Saturday, December 27, 2008


Who said 4 pretty single girls cant have fun all by themselves in big, bad Dilli? If anybody did, guess Nandu would have to simply send the picasa album link to that person. To get an idea of what we are capable of. Just a gist of it.

Well, it so happened that we four decided to take things in our own hands and made a plan for Christmas eve. We would hang out, have a cake, be merry and spend some nice nice time together. That was the idea anyway. So, while most of our plans go dhap, this one plan slowly cemented itself in the upcoming weeks. Finally, on the 24th, with some minor hiccups (Mrinu having a choked throat, bloody Bengali catching cold just at the right time! And Pia having banged her car, was forced to repair it with her father towering over her with the look that said, ‘You young people of today!’ also Nandu simply could not manage to convince her strict dad; we almost decided to call up as Anjali’s mom and speak to him! ) we made our way from Gurgaon to Vasant Vihar in Pia’s car singing ‘Last Christmas I gave you my heart..’

So, we made it to Hooka Bar, this stylish pub where the manager looked at us and we thought he’ll know we weren’t 25 yet! He didn’t (actually it seemed our day simply couldn’t go wrong anymore!) and informed us it was a ‘No Smoking’ zone. So we looked at Anjali and said, ‘Ah well, if only Anjali cant resist smoking for sometime, I guess this place is good enough! You have your nicotine patch with you, Anjali?’ So the manager stared. Eventually, the entire complex did, but we will come to that later.

Inside Hooka, it was still Happy Hours and so we ordered rounds of Green apple vodkas with Pia sipping some orange flavoured ones. And we toasted to so many things, that Nandu decided we should not take our glasses away, just stick them together.
We had found ourselves a table closest to the bar and once we were settled, we realized that our table direction forced us to be the unfortunate spectators of an old ugly man cozying up to a young little girl. He gulped down whisky- two in a row (sure they were neat). God save the girl!

Meanwhile, the waiter in his Santa hat found it difficult to absorb our order.
3 orange flavoured vodka and 1 green apple?
No. 3 green apple flavors and 1 orange.
Man in Santa hat returned with 2 orange flavored vodkas…that’s it.
Aapko bola tha 3 green apple aur ek orange.
He rushes off to attend to another customer, leaving Mrinu visibly irritated. Anjali decides she’ll give it to him this time he returns.
Madam dekho paper pe yehi likha hai-2 orange, 1green apple.
Mrinu: Bhaiyaaaaaa!! 3 green apple aur Ek orange kitni baar bole aapko.

Finally the drinks arrived:
Mrinu/ Anjali/ Nandini: Mmm nice!
Piya: Uhh mine tastes like shit!
Nandini takes the glass from Pia and confirms: Yeah
Anjali, sipping it: Hehe it is shit!

Anjali all through our drinks wished to go to another place and avail their happy hour too, when suddenly Mrinalini started giggling, followed by Pia, Anjali and Nandini. In the midst of non stop laughter, Nandu declared “I don’t know why am laughing” Anjali exclaimed “me neither!” Actually, none of us knew what the joke was. And then it struck us- Mrinalini was DRUNK! And the rest of us were well slightly getting where Mrinu had so quickly reached. Our second round arrived and realizing Mrinu was in lala land, Pia and Nandu quietly sipped her drink to half! Anjali, in between, was acting strange and kept saying that Pia should not drink anymore since she had to drive back.

A while later, we decided to get out of the place for a smoke and go to Chocola, a place famous for its chocolate delicacies (how obvious). Once out, Nandini began behaving strange. Our observation (fresh air + alcohol= drunk Nandu). Anjali got 2 smokes, while Mrinu protested she wanted a bidi. Nandu and Pia alternated between a paan and a Godaam Garam.

-Mrinalini constantly blabbered- we are pre-thy (pretty with an accent), I love the fondueeee (which was actually a chocolate cake) and that ‘He’- the guy she likes and the guy who was quite amused on seeing the 4 of us acting peculiar- looks like fondue.. He is fondue.

Look, people outside singing carols.
Pia and Nandini waved at them (WHY?) The guy turns back enters Chocola, hands us Christmas cards.

-Piya: Oh look cute guy across the street.
Nandini: He has a moustache.
No he doesn’t.
Nandini: Yes he does, come I’ll show you.
They go and stick out faces on the glass window and stare intently.
Yaaaaa he does have a moustache, how did you notice. It’s so tiny :p

-Cute guy looked at us, of course amused and minutes later entered Chocola with his 2 afro friends and sat right NEXT TO US.

-Anjali decided to use the washroom, started walking towards it when suddenly Nandini pushed her aside and entered the loo.

-Meanwhile Mrinalini was talking to JB, Anjali’s buddy over the phone telling her to get off the bus as she was needed home and that she had to go home right then! Also, how JB should not date Advocate Pintu [a name she mixed up] and how never to trust a woman who has an X in her name.
What is she? A fucking movie directed by MF. Hussain!

-Nandini started to go through Pia’s bag. Took out the sunglasses and placed them crookedly on her nose, while we desperately tried to operate her hi-tech camera. Nandu smiled for a pose, and seconds later, fell down on the couch chuckling. The foreign party next to us were thoroughly enjoying.
Soon, a search for the hi-tech camera cap began:
We were busy going through the hand bags, shifting couches when suddenly we heard someone tell us:
Look under that couch, I can SNIFF it!
Unanimous turning of our heads and we saw the afro guy grinning and repeating I can sniff it. When we found it, Afro Guy said: I told ya, I could sniff it. (ya, great! Whatever!)

Later, we decided to stop for some coffee and burgers. Mrinalini’s guy was on his way to picking her up and Anjali’s sole aim was to get Nandu in her senses before we met her folks. So while Anjali was gone, Pia had the responsibility of 2 pretty drunk girls, looking at shoes.
Look Fendi bag, kitne ka hai bhiyaa?
Bhaiya: 1850!
Mrinu: But yeh to fake hai.
Nandini: Even I am wearing fake Fendi shoes but they don’t look fake na. See.

