Friday, August 15, 2008

Some setbacks and a few random things

Remember me willing to change my opinion about guys and shadiness and my tendency to attract the worst of the lot? Yea well, it happened. College started, and I have only ONE other girl in class. Which is ok. NOT. I’m a girl’s girl, I need them around, in flocks, herds, tonnes- apply any level of measurement here, you know what I mean?

So with the majority boys, I’ve identified a smart aleck, a smart ass and one plain ass who we will call Dharmendra*. So Dharmendra from Jaisalmer was a-ok. Initially, I decided to be open minded and be friendly (obviously in moderation since I’m not into back-slapping etc) and casual. But did it work? Nooooooo…

Aforementioned Dharmendra belongs to the ‘chance pe dance’ category**. I just didn’t realize it would be so soon. Its only been a week, I mean! What the hell??

So in the interests of being casual, I didn’t realize that my faithful shaydar*** was turned off. And it didn’t switch on till this morning when it came back full flow, red light blinking and I decided to perfect my frosty nosed stare and like Anjali advised, to talk in super fast English. Apparently its intimidating, and I also went on the ignore mode. So much for flexibility in changing opinion. I hope I’m not being paranoid and reading too much into anything but somehow I don’t think this is the case. Oh –well, I hope I’m done with my quota of the year. (Pray for me)

Being in a new place with new people, yet again, has made me realize that its easy for me to know people but when it comes to genuinely liking, its so rare to find someone who you can share your opinion with, talk freely and have fun too. It just makes me realize that my friends, the ones who’ve bravely stayed with me for all this while, are the ones worth keeping no matter what new places I go to. I will wax philosophical and say that our friendship has passed the test of time etc etc. I’m not good at philo stuff so I’ll stop before I make someone cry.

Haan toh like I was saying, friends. Anjali, Mrinu and Piya are friends I made in my previous workplace where Piya was an intern. She is now, as you know working with a magazine now but we guys were together for less than an year and its amazing how we weren’t ‘colleagues’ or work acquaintances but real friends. And I cannot even begin to tell you how rare it is to find that one person and I feel blessed to have three! We aren’t all same, but we gel well (mini rhyme! yaye) Thank God for that! Crappy bosses, mind-numbingly boring assignments, irritating work colleagues all become suddenly tolerable. There were days when I would have liked to closet myself in the girl’s loo and not come out for the rest of the day (misery lacks consideration for other people’s emergencies too) but then you have your support system which makes it a bearable, even enjoyable experience on the worst of days so you can imagine the fun on the good ones.

Case in point? Some random conversations I keep having with all of them over gtalk (I love gtalk! Its like the official chat/messenger and you be signed in all day and pretend to send official documents while you’re trading songs. And no, Google didn’t pay me to write this although they should could.)

Here’s an example of this extremely boring day I was having while I was completely bored and so was Anjali and there is seriously no point to it, but I still feel like sharing.

(After one round of quoting from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (I know, American sit com and all but its seriously funny and they have great writers and I will watch and watch and watch.))

Anjali: shit we watch too much friends :P

me: i know! and we watch it way too many times :D

Anjali: yes and still laugh at the same jokes


(My status message was this song I was listening to- Love you madly by Cake, hence Anjali’s perplexity (you should listen to it! Cool song))

me: ya that’s a band! :D

Anjali: hahaha

we shd start a band too


aam rass :P

me: Muffins!


Anjali: no, we are desi

me: Imlis?

Anjali: aamrass

yeah or gajaks


Trust Anjali to come up with appropriate food related desi names for our fantsy band

me: hahahahaha. or Ram laddoos?

oorrr The Chutneys!

Anjali: imli is still part of the popular culture

u know sexy= imlis, in films

me: hmmmm

Anjali: but

me: so we couldn’t be sexy Imlis?

