Saturday, October 4, 2008

The concert and all the madness !

Where was Piya in all of this excitement, one might wonder. And one needn’t go too far in wonderland, because darling Piya was living in one. The girl whom everyone affectionately called the ‘almost single’ one was floating on cloud no 9 with none other than Long Distance Relationship guy, henceforth to be refered to as Lover Boy- LB. So LB, the guy who initially all girlfriends were vary of made yet another foray over the high skies and came to meet his girl all the way from Bengaluru to Delhi for a three day weekend. Waah bhai. Our girl inspires such dedication. So Piya was planning dresses and matching footwear; the right perfume, accessories; places to visit, things to eat and trying to cram as much together time in the three days as was humanly possible for anyone to do. It is little wonder then that the Farhan Akhtars and the Arjun Rampals of the silver screen faded into oblivion as her Lover Boy in real life stepped into the fillum scene of her life. Let’s just excuse the girl and let her be lovesick in peace

Snort (Fat chance of that. Girlfriends meddle. Period)
It’s for everybody’s general good.

Haan toh where were the other three of The Pretty Four? Making plans it seems; coordinating times, pretending to be casual about clothes but all excited to be attending a ‘do’. You know? No? Forget it.
After much coordination, it was decided that Mrinu would pick the passes, Anjali’s friend JB would reach on her own and Nandu, Anjali and her cousin Renee would all travel together.
The road to rock concerts was never so ridden with difficulties. Silly Nandu ran errands the entire day and then went to a shady place to get a haircut. Where the guy spoke in faux English and refused to let her go without a blow-dry (“Ma’am! I kahn not let you go. Look at all da frizzes? No wayyy”).
Sigh. Girls.

The trio finally headed to the concert, obviously late but oblivious still. That is until they Not that there is much of a history of rock concerts in Delhi but couldn’t the cosmos side with the pretty chicas and let the journey be any easier. Add hunger, thirst and humidity to that.
But it is a testimony to the spirit of the brave little excited girls that they were still upbeat. Spraying deodorants periodically, fanning themselves and chain-using wet wipes. Anjali, the lost soul for once sprang into action and made the driver take twists and turns and alleys-never-seen-before; and viola, they beat the jam and reached!

Sounds: People cheering, faint music, guitar chords
Passes were with Mrinu.
Coordination with JB was off
And general panic at missing even one song.

So they ran. And then promptly got lost- read, lost all sense of direction. They basically circled the wrong mall almost twice before screaming at a guard-
“Citywalk, city walk ka rasta kahan hai bhayya ji??”

It was still a long way off and running on the pretty but slippery marble sidewalk was impossible. So picture this, three girls, (who looked somewhat dressed up once upon a time) BRISK WALKING amongst other shoppers, like they were contestants in a race that the rest of the world had no idea about.

From nowhere, they see Mrinu and Mrinu was with JB. No ‘Hi’s’ and ‘Hullo ji’s’ were exchanged. In perfect coordination, with silent communication, they started running. (Please note: Mrinu and Nandu were meeting JB for the first time. Introductions were somewhat lost in urgency of the situation) Holding hands, forming a five girl chain and breezing past security, they made it to what looked like the entrance. All five girls promptly took out their V.I.P passes and start waving them around. That didn’t impress anybody much. Everyone had a purple/blue/red paper that they were fanning themselves with (later they would also realize the sense in that).

Next began a time which the girls would rather not remember. Hanging onto each other began the journey towards the centre of the concert. You wish.
It was like swimming through a sea of bodies. Eyugh. Definitely not nice. Nandu hanging onto JB, Renee clutching Nandu’s t-shirt, and little Mrinu marching forward with Anjali who was trying hard not to get lost. It was major chance pe dance.

Push . Shove. Stuck. Huge, burly guys shouting, “Hey, why the pushing?” To which the girls just waved their passes and said, “We have VIP passes! Move!”

More gymnastics and ten minutes later, sweating but exhilarated the girls managed to move past security, closer to Farhan. Arjun.Purab. (Nobody cared about Luke Kenny that much, actually nobody cared at all!)

The girls made it and then they could see..
and more heads.