Nandu took her one shoe off and balanced herself on one foot. Jeez!
Nandini: Yeh dekh dono ko (she matched her shoe and the bag while the shopkeeper had the look: What the fuck??) Soon, Mrinu sees her guy coming. He already had an amused look from far. Anjali by now was back with coffee, fries and burgers.

Mrinu to her guy: Look Anjali has such small feet and hands. Anjali show.
Anjali (totally embarrassed and probably thinking- why?):
Uhh, okay! Here!

-We bid good bye to Mrinu and her guy and began walking towards the car. Nandini was hopping/ jumping, the fake fendi had given her shoe bites.

On the drive back, Anjali asked Nandini to perform on the song playing (Khaled’s Didi). Pia viewed the ‘dance’ from the rearview mirror; a black shadow going left and right with hands moving up and down!

Nandini please behave yourself, your dad will notice.
Shake yourself up chal..Do we have water in the car?

We spotted her parents and slowed down.
Nandu keep shut in your car. Don’t talk or giggle.
Haan Haan!

We exchange ‘polite-sober-we’re-totally-okay’ greetings with her parents.
Nandini (Loudly): Anjali, Piya ka nightsuit and tera handbag tujhe de doon?
Anjali (with the shut yourself up look): Umm, no let Eeverything in the backseat be!
Nandini (sat inside, stuck her hand and face outside): Byeeee. (Then only the hand waving till we no longer could see them.)
Uff is she mad why was she doing that? Her dad will figure.

The X-Mas party had happened, and it was for real. Just that, all the four of us just remember parts of it. That is how we wrote this post. Some parts, still missing.
PS: This story is inspiring in no way. It is all that women should not be doing outdoors all on their own.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charlie and the photo factory

Yep, that’s my version of the tale so you don’t get chocolates but photographs. It was my day out with a mime who plays Charlie Chaplin at a restaurant for a living. So for all intents and purposes, lets call him Charlie shall we, for the real one would’ve been proud of this 21st (or is it 22nd) century copy!

Basically, coming to terms with vague themes, I decided to be vague in my own way and decided to shoot a photo series with Charlie because he in himself is such an interesting prop, I only needed to place him and viola! I have a photo story. Quite what the story says, I haven’t decided just yet but something will come up. Maybe something to do with surrealism and juxtaposition and contrast etc etc. hmmm. So back to the day.

Charlie, though very decent was quite tardy, he made me wait for two hours before he arrived and then put on his make-up while I was hanging around waiting for a ready made painted one. (While waiting I checked out hideously expensive overcoats and exchanged gossip with recession worried Anjali and Pia. We were depressed with the prices and decided to wait till the sale becomes more aggressive).

Since he had a 4 'o' clock birthday to attend and I had an evening book launch to rush to, my panic button was all but blinking red since the day being his holiday, it was all I had. Phew. I get jitters just thinking about it. But we managed. Almost.

First of all I took him to Jantar Mantar where the unique architecture would provide an interesting contrast and setting. What I did not expect was ‘Charlie Charlie’ and ‘One photo please’ requests from everyone, be it 6 or 60. Seriously, people were fascinated. It makes me wonder why I was and am always so blasĂ© about this. Charlie Chaplin appealed to me as a photographic subject, but as entertainment, I probably would not be so enamored. But maybe my idea of creating contrast by placing him in dramatic or just different surroundings worked too well. People gamed. People stared. And people called out.


‘Areey, hello yaaar’

‘Charlie Bhai’

‘Charlie paaji, oye hullo’

‘Hello Mr India!’

and you can add your variations.

This Charlie was as pleasant as was possible considering we were almost mobbed! Everyone wanted a piece of him. And I never once imagined this aspect of the shoot while I bit my nails thinking of locations and lighting.

As the day went on and we proceeded from location to location- in an auto, I was constantly amazed by the number of people who peeped out of their cars, turned their heads, hung their heads out of the window- just for Charlie. And he of course never failed to oblige. He shook hands with kids, tipped his hat to strangers, raised eyebrows for strangers, mimicked anyone with a funny expression and well, he did what he does best- entertained people. Pretending to trip while in Janpath, swishing his stick nonchalantly while checking out handicrafts or just making faces at a very old, amused lady- he was in his element. And I know he’s an artist and this is how he earns his living but the simplicity with which he adopted this role and proceeded to entertain everyone- policemen, beggars, our auto rickshaw drivers, security guards, aunties and uncles and little sardars- it was amazing.

Which is why, when we reached India Gate and some 15 unruly school children (probably bursting with post-puberty hormones) started to jostle, push and just misbehave with Charlie, I was furious. With myself for not thinking about it, since he was pretty much my responsibility and with people, who have no respect. Obviously, screaming ‘Don’t touch him’ and ‘Get away’ did not work. I wonder if my voice was within the audible range, but capable Charlie swished his stick and off we were. He was upset but within minutes he was entertaining ice-cream vendors with swashbuckling antics. Needless to say, I was charmed. Here was a boy, who hardly earns enough to keep house, is extremely talented and who likes being Charlie Chaplin and he gets over such incidents like a forgotten itch. I don’t think I would be quite so forgiving, or forgetful.

But mostly, it was his quiet pride in what he does, the smiles and the responses that he generated from every and I do mean every pedestrian we crossed (not to mention a group of very persistent south Indian NCC cadets. ‘Char-lay own photoh’) that kept him going I think. From Lodhi Garden to the National Gallery of Modern art, a book shop or a bus stand; everywhere we went, he drew smiles, if not awe. And me, I just kept wondering- how many lives has he touched today by a simple lift of an eyebrow?

Friday, November 14, 2008

What's in a name....

