Sunday, August 24, 2008

a quick update!

Impulsive decision= no job= no crappy work= a whole lot of peace!

Yes, that's how it goes. I quit that publication now recording cum production cum something company. Never imagined I would feel so relieved. The ordeal is finally over.
There's so much going on in my life that it's hard to concentrate on one thing. There's enthusiasm building up for a kick-ass job that should be round the corner; hopefully. There's excitement for catching up with family members again- ah I missed those gossip sessions with cousins and all. I can meet up with Nandu, Mrinu and Anjali whenever I feel like. Mr. distant relationship is coming next month. I'll be visiting Shirdi for a few days (absolutely deserved).
Even though life's smiling down at me, everything's not all hunky-dory. But you know for once I realize that I have no reason to crib and whine. Hence things must be fine, it's just me whose being such a cynic. Trying to find yet another issue to sulk.

Anyway besides this I have had a fairly decent month. To begin with, i had two night outs in the same week.
Night spend 1: at Nandini's place which was so much fun. She's the perfect host who keeps brining the most scrumptious of dishes (cooked by her mom) to your plate. Oh how can I forget, Nandu makes yum chocolate mousse and if you eat them with Oreo cookies--- mmm the combination is to kill for.
Though I regret dozing off at 1am, but that's typical of me, I literally do a night spend. The entire time spent was great fun.

Night spend 2: at college friend's place who wanted to go out on a Wednesday night (ladies night=free entry=free weird tasting margarita's). We were 9 people in total, some skimpily dressed, some smartly dressed, some just dressed (me). So we reach this tiny, actually very tiny pub and move towards the bar, grab the margarita's and searched for a place to sit. There was some space on this huge couch but then we decided to leave it to the grossly engrossed couple. Getting bored we decided to hatch a plan to murder the DJ. I swear I could kill him for playing that exceedingly annoying dhee-chaak beats for continuously over 2 hours. I mean dude, give me the console I'll play better. Anyway the jerk begins to play some better songs and just then a friend suggested we should go dance on the SMALL table.

Me: Are u crazy? This place is anyway so shady.

Girl (drunk on lousy margarita's): let's go it's anyway so tiny.

Me: Hmm, okay

And I like a fool go climb it, and the next second decide to get down when out of no where a glass edge cut my ankle. Within minutes it began to bleed profusely. What followed was a painful ride back to her place and then in the morning to my place.

So yea that's all from me as of now but i'm hoping within the coming week i have loads of more interesting details to post


rain girl said...

oh congratulations!!! am soo happy taht you did thta.. :) one hsould always work and marry for love :P

Piya said...
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Piya said...

hey thanks girl:) i'm happy too after quitting:D what relief..*sigh*

Mrinalini said...

you cut yourself while trying to attempt a 'Neil n Niki' item no.??? Sheesh ;)

Nandini said...

Piya! You dweeb lol lol
crazy girl, who asked you to drink margaritas and dance on tiny table!? Seriously the company you keep

Piya said...

hence the mention of 'impulsive decisions':p lol

Anjali said...

the description of the pub reminds me of a pub in Harry potter....


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