Errr. Examine the following situations:

The stage was set. Farhan was in full singer mode, short hair but still cute, even from a distance. Purab was the darling of the lot, prancing about the stage, entertaining the audience.
But it was Arjun Rampal who was the rockstar amongst them all. Who cared whether he was air-guitaring or breaking the strings? He was wearing a white figure hugging tee..yum yum. With a vee neck that displayed ample cleavage(masculine cleavage if there is such a thing as that!) and long hair tied with a bandana… so when during a break he tried to fan his shirt for some air- someone started screaming from some corner "oh my god! he is taking his shirt off!!" Arjun Rampal is taking his shirt off!!" That moment created ripples..

Scene 1:
Renee and Nandu (to random tall stranger): Excuse me, Excuse me! How can we go further towards the stage?
Random tall (also rude) stranger: Blank stare and royal ignore
Renee: BUT WE HAVE VIP PASSESssssss! (Waving passes almost in his face)
Random tall rude stranger who was blocking their view and might have been a member of the press: Waves back passes and ignores some more.
Renee & Nandu exchanged looks, made juvenile faces at the back of the rude press man and prepared to strain their tippy toes.

Jump. Arjun. Jump. Farhan’s hair. Jump. Somebody’s ass. Jump. Huff. Jump. Guitar. JUMP.

They MIGHT also have used the rude press man’s shoulder to lever themselves. He deserved the weight. Humph!

Scene 2:
Anjali met some friends from college, general greetings are exchanged and Anjali being the darling of her class elicits such dedication that her friends, Lift.Her.Up.
Anjali hoisted by two other GIRLS precariously balanced, screaming and general center of attention for other people who thought this was more interesting than looking at heads of the general public.

Anjali, it seems, did see enough and also exhausted her vocal chordal energy.

Scene 3:
JB and Mrinu managed to get somewhat decent vantage points and did not have to assault their toes to see the rock stars. Random strangers start chatting with them while the two of them exchange blank and dazed looks wondering if either knew the over-friendly people.

Tall tall, lucky JB. Object of general envy.
Little Mrinu decided not to be left behind. So much effort and pointless PR for passes and this? Not acceptable at all. She took a split second decision, dumped her bag, cellphone and pass into the hands of an exhausted-by-jumping-Nandu. Renee looked vaguely puzzled and alarmed and before you could say ROCK ON, Mrinu had hoisted herself on a barrier, because she wanted to go to the other side. (Remember the grass metaphor? Greener on the other side? Yes, that’s the one applied here.)

Of course she attracted attention- boys who were amused, girls who were impressed and security guards who were plain pissed. So our girl is faced with a hefty, angry looking guard who is holding her arm to dump her back on the less green side (you know what that means). But Mrinu was on a high and refused to be daunted, so holding the very same arm of the angry and pissed security guard, she took leverage and jumped. And landed. And smiled the serene smile of victory even as the angry guard is more bemused than pissed now. Mrinu beams and although she could see only slightly better than before, the jump seemed to have invigorated her.

A few minutes later

Mrinu was deep in conversation with the security guard – yes the pissed one, who excitedly showed her the pics on his cell from previous concerts and was looking fondly at her like she was his naughty little sister. “ See, Malaika, and this one Sunny Deol” To which Mrinu innocently asked “ Aur Farhan ki photo?” To which prompt reply came “ Ho jayegi manage…koi badi baat nahi hai.”

Only if the girls also could manage to click some pictures with Farhan and Arjun…Sigh!
So while Farhan crooned and Arjun and Purab grooved, the girls (with the crowd) drooled.
Asman hai neela kyu …paani geela geela kyu …gol kyu hai zameen...
Socha hai!!

After much head banging, arm swaying, futile pushing shoving and toe scrunching minutes, the girls were happy, satisfied but exhausted and hungry. Grabbing a bite was out of the question so the five-some grabbed ice cream bars- from a vendor, way outside the mall area. And then like little children, they ate ice creams like they had been taken out on the annual picnic. Which in a way it was. The silent grins were testimony to that.
After the sumptious (NOT) ice cream feast they all cramped into the small car, one top of the other and headed home squealing and still reeling under the Rock On magic!


Jb said...

now i know why u guys are in the media....excellent account Anjali....i mean itna achaa likha ki ek bhi important happening ko miss nahi kiya hai except the sequence of our incessant Rock On Poses ka posing...wid the blue back drop ;) :)

Funny...i cant get over wat Nandu did..hahahahahah!!! and that security guy HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

Likho likho aur likho aur humane entertain karo

supriya said...

Hey gals...keep up the good work....i mean this is reallllly gooood......mazza aagaya....I hv become a complete fan of this Blog.....

Keep writin n as JB said....keep us entertainin.... :)


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