Has it ever happened to you that when you look at a person you feel that person should be called a certain name? Do you feel that a person can look his or her name? Confused? Let me give you an example. When I first joined work, in the bus (yes my office provides transport, one of the numerous reason I am still working in this place) I saw this guy who looked very Punjabi (To all the Punjabis out there…I love you guys, Please do not take it personally) He wore branded jeans and branded floral shirt, a big metallic watch (also branded) to office. The shirt and the jeans were a size smaller or he had just expanded since the time he had bought it. He always wore Rayban shades, most of the time they were perched on the forehead or hung from his shirt pocket. His face was/is/will be always …round, and he had coloured hair. One look at him and I decided that he must be a “Gaurav” and believe it or not his parents also thought the same. See what I mean. Some people just look their name. Like Mrinu looks like Mrinalini, or Piya looks very Piya.

So some people look their name and some don’t. Yes, some don’t. I’m sure you and your friend at some point in your life must have said this “She should have been called…instead of ….” Or “She is soooo much like a …..” (Fill in the blanks with the suitable names)We all have ‘code’ names for people. If you don’t, then perhaps you lack the imagination which is another issue altogether. Anyway, coming back to names, like everyone we also have names for almost everyone. People who we like generally get good names and people whom we don’t like get names that suit their personalities (or so WE think). Nice names range from DIVA (because she behaves like one) to JB (initials of a name) to Goddess (because she is one) to Dan (short form of a looooong name) to The Lawyer (simply because of his profession) and so on and so forth. Most of these names are for friends, some get to know their ‘code’ names, some don’t but in any case they don’t mean any harm.

Funny names are fun. Sometimes these names become so common that one forgets the actual name of that person. Our workplace is full of them. I shall elucidate.

Blockage- Imagine a tall fair pretty girl with beautiful long hair. Add some extra kilos to her. Now imagine this pretty lass with a heavy baritone. And we have Miss. Blockage for you. Wondering why she is called Blockage? One fine day she found out that poor little Mrinu was having cold. So she took it upon herself to enquire about her health sweet I know but whatever!) And always one constant question (in that baritone) and in a matronly way “So how are you today? Mrinu(feebily) “ Ok” blowing some more into the napkin “ And the BLOCKAGE?” The emphasis was always on the word Blockage. For the longest time whenever Mrinu thought about her all she could hear around her was the word “blockage” in that tone.

Matka- It’s not difficult to guess why a person is called that. Obviously for his physicality. This man happens to be a marketing guy who makes our life miserable by piling more and more useless work on us. And it doesn’t help that he looks and behaves like a ‘matka’. He is short, fat, and dark. He can’t speak a word properly and almost squeaks every sentence. And yes just like a matka his head is empty. He lacks substance. His actual name happens to be Arjun Agarwal but our team fondly calls him Matka. So much so, that once in a meeting Joe (my team mate) almost called him “Mat” and stopped at the right moment with us glaring at him. In his defense Joe said later “I just couldn’t remember his name. None of us call him that!”

Ishaan- Remember Ishaan from the film Taare Zameen Par? We have our very own Ishaan at work. He is a friend. But he doesn’t know he is referred to as Ishaan. Why you may wonder? Well, he is special. Or as Mrinu would put it “a little tara on the zameen” .The guy is a certified geek and has no qualms proclaiming that. Although 24 years old but he claims he is not more than 6.And is very proud of that. Awwww, our little Ishaan…He gets excited seeing gross pictures, enjoys toilet humour and loves to play ‘missed call, missed call’ on Gtalk when bored. Just like the Ishaan in the film, our Ishaan is totally ‘Bindaas!’

Purple Hair Giant- The name explains it all eh? This man is the most fascinating creature I have ever met. When I had first joined office he used to have long pink hair. He is about 5.10`, huge and had French beard back then (he recently shaved it off, revealing he has no chin) had long purple hair, which slowly turned shocking pink, and wears only shades of dark blue or black. Wow! The man had the hots for our Nandu for the longest time (another story for another time) He went bald in the middle maybe in the grief that Nandu had rejected him the 44th time. Is over friendly with the entire office and thinks he has the coolest sense of humour. Me thinks, he is just plain irritating. Current status is that he is dating Blockage and has lost 2 kgs. Ah love!

CUJ King-He used to go in the same bus as Mrinu’s. Quite the looker, he attracted a lot of female attention (Our ex-colleague Nida and Mrinu also being ‘one of them’). But CUJ king was hot only till the time he kept his mouth shut. The moment he opened it err…let’s just say lot of dreams were shattered. On his Orkut profile one of the most frequently used word is “CUJ” Eg: ‘I don’t like books cuj they r boring’, ‘Cuj am hot!’ etc etc. Yes, he meant ‘because’ or maybe ‘Cuz’. Once he had come to our bay to meet Nida and Piya had started singing ‘Kajrare’ loudly. We all were in splits CUJ it was funny!

Pigeon one and two- Two women look exactly the same but aren’t related. They both go in my bus, and have a neck like a pigeon and round eyes. They both love to be on the phone 24/7. Cannot sit properly and keep kicking and adjusting their seats through out the journey, love to disturb others around them but hate being disturbed. Pigeon One is taller and Pigeon Two stares a lot! Off late they have become bummies and are performing together for the upcoming office bash. I’m eagerly waiting for their event.

Verbal Abuser- Ex- colleague Nida’s fiancĂ©. Uses abuses like punctuation marks in his vocabulary. But only in front of guys. In front of girls, he is full of ‘Lucknowi Tehzeeb’. He slips only when he is drunk. Ah.. can’t blame him, it’s the alcohol talking. His ultimate dream: To challenge every able bodied guy for a fight. He claims that he can win every single match.

LL aka Luscious Lips- My boss. Has fat lips (well taken care of with moisturizer) which are the most prominent feature of his face followed by huge nose. Simply gross.

Bus Bhaiya- Sweet guy, goes in my bus. Also a friend and is the mushiest guy on planet earth. All his Gtalk status messages are dedicated to his girl friend. Mrinu had a tiny crush on him which Nandu found hard to digest and said “But he is our Bus Bhaiya”. You know, some guys just give out that brotherly vibe and he is one of them.

I’m sure by now you must have got an idea of what I have been talking about. There are names for almost all weird characters and our office is full of them. And I haven’t even started with my college and school list.

