

Anjali: lol, yes u may
i am working
what u doing now?
Mihir: am waiting for an interview result at the Indian statistical institute..for a joint research fellowship.. might start working otherwise..


Anjali: oh nice
Mihir: u are at work!sorry!

Yes finally u get it!!U daft!!

Anjali: no no its ok (why am I being so polite?)
am guessing ur at home?
Mihir: been for last five years! i mean stayin atleast

err…. I just meant right now…whats with him?

Mihir:Whers ur office
Anjali: gurgaon
Mihir: ok.. where do u stay?
Anjali: a place called Dwarka, heard of it?
Mihir: yeah yeah,,got a flat in phase 2 sector 11 i thnk
me: sector 6
Mihir: i mean its still not ready ur place,,,developed dwarka?
Anjali: very, my apartment is on the main road, market is close....

I feel like a property dealer

Mihir: ok..hey.. do u have any idea about any research inst for economics research in gurgaon… I know that ICRA is there


Anjali: mihir

My phone rings, it’s my boss. He wants me to come to his desk. I go. He discusses new projects, gives me pile of work and asks “Any problems?” I want to scream “Yes!! You!” but I say predictably a “no”. After half an hour I come back to my desk only to find Mihir still chatting.

Mihir: ok..where do u stay?
Anjali: Dwarka

Didn’t I already mention it??

Mihir: oh ya!


Mihir: when do u generally go out and where?
Mihir: (i feel like an interrogator)

Finally he gets it!!

I mean any place in dwarka to hang out
Anjali: all my friends are in south delhi, so I usually 'hang out' there
Mihir: hey...if i remmber correctly.. i think we were captain n vice captain for shravan house.. and its a little late but I must make a confession
Anjali: ?
Mihir: i thot u did most of the work! and u deserved to b the captain n not me!
but its been long now i guess..

Yes now I remember why I disliked him! We were house captains in junior school and he never used to work! Bloody hell! The confession came too late!

It’s one. And my stomach is talking. My team mates and I go to the cafeteria for lunch. I come back after an hour only to find Mihir still online and conversing with me…

Mihir: hey.. u there?
Mihir: yoohooo
Anjali: err...sorry, had gone for lunch
Mihir: k..mine didnt take long

Good for you!

Mihir: hey..can i ask u smthn personal
Anjali: depends ......whats the question?
Mihir: are in favor of being asked out for a date?
hey..sorry if that was too much..
Anjali: i didnt get u


Mihir: well,, i was wondering if u wud like to meet up sometime?
ok..m gettin a feelin that u're not up for sorry!

SHIT!! So this is what it was huh?? He wanted to ask me out on date. What do I say?!

I ignore him for sometime, while Mihir continues to apologise and ask me out in the same breath. Finally after a good 10 minutes I reply

Anjali: sorry, wasnt thr at my desk
Mihir: so? did u see my question,,
Anjali: yes i did
Mihir: ok.. so are u thinkin abt it?

Yes I am thinking. I’m thinking how to hit you!Stupid moron , you speak to me after ages and you ask me out on a date?? Like really?? What are u thinking dude?

Anjali: Mihir my boss is sitting right here....can I talk to u later?

Boss has gone out! ha ha! But he doesn’t need to know that

Mihir: ok..sorry
Anjali: not a problem.will talk later
Mihir: hi..ok,
can we talk
err…what were we doing till now…dancing??
or mail if u want to..

I sign out without replying.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

doomed career???

Hi I'm Piya and blah blah blu blu.. Yes it's quite a task for me to rant about myself.. And evidently I'm not doing a good job, nor have I been asked to do so. So beat it! I'm going through a crazy phase and so is Anjali because we both our striving hard to grab a place in this 'oh so big professional writers world! Only if Nandini (aka nandu) owned a publishing house Mrinu, I and Anjali would be on a roll. Another reason contributing to my craziness is the physical absence of love in my life. Physical.. got u all smirking right? Get a life, anyway I'm in a long distance relationship and hence all the irritation. I'm in love no doubt but Nandu almost assumes me as 'single'- like she says out of sight is out of mind'. I'm back to work today after a 2 day haul courtesy the viral infection. Though my body still aches and I was tempted to take another off, it suddenly dawned on me that this month I'm not going to be earning much- blame it on all the tragedies and let's not get me started…I'm still seething with anger- and I have to have to shop a lot a lot. And just when I was beginning to realize that my work for the day is over I have been assigned to work on a few website communities. Damn! I hate this; I didn't take up this job to work on a shitty annoying website. Hopefully my next post will be a little more spirited.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

War of the names

There is a war going on- name war. We’re choosing our names and its like opening Pandora’s box. Hmmm.. Pandora is a good pseudonym! We should all just choose naughty Greek Goddess names, except we’re not Greek and hardly Goddesses. Although we refuse to be named after Indian Goddesses. Geh. Saraswati, Parvati, Sita, Santoshi. Nooooo! Nice names, no offence, just not us!


But we’re desi girls, our pseudonyms should also be a reflection of that.
There were suggestions of Samantha, Sabrina etc etc – quickly refuted. Samantha, of the Sex and the City fame was a nympho! (No way that’s anyone’s pseudonym!)
Someone always wanted the name Aditi… yet another suggestion for Chandini. We’re getting filmy and excited and all deep buried desires of having a particular name are bubbling to the fore.

