Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of movies and levels!

Hi, Mrinalini here. Yes, the name is very heavy but nothing about me is. Except the fact that I sometimes have heavy bouts of depression, ranging on subjects like why am I so less paid (which is a concern with all my girlfriends as well), why cant I take an off whenever I feel like (which I again do, I call them Random Wednesdays) or why must the fat shopkeeper pelt the dog, when he himself is ugly enough to be pelted. And sometimes, the reasons are more on the trivial note, like why must my X who has really ‘moved on’ (quote unquote) keep IMing me to ask me if I am happy! Happy, who uses such words anymore? I do, but as my friends know, it’s a lala land we must all escape to sometimes.

So that brings me to the food for my soul as of now. Have watched 7 movies in the past one week. Osians film festival was on and like a true blue Bengali, I was doing its rounds, meticulously buying the next shows tickets even before having watched the current show. Bonobhoomi (a story of four women in inland Bengal, complete with tears, turmoil and strength in adversity) Lal Paharer Golpo (the best one acc to me, about how Chho nritya is becoming extinct in Bengal and how an old master played by Mithun Chakraborty rejuvenates this dying dance form in his own arrogant yet priceless way) Swarger neeche manush (Oh LORD! And watching a man jerk off in the silver screen with Anjali and our moms sitting next to us was the only thing left to do in life!) Lets Go (by the pseudo intellectual Anjan Dutta, who is trying to get it right with every movie he makes, so full marks for trying and coming out of his ‘aantel’ world) The Confessional (a Filipino docu on how everyone around us lies and pretends to be people they are actually not, won an award btw) and Mumbai Cutting (ten movies rolled in one, by ten different directors; a brilliant effort where some movies simply stood out, like the one made by Anurag Kashyap) and a few more forgettable ones.

After this many movies, cups of teas and rainy showers later, I realized one thing. There are very few people who really meet you on that level. You know, when you want to watch that certain movie, and your ‘admirers’(which are in the plenty somehow) want to watch the Hulk instead (what’s with superheroes who cant control their aggression? Don’t we have gujjars in real life anyway!) or when you tell them its of social interest, they guffaw thinking how can watching a movie bring about a change anyway? They don’t get it, its not really about having to do something all the time, sometimes it is just about a feeling that sinks in when you watch a certain story unfold…a message that is conveyed just like that…

Anyway, getting heavy I guess, and like I told you guys, I am not about anything close to that…So adieu for now!


Nandini said...

Mrinu, welcome! The Confessional won, did it? Yaye!
And I came to see the movie with you although if anyone had asked me, I would have gone to watch The Hulk with them too! :P
And you are heavy- thoughts wise.. I think I must be ranging below zero in that department! Lol..
oh btw, superheroes- the best! You've got to watch The Dark Knight *drool*

Piya said...

Mrinu don't hate batman please... it's drool drool all the way long:D why so serious?????

Mrinalini said...

yes it won the best innovative movie i think...and u definitely fall in the 'level'
and yaar, I dont mind PVR movies unless they are clashin with a film festival ;)
And yes, superheroes all the way! wt fun are ordinary ones anyway ;)

Mrinalini said...

@ pia,
I looooue batman, he is the man, rest are mutants or other worldly :D
and heavy, do i sound so already? :O

Anjali said...

mrinu!!! first of all... HUGS!! :D

and ya i totally get the 'gujjar point' very interesting comparison must say ;)they are actually the 'hulks' lol

Mrinalini said...

yas yas, in house superheroes :P


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