Disclaimer - We aren’t uppity. We are just a tad bit sarcastic and yes, have a sense of humour. Our kind. All the people mentioned above are nice people and we don’t hate them. They provide us with a lot of entertainment and I have to admit, office would have been quite dull without them. So, to them!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Notes from the diary of a Could be Roadie!

It all started when I heard that Dheeraj, a red haired wannabe model at work had registered for Roadies. Roadies, as you all must be knowing, is a very popular reality show on MTV, which selects a bunch of foul mouthed, skimpily clad youngsters who ride on bikes, fall off it, get cosy with each other and travel and see good places in the daytime and bitch and vote people out in the evening time. Of course, the channel thinks they are running a classic adventure series with daredevil stunts (read scripted).

Anyway, the auditions in Delhi were cancelled as rowdy Delhiites did ‘tod-fod’ in the venue. Result was, people could fill the form online and then be chosen. While I have never really harbored feelings to be a part of any reality show ever, but the fact that I could fill up a form online was making me curious to know how would I fare if given a chance (read a very easily accessible chance).

I filled up the form with very true answers, and sent it knowing they didn’t want ‘suljha hua’ youngsters like us, as Anjali puts it. Well, all you had to do was click on submit. So there.

I received a call a few days later from “Preeti from MTV” saying I had to get an extra pair of clothes that wasn’t branded for my auditions as my form had been short listed! Surprised and now a little worried (because it was fine till I was sitting on my workstation and filling a form online… Now it meant more work!) as I am the kind that sits on the sidelines and judges these funny people who want to be on TV. Now I was suddenly on the other side. And it was a little scary.

Morning of the auditions, 6:30 am
I dump my plans to go for the audition, because I had a sleepless night, and when I did sleep, I dreamt of two very decked up PYTs bitching about me on national TV, saying that I take too much space on the bed and that I eat ‘bhat’ on a road trip and that I have no fashion sense. All true by the way.

Still the Morning of the auditions, 7:30 am

I am sitting in the car with Baba, who had made sure that I went for the audition by saying, “We get to be young only once, so you must explore the world beta.” I felt like I was being taken to the butcher house.

As I entered the venue, I revived, feeling I should make the most of my day. Straightaway, I made a friend, Divyanshi. She insisted that this was the first time she had come to audition and that she had been partying all night. Her very pressed hair and a butterfly clip and nicely done features didn’t say so. Another girl, Nancy (or Harpreet) joined us, saying her nose had a small fracture thanks to the bottle that had hit her on the day the auditions had got cancelled. She had come for these auditions, yet again. Some enthu.

Soon, we were made to stand in a line and a camera swooped past us and we were asked to cheer very loudly and scream ‘Roadies’ at the top of our voices. When the camera came near me, I shyly waved at it. I still don’t know why.

Then came the ‘heroes’ (I say it in the plural form because there are quite a few in that category…You will surely know them all in due course of time) of the show, Ayushman. He came and asked some guys to prove it that they were ‘real mard’ by making them do push-ups. Even some girls did it. Don’t know what they proved.

We were all lead to a huge hall and divided into 8 boys and 8 girls for the Group discussion round. I had Divyanshi with me who seemed to like Nikhil Chinappa even more than I did. I silently cursed her. Into the GD room, we sat on a semi circle row chairs and the judge (Sagar from MTV Productions) said “Sab hindi mein baat karenge. Topic hai live-in (so much for his Hindi!) Mujhe yeh nahi dekhna ki kaun right hai ya wrong, mujhe bas apke behaviour ko dekhna hai.”

And the boys started off….They babbled loudly and endlessly about how everything is fake, and love is a time pass and nobody cares about emotions anymore and that ‘sab chalta hai’. One guy said, “Live-in mast hai, because ‘love shav’ kuch nahi hota, all that we need is sax. (yes u read it right) Sax mil gaya, to sab mast hai.” To that, a very quiet guy who sat next to me, looked wide eyed. He seemed scared at the mention of the word ‘sax’. I wonder how he was short listed for even the second round.

From the middle of nowhere, in barged Raghu, the man himself, Mr.Roadie personified. He entered with his arms outstretched, as if he was already holding the imaginary collar of an imaginary boy. His fingers then magically fitted into the collar of a boy sitting in the GD room and just like that, he was whisked outside.

And we heard. “Saale, B**********, tod-fod ki thi tune? Baap ka auditorium tha? Ja, jaa ke apne gunde dosto ko bol ki Raghu Dilli mein hai. Dum hai to aaj tod-fod kare. Sorry bol saaaaale!”

The poor boy, whose face was inches away from Raghu’s, stuttered, “Sir, maine to kuch bhi nahi kiya tha. Mujhe police ne do latth (read stick or cane) maare, to mai khundak kha gaya, aur pathar uthake tute huye khidki mein de maari! Sach sir”
“SORRY BOL B*******”

He said sorry and entered the GD room looking like he had wetted his pants.

I had forgotten by then if I supported the concept of live in or not. Also, the judge couldn’t hear anything properly, so he asked us all to speak one by one. While all the boys ranted about ‘time pas and sax’ the girls were a step ahead. I was the only other person who said that live-in couldn’t ever be a healthy concept. Except some cases, living in lacked a certain respect a relationship demands. People feel more like commodities.

The girl next to me who looked petite and quiet like a mouse with pink gloss, had this to say, “I think living in is great. If given an ‘opportunity’ I would definitely live in.” I felt sad for this creature who wanted an opportunity to live in. Tsk tsk…

Another girl with brown hair and a weird blue bandana had nothing to say but loved interrupting everyone with “all this is crap, sab chalta hai, live-in bhi cool hai” one liner.

The GD got over and the judge asked us to wait for eternity till the results would be put up. The ‘sax’ guy turned back and announced, “Nothing personal people!”

Once out, we realized why it would take till eternity. There were now atleast 800 people lined up in front of different rooms, all giving auditions. We were seated in a hall where one girl with ‘Diwali mela’ beaded hair came and said, “You know, I am an expert in street plays, so I was very efficient in managing the GD in my batch…blah blah”

I wondered how people can talk about themselves to absolute strangers and that too for hours. Saw Raghu asking one of the production staff what to do with a particular guy who had come to audition. When told to scold him, he began his usual bashing routine with this fellow who didn’t even know what he had done! I half wished to take an auto back home, itching to begin my blog post, I was mentally so done with this whole reality show business.