I do like Imlis

Anjali: gajak or aamrass or ram laddoos are unpredictable

Imli is predictable na

imagine a band called gajak

me: they are male sounding..think of unpredictable feminine sounding names


Anjali: what comes to ur mind when u think of tht name?

arrey!! thts the catch na

me: umm.. gajak?

Anjali: u think of ugly pot bellied guys

me: some rajasthani men?


like ' gajak de de manne'

Anjali: lol


now everyone will think like u, and then they see us, 'pretty' 'sexy' us

me: lmao

Anjali: ho gaya na anti climax


me: and gajak will be all the fad?

Anjali: ya

me: maybe we could give away gajaks at the end of our concerts ;)

endorsement bhi milegi

Anjali: lol

No plz am not too fond of gajak

although Diva(name changed, we like Diva!) has got yummy gajak today

but still

me: no wonder its on your mind!

Anjali: ha waise de sakte hai :D

of course

me: then lets be ram laddoos

we should enjoy eating our band name

Anjali: Too long

me: chainamurgi?

Anjali: we cud be shondesh



me: hahahahahaha

we could be shondesh..imagine chucking shondeshes like white snowballs to crowds ;)

Anjali: errr

if we are bad then they might be throwing tht on us :P

No ‘If’s’ there, we will be bad if I’m in it. Its license to kill

me: we should wear raincoats at the concerts..just in case

Anjali: Nandu

Plz we are rockstars

we cant look like cartoons

me: no they can be nice sexy transparent raincoats

Anjali: phir bhi

me: under which we can wear fluroscent rockstar type clothes

The performer in me is definitely coming out!

Anjali: imagine

month of june

and we performing in an open field


main toh melt ho jaungi

Yeah right, like we’ve already booked all the year through

me: hahahahaha

ok raincoats dropped

Anjali: :)

its amazing, the capacity we have

to dream

me: i knowww

Anjali: random things

See what I mean? I have conversations like this with Piya and Mrinu too and seriously, I would be worried if I didn’t!

*name changed to protect the privacy of the person concerned so he can be stupid in obscurity, believe me, his name is just as hindi filmish but this blog is not an expose of the dim-witted people I meet so names remain ambiguous but fun!

**refer previous post for the (limited/controversial) segregation of the men in my life

***shaydar- Internal alarm system (specific to girls, specially us four) designed to calibrate the shadiness of a person within a specific diameter, very reliable. Also may be known as ‘a woman’s intution’. Never undermine it, its rarely wrong. (is it getting hard to keep up with the asterisks? Should I use $ and # etc? Lets see.)

Thank you for putting up with the frequent interrupting notations.


Anjali said...

i know what you mean nandu, i'm soo glad that i found u guys here...coz otherwise it would have been difficult to survive.

and mr dharmender from Jaisalmer is really aspiring for a bit too much.What is he thinking?i'm sorry if i sound like a snob from big city but one should think a bit before acting/talking/behaving in a certain manner :P
oh well that could be another post, another debate...

Mrinalini said...

Nandu, why dont you enjoy his company a lil more? I mean, he might just open up to you and let you on to his innermost secrets, like when he was scared of spiders when he was a lil boy? :P
Seriously, it makes for a great imagination booster :P but yes, aspiring to have you is not just too much, its mind-blowing :D I like Dharmender's guts :)

Nandini said...

ahh..friends! :) you would take my side.. what bothers me is that it actually is 'try maar lo' scene ya.. He's known me what, five days? How can ANYONE, and i mean anyone think to make a move? humph.

Nandini said...

And I think he's pointing me out to people as a strange girl :( I saw him talking to a girl and they kept turning back and looking at me and EVERYone noticed.. Murder on my mind.

Piya said... I'm sure he's showing off his new crush.. "dekh dekh woh wali hai" people still do such weird stuff?? i wonder if he's a jat.. i would love to set him right or better train you to handle the 'jat' sorts. Though i know u're doing a good job urself:D this city is bombarded with shady characters. :(


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