Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rock On concert- With a different 'Star' !

I know this post should have been up long back...but excuse Piya for her never-ending troubles and constant association with misery; that leaves her umm :(.
Read on to learn what i had been upto while Mrinu, Anjali and Nandu were busy going all gaga on Farhaan Akhtar and gang.....
As much as i would have loved to attend the concert (not because I dote on Farhaan Akhtar and others- but i knew i would have a fun time with my girlies) i couldn't. Mr long distance was visiting town. After 6 months of separation and constant prattling over the phone, the sight of seeing him physically present in front of me was overwhelming. God he looked so handsome, hotter than before and the aroma of his perfume filled my senses. The star of my life and apple of my eye! Well this is the impact that "Sachcha Pyar" (taken from Mrinalini's dict) leaves on you. From the fine dining, wine-ing to the hop dance (that's the best we could manage) in a 5 star was undeniably the most romantic way to celebrate the completion of a YEAR! I knew i was head over heels this guy. With the perfect weather and a car at your disposal, the long drive accompanied with Karaoke was just so perfect.
The 2 1/2 days of his company was eternal bliss. I may sound love sick and blah blah..but give me a subtle way to pen down all that i feel.
So while my girls jumped, and screamed and shoved around, I walked the city hand in hand, glowing, blushing- in absolute peace, much content with my "present" life. Of course his departure had me sulking for sometime till..till some job interviews in his town brought the smile back- Temporarily!
I should refrain from divulging any information on this right now... but hold on I may be close to making a sane, non-impulsive decision or may be back to brooding.

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