Four hours later and several smses between me, Nandu and Anjali, and pecking at Divyanshi’s alu parantha wala lunch later, this cute production guy who wore chappals and had three eye brow piercings announced we could see the results.

But before that, we had to huddle up together, shout Roadies again in front of the camera…I wished I had some vodka to enact this part for MTV. Ayushman, the host announced, “Guys, we received 50,000 forms from Delhi and shortlisted you 810 people. So Congrats! But now, we will be announcing only 10 people, who will be interviewed by Raghu HIMSELF! So here is the list!”

The girl who wanted an opportunity to live in was selected. The “all this crap” girl was selected. The street play loudspeaker was selected.

Suljha hua Mrinalini wasn’t.

My new friend Divyanshi looked like she had failed her 12th boards! I tried to make her see logic, tried to tell her that 10 in 810 dint mean she was dumb or not worth it, but she refused to blink or talk or laugh. The guy who had been bashed up by Raghu in my GD room came up with a shining red Swift and asked, “Lift, anyone?”

I sang ‘Sinngh is King’ along with the fm radio in his car and got dropped till home. The only other thing I did was tell the two people (him and Divyanshi) in the car that it was ok if they weren’t Roadies. They could earn and be respected people even now.

They didn’t believe me.

And that, my dears, is life :p

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rock On concert- With a different 'Star' !

I know this post should have been up long back...but excuse Piya for her never-ending troubles and constant association with misery; that leaves her umm :(.
Read on to learn what i had been upto while Mrinu, Anjali and Nandu were busy going all gaga on Farhaan Akhtar and gang.....
As much as i would have loved to attend the concert (not because I dote on Farhaan Akhtar and others- but i knew i would have a fun time with my girlies) i couldn't. Mr long distance was visiting town. After 6 months of separation and constant prattling over the phone, the sight of seeing him physically present in front of me was overwhelming. God he looked so handsome, hotter than before and the aroma of his perfume filled my senses. The star of my life and apple of my eye! Well this is the impact that "Sachcha Pyar" (taken from Mrinalini's dict) leaves on you. From the fine dining, wine-ing to the hop dance (that's the best we could manage) in a 5 star was undeniably the most romantic way to celebrate the completion of a YEAR! I knew i was head over heels this guy. With the perfect weather and a car at your disposal, the long drive accompanied with Karaoke was just so perfect.
The 2 1/2 days of his company was eternal bliss. I may sound love sick and blah blah..but give me a subtle way to pen down all that i feel.
So while my girls jumped, and screamed and shoved around, I walked the city hand in hand, glowing, blushing- in absolute peace, much content with my "present" life. Of course his departure had me sulking for sometime till..till some job interviews in his town brought the smile back- Temporarily!
I should refrain from divulging any information on this right now... but hold on I may be close to making a sane, non-impulsive decision or may be back to brooding.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yet again

So it happened again. Should I even begin to bore you with the monologue of how another guy I’m simply not interested in almost asked me out to lunch (Does the college canteen count as a luncheon date place? Yes? Do I have a yes? He was VERY persistent)? Ok so no details then. Persistent guy (also charmingly referred to as ‘Dharmender’ owing to his filmy name) who I basically SEE through like he was thin air (he is muscular and well detestable but that’s his personality). And ugh anyway, he was unrelenting, so was I. He was being thick headed, I was being thick skinned and in the end I just said a very very exasperated NO. Tell me what would you have done? If in a span of five minutes you’ve made it clear atleast three times that you would rather be elsewhere than in the present unwanted company? Wouldn’t you have just wanted to bang your head against a wall because that would be less painful than trying to explain to a moron that you’re simply not interested? (For the record, the only head banging I do is to nice music in the confines of my room where no one can see me.)

Rhetorical questions all of them and it’s all a ‘moo’ point because I’m past caring. Two very very interesting, great things have happened and I couldn’t be more thrilled! First I get to attend a really cool workshop which I had no hope of getting through so I have an interesting few weeks ahead.. And secondly, the possibilities of getting a part time job seem really good. Yee. Yoo. Woo. Gimme an W..gimme an H gimme an O..well just say Woohoo for me will you? WOOHOO!!!

(I know you didn’t Woohoo. I just do. It’s the psychic in me)

Piya and I both have maybe some prospects working out. Oomph. Cross your fingers and toes for us. I will know if you don’t. Ref: Psychic comment above.

Anjali is going through a somewhat of a rough patch (Damn the cosmos and the powers that be). But she is still her same happy, frequently sarcastic self. Although her shaydar may be beeping a bit this time around. (Trust her to attract weirdos)

Anyway, like I said, not the best time for her. Since she and pretty much everyone in her family have recently undergone a ‘series of unfortunate events.’ Let’s encourage her to give us a heads up shall we? A.N.J.A.L.I - A.N.J.A.L.I – we want to hear your storeee .

Mrinu, sweet darling has also been through a not so great time (understatement of the century) but I’m amazed at how all three of them, Piya with job woes, Anjali and Mrinu with their own set of problems; are the most grounded people I know. Sure they whine and complain but it never becomes a part of their nature. They bounce back and I know you can call it human nature, I just call it their unique strengths. Me, I go on for quite a bit about poor me and these girls are my inspiration to limit that. Thank you.

I do hope that my babbling on for quite a bit will be an inspiration to them to give updates.

Over to The Pretty Three!

P.S. – Strange Irani boy has my phone number. Took it during lunch when he randomly started chatting because he’s new in town and knows no one and is looking for a place to stay. Oh long story.

Note to self- Learn to say NO.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The concert and all the madness !

