Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anjali and the shaydar

Being Anjali is not easy. For starters one has to deal with shady men all the time. Its like I have an active ‘shaydar’, a priceless term given by an intelligent friend of mine. Wondering what is shaydar? Simple, its Shady Radar. So I have an active radar, which attracts only and only shady men. Its not that I don’t know nice, decent guys, but the shady proposals shine out brightly out of the rest of the proposals. But I have learnt to live with that. What I haven’t been able to deal with are the volley of questions thrown at me. Sample this: “ Hey wats up? So? Tell me any new guy in your life?”( err….they actually mean ANY guy at all) or “ How come your not dating anyone”( well, lets just say I'm strange, I know you want to put me in the museum) or “ How come a pretty girl like you is still single?”(thanks for calling me pretty but is it necessary for a pretty girl to have a boy friend?)

All the questions are accompanied with bewildered looks, and after my answer its always a sympathetic like oh-you-poor-kid. As if I have an incurable disease. But now even I have a look to answer back which usually says “yeah what to do ….life is a bitch” At times, I feel like saying “I am single because am gay and I’m scared to confess my feelings to a girl” but then I don’t. Maybe because I’m scared that people might actually believe me, I mean they anyway doubt my sexual preference.

Another thing that I don’t get are the unending jokes on me being gay. No, don’t get me wrong. I love jokes on me. I am my favourite bakra. But really, just because I have amazing girl friends and best friends who mean the world to me does not make me gay, does it? And the jokes have been stretched so far that I don’t find them funny anymore, really.

Then there is the ‘good girl’ image I seem to have created. I really don’t have issues with people thinking I’m a good girl, a ‘homely’ girl and all that (which I am), but please spare me from questions like “oh I never knew you drink?” or “You smoke??!!" at parties. Yeah right! I smoke it’s a sin and you smoke its releasing tension? This world I tell you, full of hypocrites! I remember once this guy asking me at a party- I never knew you were into smoking and drinking? You just don’t look the sort. So what exactly do the ‘smoking and drinking type’ look, I wonder. Mini skirt clad, black nail paint with a come-screw-me look? I admit, I watch too many tacky hindi movies and hence this description. But seriously, how can one ‘look’ a smoker or an alcoholic? And why is it surprising only when Anjali Roy does it? Sigh!

I am not ok with pre-conceived notions. Well, notions about me atleast. I’m also not ok with the fact that my boss calls Mrinu and me the “bong bombshells” or the fact that he addresses me in front of other office people as Angie. Its ANAJLI and not ANGIE! Does he really think that by using such ‘cool lingos’ he can connect with us? Ha! Dream on! Because when a pot bellied man with a huge bulbous nose and ugly pouty lips like him calls us Bong Bomshells, it just sounds gross. Though I have to admit that he has good taste ;-) but still….eeewww!The other day he addressed Mrinu as ‘Baby’. Mrinu almost collapsed.

I’m also not ok about the strange men in my life (I’m being polite by calling them just strange…they are more than that), or the lack of a hot ‘Brad Pitt type’ of a guy in my life (yeah I’m a dreamer!).
I’m not ok with my job.Even though I work for the biggest media house in the country, or perhaps Asia, and my job sounds very glamorous but in reality it sucks! And I’m reaching a stagnation point. I need a new job…soon!And it’s so difficult to find the job you really want to do.And the wait is frustrating.

The list is long.And believe me, when one has to deal with all these and many other stupid things in life daily, it gets to you. But what keeps me sane are the friends. As Nandu put it, all the irritating things become tolerable because of them.


Anonymous said...

what a piece of thoughts...i think ny single girl with sense, brilliance and intelligence would definitely..sure short react to this great piece..!! actually "u dont look that types: alcoholic & smoker " is one of the most irritating statement one can face.. hypocrites is the word..!!

dear keep posting your thoughts..they are so refreshing...especially for single & beutiful and just not ready to mingle type of girls..!!& not to mention the hypocrites of the world..

Piya said...
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Piya said...

i love your wit:D haha awesome post.. lol....just loved the way u summed it all up:-)

Anjali said...

Thanks Piya...atleast someone gets my sense of humour ;-)

@ anonymous
its not that we single girls are not ready to mingle, i guess we are just not ready to interact with 'strange people' who we tend to bump into a lot more....

rain girl said...

hmmmmmmm interesting as always...

your post has soo much pent-uo anger - and totally understood too.

get a job, girl, and stick to your girlfriends.


p.s. love to my mrinalini

RD said...

anjali pls tell me who calls u gay .. i'll punch all of them right away..

Anjali said...

@ raingirl
The hunt is on..for a kickass job(does it really exist?) and as is said the wait is frustating. SO i guess it comes out when i write :P

and being with friends help :)

@ RD

Never mind...let it be ;-) how many will u punch :P

And your line rhymes.... lol

Mrinalini said...

so you smoke? ;)wanna do frandship, i like wild girls... :D
ok, dont kill me, but had to ask you out...after all a girl askin u out shud count as the shaydar too, rite? ;)
and well, the boss will soon see two less pretty faces :p

Anjali said...

Amen!to your thoughts :P


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