Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hmm, so to feed your gossip hungry minds- this is how my story unravels.
Gmail- Inbox 1 – Hi, Piya we went through your writing samples, could you please come down for an interview tomorrow at 3pm?
Travel & Leisure.
Piya- Yipieee! Frantically calls Nandu, and IM’s Anjali and Mrinu.
Nandu- Oh! Cool, so you’ll go?
Piya- Yeah! I’ll tell boss that I have to wrap up some work at the bank. – LEAVE 1
So, I wear my ‘good- special occasion clothes and set out for mission TNL. Interview goes smooth and I’ve been assigned a task on the basis of which my selection depends. Mind you the task is quite random. So, anyway I give it my best shot and mail the assignment. I get a prompt reply saying- “I’m traveling as of now will get back asap”. Period. Nandu is XYZ still traveling? Or has XYZ been deported to some other country or has XYZ has suddenly become visually impaired??? Ok may be just may be my assignment wasn’t up to the mark but come-on decency demands you tell the other person.
Leave 2-3 and 4- Hi, Piya we have a vacancy in the production department, if you’re interested kindly come down tomorrow at 3pm (what’s with this 3pm fixation??). I must add that the place I got this mail from had me jumping up and down. I so badly want to name it; okay it’s an extremely prominent and popular channel and the name starts with N and ends with V. Sorry guys I couldn’t resist the urge.
This interview was such a boost to my ego… I seriously believe that people like ‘her’ should be present in abundance. However what followed next was extremely dramatic. On my first day somehow all the pent up excitement had died out. The only saving grace was that I knew I hadn’t quit my previous job (had just called in sick) so while on the shoot for some reason I kept sobbing and called up anjali. “Boohoo! I hate this, I’m not cut out for it, I can’t do this, I wana go back to writing” Anjali- Relax, you’re the first person I know who has two jobs in her hand and is still crying. True I felt like an idiot and the very next day I resumed work at my previous now present workplace.
Leave 5-6( I was down with viral- also!)-: This particular incident is solely responsible for leaving me feeling extremely dejected… okay not extremely but to quite an extent. Firstly, Anjali I know you had already warned me, and I’m so glad you weren’t a part of it. In my previous blog I had mentioned a category called ‘the oh-so professional writer’s world’ and the publishing house-I shall malign below- aptly fits here. So this place to begin with had a nut case as the editor-in chief/ cheap and forgetful people as the senior editors. Yeah! The person who was suppose to interview me had conveniently forgotten to inform me that she would be outta town on that very day. My next stint with them was when the editor fixed a meeting on a weekend (I just refused to take anymore offs: D) in a coffee shop, by the end of this meeting I was smiling because the offer was quite good. Okay I’m cutting this short. After yet another round of an interview they called me to finalize things. It was during this period that I was suffering from acute body ache, cold fever and informing them of the same I postponed the meeting by a day. Somehow I manage to drive down only to find out that the ***** (feel free to imagine) lady can’t offer me the promised amount because they usually don’t pay freshers so much. SO MUCH! And why the f…. couldn’t she tell me this over the phone… and I didn’t set the bar, the other senior chick did… (overlook lack of punctuations) anyway I jut walked out fuming…taken for a ride- HAIL HO professionalism. Smack u *******
Therefore, I did what I love doing. Sent a mail (I sent a letter to the editor and all the way I cursed it, someone should read it aloud and show them their real place) sing along :D - Yes I have a knack for composing some really to-the-point mails!! Anjali and Nandini would agree.

And now, notes from the jinxed soul:
1. The magazine I work for will not be published for 6 months… internal issues.. WHAT?
2. I shall get no money this month- courtesy all the leaves
3. I have strange friends who are depressed in life for stranger/ strangest reasons.
4. I’ve been snapping at my ‘invisible’ bf, for no reason.
5. I might end up working for Cosmopolitan. Picture this- 71 new-electrifying sex positions by Piya. WOW! So much for my education!
6.I’m close to slapping someone.

Anjali you should post the shady guys chat conversation here, he’s got some nerves. Nandu which category would he fall under?

PS: We’re (exclude Nandu) collectively going through a rough patch (I’m making this public- so feel free to pamper) but like Mrinu says- “we’re pretty and independent and can get past any hurdle”. So this phase will end too, paving the path for happiness for us all. I love you 3 bombshells… muaah. You know what’ll cheer me up- a photo shoot with pretty clothes. Yea yea yea!


Nandini said...

Poor Piya.. You should seriously consider the purifying bonfire I was talking about, to cleanse our auras, get rid of negative vibes blah blah blah ;)
And a photoshoot with pretty clothes, bring it on ;)

Piya said...

yeah I really need to get away...I'm itiching to get out from this city.. and photo shoot... let's plan it out:D

Piya said...

ohh and I'm poor piya- literally poor:p

The Binocular said...

well, it wud b better if ya send ya blog link to tat editor of d so calld *DT* (data hiding :D), for him to realize d real pain he has been... n his contribution to d jinxed soul!!
well written gurl... n wish ya d best... n ofcourse enjoy d photo shoot.. :P

Piya said...

hehe...i would love to send the link but then...i obv can' get the picture right? thanks for the comment:-)

Jb said...

Oye People why the delay??????No new posts?????Hurry up...


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