Monday, July 21, 2008

Singles in the city

Why would anyone care?- was the first argument.

Really, the adventures, or more importantly, the lack of them of single girls in the city are not something that people would clamour to read so why should we (singletons in the city i.e. and as one of us would add- pretty single girls) start a blog about us? We’ve argued and fantasized, gotten excited and then rejected notions but ultimately it was the humour that we saw in our own daily lives that did it for us. If at the end of the day, we could look back and laugh at all that happened because we all have a sense of knowing what is ridiculous, then surely it is worth sharing, isn’t it?

So the four of us (yep, that’s the package) decided. We’ll bring it on. Of course we need to be armed with well thought out pseudonyms for ourselves and code names for every living creature we name, for their sakes of course. The stupid things people do should really be made known but there is no reason for us to be cruel and let the world know that it’s them.

Anyway, apart from knowing all about our lacking love lives, our readers would also know about the strange/funny/weird/interesting (add more adjectives) people that we know.

So ya, we’re single (and pretty) and in this age of internet and chatting, relationships are more virtual than real.

There is no problem, except that well meaning friends, acquaintances, co-workers and pretty much anyone who knows you decide that the second thing they want to know is your relationship status!

Sample this:-

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiii… How are you?”

“I’m good”

“So are you seeing someone (yet)?”

(long pause)

And the problem is compounded when every shady characters- guys of course- in any range are attracted to you. And by shady, we mean real shady -


Purple haired people

Losers (We’re being kind here; they could be called much worse)

Samples of real life experiences which we will elaborate on in coming days.

Then there are friends. Who want to fix you up. Period. Really sweet thought. (Blah)

But life doesn’t merely revolve around the relationship status. It’s but a small part of our lives… there are also crappy bosses to contend with, strict parents, boring lives, minor and major complications, siblings etc etc. Books to read, movies to watch, music to listen to, places to go, parties to attend (yeah right!) and so much to do. Whatever takes our fancy, whatever amuses us, provokes us into thinking; we share with each other and with the WWW now.

So watch this space in one minuscule corner of the entire blogosphere if you want to know more.


JB said...

Its incomplete ;)

The Pretty four said...

Continued ;)

Jb said...

Finally i get to see all that read the other day, on the blog space. Great work guys will not write much coz i am not as good as u all are with words. Had been telling Anjali (;))for quite some time that she should start a blog but then i guess she needed the company of all of you guys to actually get started.......

All the best


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