But efficient creatures that we are, we have decided. Ta da!

Piya- The hyperactive, effervescent, Stylish one. She can see humour in anything, would be crying one minute and then laughing through tears. We affectionately think that she should just charge entertainment tax for being in her presence. With her random blonde moments, adorable but impractical ideas, she is our humour quotient. And also the things she does… She loves the idea of love and companionship and relationship and is the most giving person ever. Appreciates the finer things in life. She looks like a DIVA and behaves like one too…well almost. Wanna know about perfumes, bags, dresses, shoes, and all the other pretty things? She is the person to go to…. but she’s easily the baby of the lot!

Mrinalini- Intellectual, kind, literary Mrinu. She ups the drama quotient to even the most mundane story until you’re listening with rapt attention or rolling with stitches in your side. Also she is an incurable romantic and unbelievably enough, still thinks that happily ever after exists, that people fall in love and stay together and love makes everything all right. And she’s crushed when that doesn’t happen and reality intrudes but she still goes on believing. But she almost always falls in love, completely- truly madly deeply! 'Sacha pyar'
Although she would see more to relate with canine-kind than mankind! When the idea of the blog was finalized, she said– “i feel like too many cute puppies hv cm tgthr...” Do not call a pet an animal or you will have her to answer to and she will proceed to tell you how you are more of an animal than the average stray dog in her locality. Oh and she’s the one with the motto- “We’re pretty!”

Anjali- She’s the one with the most adventures of us lot. Or should we say misadventures. She’s pretty, and looks ‘harmless’ so guys are deceived into believing she is, and somehow she is a shady people magnet. So here is someone with more than average intelligence, a smart personality, razor sharp wit and many more admirable qualities and also a shadynessphobe (self explanatory new term) – who can attract people of dubious characters, inspire stalking behaviour (it was her!), and more random nonsense and by-the-way proposals (“I wouldn’t mind marrying you?”) But the sport that she is, she takes it all in her stride and shares it with her friends- us; and then we all laugh about it. She is also the most grounded, sarcastic and observant……

Nandini- One look at her and you would wonder “Why is she single?” She has the looks, the brains, the figure (very important in today’s times) and all the other qualities that guys aspire in their girlfriend. And yet she is single…..very single. A passionate photographer who aspires to do a lot of things in her lifetime. She is a girl’s girl and a guy’s guy (you get the drift?). Is the 3 o clock friend to all her buddies. And wants to see the positive side of everything! Nandu gets utterly scandalized by the various proposals shot at her. Don’t blame her, what would you do if a giant with purple hair posing as a man, came up to you and confessed he has feelings for you? Or a surd photographer from Amritsar speaking fluent Punjabi and only Punjabi, offered to make you a model?(for the record we love sardars…Singh is king!) Also known to be as still as a butterfly, at the workplace, she is the one who lights up the bay, running around bare feet when she comes up with something new, brings ribbons to tie up our hair in interesting styles or just plops herself on the floor to sing to us the latest Sheryl Crow number! One word you must remove from your dictionary when you meet her is ‘dull’!

So these were brief introductions to our colourful personalities and more to come as we continue with our tales.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Singles in the city

Why would anyone care?- was the first argument.

Really, the adventures, or more importantly, the lack of them of single girls in the city are not something that people would clamour to read so why should we (singletons in the city i.e. and as one of us would add- pretty single girls) start a blog about us? We’ve argued and fantasized, gotten excited and then rejected notions but ultimately it was the humour that we saw in our own daily lives that did it for us. If at the end of the day, we could look back and laugh at all that happened because we all have a sense of knowing what is ridiculous, then surely it is worth sharing, isn’t it?

So the four of us (yep, that’s the package) decided. We’ll bring it on. Of course we need to be armed with well thought out pseudonyms for ourselves and code names for every living creature we name, for their sakes of course. The stupid things people do should really be made known but there is no reason for us to be cruel and let the world know that it’s them.

Anyway, apart from knowing all about our lacking love lives, our readers would also know about the strange/funny/weird/interesting (add more adjectives) people that we know.

So ya, we’re single (and pretty) and in this age of internet and chatting, relationships are more virtual than real.

There is no problem, except that well meaning friends, acquaintances, co-workers and pretty much anyone who knows you decide that the second thing they want to know is your relationship status!

Sample this:-

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiii… How are you?”

“I’m good”

“So are you seeing someone (yet)?”

(long pause)

And the problem is compounded when every shady characters- guys of course- in any range are attracted to you. And by shady, we mean real shady -


Purple haired people

Losers (We’re being kind here; they could be called much worse)

Samples of real life experiences which we will elaborate on in coming days.

Then there are friends. Who want to fix you up. Period. Really sweet thought. (Blah)

But life doesn’t merely revolve around the relationship status. It’s but a small part of our lives… there are also crappy bosses to contend with, strict parents, boring lives, minor and major complications, siblings etc etc. Books to read, movies to watch, music to listen to, places to go, parties to attend (yeah right!) and so much to do. Whatever takes our fancy, whatever amuses us, provokes us into thinking; we share with each other and with the WWW now.

So watch this space in one minuscule corner of the entire blogosphere if you want to know more.


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