Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yet again

So it happened again. Should I even begin to bore you with the monologue of how another guy I’m simply not interested in almost asked me out to lunch (Does the college canteen count as a luncheon date place? Yes? Do I have a yes? He was VERY persistent)? Ok so no details then. Persistent guy (also charmingly referred to as ‘Dharmender’ owing to his filmy name) who I basically SEE through like he was thin air (he is muscular and well detestable but that’s his personality). And ugh anyway, he was unrelenting, so was I. He was being thick headed, I was being thick skinned and in the end I just said a very very exasperated NO. Tell me what would you have done? If in a span of five minutes you’ve made it clear atleast three times that you would rather be elsewhere than in the present unwanted company? Wouldn’t you have just wanted to bang your head against a wall because that would be less painful than trying to explain to a moron that you’re simply not interested? (For the record, the only head banging I do is to nice music in the confines of my room where no one can see me.)

Rhetorical questions all of them and it’s all a ‘moo’ point because I’m past caring. Two very very interesting, great things have happened and I couldn’t be more thrilled! First I get to attend a really cool workshop which I had no hope of getting through so I have an interesting few weeks ahead.. And secondly, the possibilities of getting a part time job seem really good. Yee. Yoo. Woo. Gimme an W..gimme an H gimme an O..well just say Woohoo for me will you? WOOHOO!!!

(I know you didn’t Woohoo. I just do. It’s the psychic in me)

Piya and I both have maybe some prospects working out. Oomph. Cross your fingers and toes for us. I will know if you don’t. Ref: Psychic comment above.

Anjali is going through a somewhat of a rough patch (Damn the cosmos and the powers that be). But she is still her same happy, frequently sarcastic self. Although her shaydar may be beeping a bit this time around. (Trust her to attract weirdos)

Anyway, like I said, not the best time for her. Since she and pretty much everyone in her family have recently undergone a ‘series of unfortunate events.’ Let’s encourage her to give us a heads up shall we? A.N.J.A.L.I - A.N.J.A.L.I – we want to hear your storeee .

Mrinu, sweet darling has also been through a not so great time (understatement of the century) but I’m amazed at how all three of them, Piya with job woes, Anjali and Mrinu with their own set of problems; are the most grounded people I know. Sure they whine and complain but it never becomes a part of their nature. They bounce back and I know you can call it human nature, I just call it their unique strengths. Me, I go on for quite a bit about poor me and these girls are my inspiration to limit that. Thank you.

I do hope that my babbling on for quite a bit will be an inspiration to them to give updates.

Over to The Pretty Three!

P.S. – Strange Irani boy has my phone number. Took it during lunch when he randomly started chatting because he’s new in town and knows no one and is looking for a place to stay. Oh long story.

Note to self- Learn to say NO.


Anjali said...

:) Hugs! but seriously what story? the shady men have been discussed at lenghth already in this blog :P

Anjali said...

length* :P

Nandini said...

Yes! Enough shady people! :(
Lets follow that stupid theory which says that if we don't think about bad things, we won't attract bad mojo? or something like that eh?
Whatever works!

The Pretty four said...

oh this theory works? never worked with me:p what's with these shadymen anyway? wonder how you come out of this daily smiling..or may be not...hehe


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