Saturday, August 23, 2008

The usual and the unusual

I saw a cat eating grass. A cat.eating.grass. Like properly munching it like it was a cow in cat's clothing.
And a rat eating flowers, all in the same day. Thought I should share.

There are some updates to be received by everyone, Piya and Anjali's career related updates and generally anything from Mrinu. Where are you Mri? Haven't read anything by you in while. Tune in guys.

Certain Random updates
Listening to: Vienna by Billy Joel (It is my 'calm frazzled nerves' song. When multi tasking gets too much and when I have too much on my list, the life list y'know? - travel to Europe, backpack across Egypt, get those expensive shoes, buy an iPhone, treat parents to a long vacation etc etc, I listen to this song and take deep breaths. Works for a while, you all give a listen! Song introduction courtesy Anjali)

Reading: Time Out- Magazine! Someone please suggest some books! I'm all out of reading matter and too lazy to research. Thanks to college and the commute, I have reading time again so all suggestions welcome.

So now that I have wasted your time giving random updates of strange things and my uninteresting life (except Vienna, must listen!), I will end your misery.



RD said...

first of all very nice blog.. with all the humorous anecdotes!! also nandini pls ask anjali who made her listen to vienna! :P

Anjali said...

Yes yes....RD take the was her people...HER!! she made me listen to Vienna

Anonymous said...

does dat mean i shud hear it too??also cat eatin grass ok, rat eatin flower!!!!!dats a bit much!

astha said...

oh n anjali i luv da shaydar concept!!:)

Anjali said...

yes you must...its a lovely song! and rat eating flower is kinda cute! :)

rain girl said...

oh lolz.. i thought that "cat" was a typo :P hehe

and umm don't remind me of those lists "shudder" they are BADDDDD....well, for the book list? in case, you get any names, share with me too :P

what kinda books u read..i cud recommend "mother" by maxim gorky (its rocking!!!)but i dunno if it will suit your taste?

Mrinalini said...

awww...i want them both do a repeat for me...maybe I would start munching on a twig too :P
Rule of four, read it, if you like Da Vinci Code kinda books...this one's DEEP!
PS- Have posted, hope it carries the vein forward... :)

Nandini said...

@ Rain girl, I wish I had the sense to make a video!! :)
Havent read anything by Maxim Gorky, will give it a try for sure. I read anything that comes my way, if I'm hooked even after the 100th page i.e. Otherwise I chicken out :P

Once I get a decent book list, I'll post it here, what say?

Mrinu, if there is any justice in this world, the grass munching cat and the rose chewing rat will definitely show themselves to you!

I've read Rule of Four and it took me quite a while to figure out that book ! haha, its an intellectual's Da Vinci Code
and I'm so glad everyone is regular with the posts, its amazing to read the diversity in writings, thoughts, opinions. To steal the slogan- I'm Lovin' it!


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