Wednesday, July 23, 2008

War of the names

There is a war going on- name war. We’re choosing our names and its like opening Pandora’s box. Hmmm.. Pandora is a good pseudonym! We should all just choose naughty Greek Goddess names, except we’re not Greek and hardly Goddesses. Although we refuse to be named after Indian Goddesses. Geh. Saraswati, Parvati, Sita, Santoshi. Nooooo! Nice names, no offence, just not us!


But we’re desi girls, our pseudonyms should also be a reflection of that.
There were suggestions of Samantha, Sabrina etc etc – quickly refuted. Samantha, of the Sex and the City fame was a nympho! (No way that’s anyone’s pseudonym!)
Someone always wanted the name Aditi… yet another suggestion for Chandini. We’re getting filmy and excited and all deep buried desires of having a particular name are bubbling to the fore.

But efficient creatures that we are, we have decided. Ta da!

Piya- The hyperactive, effervescent, Stylish one. She can see humour in anything, would be crying one minute and then laughing through tears. We affectionately think that she should just charge entertainment tax for being in her presence. With her random blonde moments, adorable but impractical ideas, she is our humour quotient. And also the things she does… She loves the idea of love and companionship and relationship and is the most giving person ever. Appreciates the finer things in life. She looks like a DIVA and behaves like one too…well almost. Wanna know about perfumes, bags, dresses, shoes, and all the other pretty things? She is the person to go to…. but she’s easily the baby of the lot!

Mrinalini- Intellectual, kind, literary Mrinu. She ups the drama quotient to even the most mundane story until you’re listening with rapt attention or rolling with stitches in your side. Also she is an incurable romantic and unbelievably enough, still thinks that happily ever after exists, that people fall in love and stay together and love makes everything all right. And she’s crushed when that doesn’t happen and reality intrudes but she still goes on believing. But she almost always falls in love, completely- truly madly deeply! 'Sacha pyar'
Although she would see more to relate with canine-kind than mankind! When the idea of the blog was finalized, she said– “i feel like too many cute puppies hv cm tgthr...” Do not call a pet an animal or you will have her to answer to and she will proceed to tell you how you are more of an animal than the average stray dog in her locality. Oh and she’s the one with the motto- “We’re pretty!”

Anjali- She’s the one with the most adventures of us lot. Or should we say misadventures. She’s pretty, and looks ‘harmless’ so guys are deceived into believing she is, and somehow she is a shady people magnet. So here is someone with more than average intelligence, a smart personality, razor sharp wit and many more admirable qualities and also a shadynessphobe (self explanatory new term) – who can attract people of dubious characters, inspire stalking behaviour (it was her!), and more random nonsense and by-the-way proposals (“I wouldn’t mind marrying you?”) But the sport that she is, she takes it all in her stride and shares it with her friends- us; and then we all laugh about it. She is also the most grounded, sarcastic and observant……

Nandini- One look at her and you would wonder “Why is she single?” She has the looks, the brains, the figure (very important in today’s times) and all the other qualities that guys aspire in their girlfriend. And yet she is single…..very single. A passionate photographer who aspires to do a lot of things in her lifetime. She is a girl’s girl and a guy’s guy (you get the drift?). Is the 3 o clock friend to all her buddies. And wants to see the positive side of everything! Nandu gets utterly scandalized by the various proposals shot at her. Don’t blame her, what would you do if a giant with purple hair posing as a man, came up to you and confessed he has feelings for you? Or a surd photographer from Amritsar speaking fluent Punjabi and only Punjabi, offered to make you a model?(for the record we love sardars…Singh is king!) Also known to be as still as a butterfly, at the workplace, she is the one who lights up the bay, running around bare feet when she comes up with something new, brings ribbons to tie up our hair in interesting styles or just plops herself on the floor to sing to us the latest Sheryl Crow number! One word you must remove from your dictionary when you meet her is ‘dull’!

So these were brief introductions to our colourful personalities and more to come as we continue with our tales.


Ria said...

love all of dem, tho relate a lil more to Anjali! Dying to read bout the escapades of d 4some

The Binocular said...

nice way to introduce ya folks... :)


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