Where was Piya in all of this excitement, one might wonder. And one needn’t go too far in wonderland, because darling Piya was living in one. The girl whom everyone affectionately called the ‘almost single’ one was floating on cloud no 9 with none other than Long Distance Relationship guy, henceforth to be refered to as Lover Boy- LB. So LB, the guy who initially all girlfriends were vary of made yet another foray over the high skies and came to meet his girl all the way from Bengaluru to Delhi for a three day weekend. Waah bhai. Our girl inspires such dedication. So Piya was planning dresses and matching footwear; the right perfume, accessories; places to visit, things to eat and trying to cram as much together time in the three days as was humanly possible for anyone to do. It is little wonder then that the Farhan Akhtars and the Arjun Rampals of the silver screen faded into oblivion as her Lover Boy in real life stepped into the fillum scene of her life. Let’s just excuse the girl and let her be lovesick in peace

Snort (Fat chance of that. Girlfriends meddle. Period)
It’s for everybody’s general good.

Haan toh where were the other three of The Pretty Four? Making plans it seems; coordinating times, pretending to be casual about clothes but all excited to be attending a ‘do’. You know? No? Forget it.
After much coordination, it was decided that Mrinu would pick the passes, Anjali’s friend JB would reach on her own and Nandu, Anjali and her cousin Renee would all travel together.
The road to rock concerts was never so ridden with difficulties. Silly Nandu ran errands the entire day and then went to a shady place to get a haircut. Where the guy spoke in faux English and refused to let her go without a blow-dry (“Ma’am! I kahn not let you go. Look at all da frizzes? No wayyy”).
Sigh. Girls.

The trio finally headed to the concert, obviously late but oblivious still. That is until they Not that there is much of a history of rock concerts in Delhi but couldn’t the cosmos side with the pretty chicas and let the journey be any easier. Add hunger, thirst and humidity to that.
But it is a testimony to the spirit of the brave little excited girls that they were still upbeat. Spraying deodorants periodically, fanning themselves and chain-using wet wipes. Anjali, the lost soul for once sprang into action and made the driver take twists and turns and alleys-never-seen-before; and viola, they beat the jam and reached!

Sounds: People cheering, faint music, guitar chords
Passes were with Mrinu.
Coordination with JB was off
And general panic at missing even one song.

So they ran. And then promptly got lost- read, lost all sense of direction. They basically circled the wrong mall almost twice before screaming at a guard-
“Citywalk, city walk ka rasta kahan hai bhayya ji??”

It was still a long way off and running on the pretty but slippery marble sidewalk was impossible. So picture this, three girls, (who looked somewhat dressed up once upon a time) BRISK WALKING amongst other shoppers, like they were contestants in a race that the rest of the world had no idea about.

From nowhere, they see Mrinu and Mrinu was with JB. No ‘Hi’s’ and ‘Hullo ji’s’ were exchanged. In perfect coordination, with silent communication, they started running. (Please note: Mrinu and Nandu were meeting JB for the first time. Introductions were somewhat lost in urgency of the situation) Holding hands, forming a five girl chain and breezing past security, they made it to what looked like the entrance. All five girls promptly took out their V.I.P passes and start waving them around. That didn’t impress anybody much. Everyone had a purple/blue/red paper that they were fanning themselves with (later they would also realize the sense in that).

Next began a time which the girls would rather not remember. Hanging onto each other began the journey towards the centre of the concert. You wish.
It was like swimming through a sea of bodies. Eyugh. Definitely not nice. Nandu hanging onto JB, Renee clutching Nandu’s t-shirt, and little Mrinu marching forward with Anjali who was trying hard not to get lost. It was major chance pe dance.

Push . Shove. Stuck. Huge, burly guys shouting, “Hey, why the pushing?” To which the girls just waved their passes and said, “We have VIP passes! Move!”

More gymnastics and ten minutes later, sweating but exhilarated the girls managed to move past security, closer to Farhan. Arjun.Purab. (Nobody cared about Luke Kenny that much, actually nobody cared at all!)

The girls made it and then they could see..
and more heads.

Errr. Examine the following situations:

The stage was set. Farhan was in full singer mode, short hair but still cute, even from a distance. Purab was the darling of the lot, prancing about the stage, entertaining the audience.
But it was Arjun Rampal who was the rockstar amongst them all. Who cared whether he was air-guitaring or breaking the strings? He was wearing a white figure hugging tee..yum yum. With a vee neck that displayed ample cleavage(masculine cleavage if there is such a thing as that!) and long hair tied with a bandana… so when during a break he tried to fan his shirt for some air- someone started screaming from some corner "oh my god! he is taking his shirt off!!" Arjun Rampal is taking his shirt off!!" That moment created ripples..

Scene 1:
Renee and Nandu (to random tall stranger): Excuse me, Excuse me! How can we go further towards the stage?
Random tall (also rude) stranger: Blank stare and royal ignore
Renee: BUT WE HAVE VIP PASSESssssss! (Waving passes almost in his face)
Random tall rude stranger who was blocking their view and might have been a member of the press: Waves back passes and ignores some more.
Renee & Nandu exchanged looks, made juvenile faces at the back of the rude press man and prepared to strain their tippy toes.

Jump. Arjun. Jump. Farhan’s hair. Jump. Somebody’s ass. Jump. Huff. Jump. Guitar. JUMP.

They MIGHT also have used the rude press man’s shoulder to lever themselves. He deserved the weight. Humph!

Scene 2:
Anjali met some friends from college, general greetings are exchanged and Anjali being the darling of her class elicits such dedication that her friends, Lift.Her.Up.
Anjali hoisted by two other GIRLS precariously balanced, screaming and general center of attention for other people who thought this was more interesting than looking at heads of the general public.

Anjali, it seems, did see enough and also exhausted her vocal chordal energy.

Scene 3:
JB and Mrinu managed to get somewhat decent vantage points and did not have to assault their toes to see the rock stars. Random strangers start chatting with them while the two of them exchange blank and dazed looks wondering if either knew the over-friendly people.

