Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It all started on a Wednesday morning...

Mrinu entered the bay at work, managed to keep her stuff at her desk and hurried towards Anjali’s desk. Turned Anjali’s chair and almost screamed “Guess what?” Sleepy Anjali looked dazed…she was still not out of her sleep and just gave a puzzled look to her hyper friend. “What?” she managed to say. “Farhan is coming. Saturday at select City walk.”

Slowly Anjali was waking up. “You mean Farhan Akhtar?” Ok now she was completely awake. “Yes” squealed Mrinu like a child.” “The entire cast is coming. There is a concert happening. Rock on concert.”

“Concert mane?” Anjali asked. “Are they going to perform live?” Mrinu nodded emphatically. “You mean the cast will perform? Farhan Akhtar will sing?” Anjali just couldn’t digest the news while Mrinu kept nodding excitedly.

“Oh my god!! We should go!!” Anjali finally said.

Suddenly Mrinu’s expression changed from excited to disappointed to determined. She said “Local radio channels are giving passes but cant get through the number only. Let me think how to get the passes” And with that she went back to her seat.

The day started with a meeting with the Boss and pile of work got ‘unloaded’. So the thought of acquiring passes for THE concert was momentarily wiped off due to the work pressure. Anjali had already resigned herself to fate that like all other happening do’s of the city, she would have to miss this one too. But Mrinu was on a mission clearly, because post lunch she came back to Anjali’s desk animated just like morning and said “Guess what? Sambhav can make it sambhav (cheesy I know!) for us!! He can arrange for some passes! Select City walk is a client of the ad agency he is working at.”

For a moment Anjali got excited but soon realized that it will be difficult to convince dad to let her stay that late, and in any case, why would Sambhav take her along? He was Mrinu’s friend, not hers. So she unenthusiastically told Mrinu to go ahead with the plan…that is if Sambhav could acquire the passes.

At four, new developments took place. Sambhav did manage to get two passes one for him and other obviously for Mrinu but gave Mrinu an information that changed everything forever (well momentarily). He asked Mrinu to contact the PR person at Select City walk and ask for media passes. Apparently ‘they’ were giving passes in bulk to media people.

Aha!Mrinu immediately drafted a mail to Harbani Khurana, PR Executive, Select City walk from her official id (no less) and asked for passes for the media.(such undue advantage one takes of one’s company name…sigh). And like a big sister, stood on Anjali’s head and forced her to do the same. Anjali loved delaying adventures by punctuating the ideas with a lot of doubts, questions and negative ‘could be’s…“But why?,” Anjali asked in despair. “ You have already mailed her asking for passes, I don’t need to ask for more!”

Mrinu sighed and said “ You do! Think about it, more the passes, more people can come along and she may not reply to me, but to you na. So mail her.”

“But Mrinu we are not going to officially cover the event, its like doing something illegal!”

“Oh god!! With this attitutde you are never going to do anything in life. We are media people. It’s the PR’s job to keep us happy…all the time! Now be a good girl and mail!”

Anjali reluctantly mailed with Mrinu overlooking.

To be continued...

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