Tall tall, lucky JB. Object of general envy.
Little Mrinu decided not to be left behind. So much effort and pointless PR for passes and this? Not acceptable at all. She took a split second decision, dumped her bag, cellphone and pass into the hands of an exhausted-by-jumping-Nandu. Renee looked vaguely puzzled and alarmed and before you could say ROCK ON, Mrinu had hoisted herself on a barrier, because she wanted to go to the other side. (Remember the grass metaphor? Greener on the other side? Yes, that’s the one applied here.)

Of course she attracted attention- boys who were amused, girls who were impressed and security guards who were plain pissed. So our girl is faced with a hefty, angry looking guard who is holding her arm to dump her back on the less green side (you know what that means). But Mrinu was on a high and refused to be daunted, so holding the very same arm of the angry and pissed security guard, she took leverage and jumped. And landed. And smiled the serene smile of victory even as the angry guard is more bemused than pissed now. Mrinu beams and although she could see only slightly better than before, the jump seemed to have invigorated her.

A few minutes later

Mrinu was deep in conversation with the security guard – yes the pissed one, who excitedly showed her the pics on his cell from previous concerts and was looking fondly at her like she was his naughty little sister. “ See, Malaika, and this one Sunny Deol” To which Mrinu innocently asked “ Aur Farhan ki photo?” To which prompt reply came “ Ho jayegi manage…koi badi baat nahi hai.”

Only if the girls also could manage to click some pictures with Farhan and Arjun…Sigh!
So while Farhan crooned and Arjun and Purab grooved, the girls (with the crowd) drooled.
Asman hai neela kyu …paani geela geela kyu …gol kyu hai zameen...
Socha hai!!

After much head banging, arm swaying, futile pushing shoving and toe scrunching minutes, the girls were happy, satisfied but exhausted and hungry. Grabbing a bite was out of the question so the five-some grabbed ice cream bars- from a vendor, way outside the mall area. And then like little children, they ate ice creams like they had been taken out on the annual picnic. Which in a way it was. The silent grins were testimony to that.
After the sumptious (NOT) ice cream feast they all cramped into the small car, one top of the other and headed home squealing and still reeling under the Rock On magic!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The calls

Harbani Khurana did reply the next day. To both the girls, and it simply read, “pLEASE cALL ME” (exactly this font).

Mrinu read and exclaimed, “Ok so she has a weird way of writing”. The two girls decided to call Harbani on different times. Anjali would call her up around 11 and Mrinu would call at 12. It was planned out in great detail and the enthusiasm and excitement was similar to what school kids have about bunking school. So at 11, Mrinu literally dragged Anjali to the pantry and Anjali (reluctantly) called up Harbani.


“Hello is that Harbani?”


“Harbani, Hi, this is Anjali. I mailed you yesterday about the Rock On concert. You asked me to call. Ummm, I was wondering if its possible for you to arrange for some passes.” Mrinu looked intently at Anjali.

“You are in print media, right?”


“See as far as media coverage is concerned, we are looking at only news channels. But I could give you passes for you and friends.” (ah to the point. Nice chick!)

“How many can you arrange for?”


“Make that four.”


“So how do I collect it?”

“From City walk.”

“Where in City walk?”

“You don’t know where is City walk?! Honey, you don’t know anything then about the city!”

“No no, I know where is City walk, I meant in the mall, where do I meet you or collect the passes from?”

“I’ll leave it in the main office. Anjali, right? I’ll leave an envelope for you. Collect it anytime before Saturday. Preferably by 5.”

“Cool, Thanks so much”

Anjali disconnected and gave a triumphant look to Mrinu. “Four passes! Got four passes! Yay!” Mrinu smiled and then did some mental calculation and said “Ok so we need 5 more passes.” Checked her watch and said “I’ll call in an hour’s time.”

So while Anjali was happy and excited about the four people she could surely take, Mrinu wondered if Harbani would catch what they were upto. As Anjali and Diva went to the canteen to get whatever Diva wanted to have (lately she has to keep having something) Mrinu could stay no longer and called up Harbani.

“Hi Harbani, Mrinalini here. You are the PR person for the Rock On concert?” (like she didn’t know)

“Hi sweety, ya I am. So basically, you write for zzzz Times?”

“I don’t intend to cover your story as I am sure you are looking at TV coverage more than print. So, how many can you dish out?” (smart taking a cue from the conversation Anjali had already had with Harbani)

“Yes yes, subah se people are calling up, I don’t even need to go out and do the PR. TV channels are themselves confirming yaar. Darling, don’t worry, I can give you 4. Cool?”

Wondering what was wrong with this Sikhni who just went on saying ‘darling darling’ in every sentence, Mrinu was confirmed in her belief that this woman would never catch the email trick they had so innocently played on her. Never mind.

4 more passes!!!

So Anjali and Mrinu set to work. By the end of the day, they had charted out all the names they would or wouldn’t want to take along. Of course Nandini and Piya were coming even though they didn’t know it themselves yet.

Meanwhile, Anjali got busy being excited and for once happy that the “Press’ tag did anything to help except get free entry in ‘Dilli Haat’ (Yes yes, all you people with the tag, you get free entry! Yipeee! More power to the media.) So she is busy calling up people, friends and family, finding potential head banging excited individuals who would like to attend he concert.
Rrrrrrrrring Rrrrrrrrring

Anjali: Nanduuuuu!

Nandini: Hmm, What?! Breathe and speak!

Anjali: It will be SO cool! Please come!

Nandini: Rockonconcert! What? How? You’re going? Where? Haan?

Anjali: Yaaaa! Me and Mrinu are definitely going, We’ve got free passes!!! Mrinu has this friend who has this friend and they told us that press is getting free passes so she called and I called and yak yak yak yak yak..

Out came the entire story of how it was managed and what now etc etc etc.

Nandini: Hmmm. You know dad na. Its dicey, I’ll have to ask. He anyway thinks that rock concerts are license to misbehave for most and only shady people attend! You remember how I attended the Bryan Adams concert with my sister? Papa sent with us an EMPLOYEE from his office. Bhayya ji was running with us all the way. Grrr. That’s so not happening again! But this is really cool. I haven’t even seen the movie! But Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akhtar!

A few moments of silence as both Anjali and Nandini day dream

Nandini: I’m so coming! I’ll convince him somehow. How will we come back?

Anjali: Don’t worry, I’m taking my car so you come with us. Just come!

After some negotiations with daddy dearest..

Nandini: I can come!! Yaaaaaahooooo! One more ‘cool’ thing I’ll do! Ahhh. Good music, drool-worthy guys!

Anjali: So you’re coming?!! We’ll have sooo much fun! Lets plan! So till now, its you, me, my cousin Renee, and you know JB from my college and of course Mrinu the mastermind. I asked Piya by the way, she is going on a date with Viv morrow night. So cant make it.

Nandini: Hmmm…But its so cool! An all girls gang to watch an all boys band?

Anjali: So cheesy!!! But true! And maybe one guy, Mrinu is planning to get along a friend maybe but he’ll be coming from work, lets see.

Nandini: Ooooh. Friend and all?

Anjali: Oh. Long story for another time. But I pity the guy if he does come, one amongst 6-7 of us.

To be continued....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It all started on a Wednesday morning...

Mrinu entered the bay at work, managed to keep her stuff at her desk and hurried towards Anjali’s desk. Turned Anjali’s chair and almost screamed “Guess what?” Sleepy Anjali looked dazed…she was still not out of her sleep and just gave a puzzled look to her hyper friend. “What?” she managed to say. “Farhan is coming. Saturday at select City walk.”

Slowly Anjali was waking up. “You mean Farhan Akhtar?” Ok now she was completely awake. “Yes” squealed Mrinu like a child.” “The entire cast is coming. There is a concert happening. Rock on concert.”

“Concert mane?” Anjali asked. “Are they going to perform live?” Mrinu nodded emphatically. “You mean the cast will perform? Farhan Akhtar will sing?” Anjali just couldn’t digest the news while Mrinu kept nodding excitedly.

“Oh my god!! We should go!!” Anjali finally said.

Suddenly Mrinu’s expression changed from excited to disappointed to determined. She said “Local radio channels are giving passes but cant get through the number only. Let me think how to get the passes” And with that she went back to her seat.

The day started with a meeting with the Boss and pile of work got ‘unloaded’. So the thought of acquiring passes for THE concert was momentarily wiped off due to the work pressure. Anjali had already resigned herself to fate that like all other happening do’s of the city, she would have to miss this one too. But Mrinu was on a mission clearly, because post lunch she came back to Anjali’s desk animated just like morning and said “Guess what? Sambhav can make it sambhav (cheesy I know!) for us!! He can arrange for some passes! Select City walk is a client of the ad agency he is working at.”

For a moment Anjali got excited but soon realized that it will be difficult to convince dad to let her stay that late, and in any case, why would Sambhav take her along? He was Mrinu’s friend, not hers. So she unenthusiastically told Mrinu to go ahead with the plan…that is if Sambhav could acquire the passes.

At four, new developments took place. Sambhav did manage to get two passes one for him and other obviously for Mrinu but gave Mrinu an information that changed everything forever (well momentarily). He asked Mrinu to contact the PR person at Select City walk and ask for media passes. Apparently ‘they’ were giving passes in bulk to media people.

Aha!Mrinu immediately drafted a mail to Harbani Khurana, PR Executive, Select City walk from her official id (no less) and asked for passes for the media.(such undue advantage one takes of one’s company name…sigh). And like a big sister, stood on Anjali’s head and forced her to do the same. Anjali loved delaying adventures by punctuating the ideas with a lot of doubts, questions and negative ‘could be’s…“But why?,” Anjali asked in despair. “ You have already mailed her asking for passes, I don’t need to ask for more!”

Mrinu sighed and said “ You do! Think about it, more the passes, more people can come along and she may not reply to me, but to you na. So mail her.”

“But Mrinu we are not going to officially cover the event, its like doing something illegal!”

“Oh god!! With this attitutde you are never going to do anything in life. We are media people. It’s the PR’s job to keep us happy…all the time! Now be a good girl and mail!”

Anjali reluctantly mailed with Mrinu overlooking.

To be continued...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Does being happy mean being gay?

My life has been going a little hectic. Between some stupid assignments at work that take up my time but don’t add to my sense of knowledge, I have no time left for anything. Life is so dreary that I save movies on the pen drive and watch them at home! Yes, tsk tsk at your leisure…

The other day, somebody told me the love I share for Anjali, Nandu, Pia and Niharika is almost gay. The way I can hold their hand and talk about something very intense, the way we just talk amongst ourselves and how people around us seem to belong to some alien land at that point of time, is all very mushy, in urbane lingo, very gay!

While I did not bother to explain my stand on this, I was forced to think…Taking myself back a few months, I realized I was in the ‘somebody’s’ place asking the same question. And after some thinking, I know now what I share with my girls…

A best friend of sorts (I say so because, this tag doesn’t go down too well with the men in my life!) who we will refer to as “Unlinking Park” (don’t ask why, it’s a touchy topic) from hereon, has a friend. A best buddy, a chad budd (translate in Hindi to get effect) by the name of “Casanova” (name again changed though the monicker is self explanatory). They both are so close, that even a person like me needs to think otherwise.

On a day out at Casanova’s place, we were all watching Star Wars the movie and generally lazing around. All cig-addicts, we finished rounds of fags with ease. So, the time came when one had to go and get some more. Funnily, when Unlinkin Park didn’t feel like going, he would vote Casanova to go get them and would recount all those times when he had run that particular errand and then vice versa. The fact that two guys almost emotionally blackmailed each other to get ciggies in the scorching sun was a little too much. Since when do men have that trait? Then I thought of Dharam paji’s suicidal scene in Sholay and knew better!

Another evening, all the guys were playing football. While I am a self declared tomboy, my guy friends preferred to give me their wallets and mobile phones instead and kept me sitting on a bench. During the game it started to rain, and the guys started to have muddy fun. And suddenly all of them started roaring with laughter because Unlinkin Park had tussled with Casanova (who already had his tees off) with the ball and had downed his jeans, revealing his Hilfiger undies. Everyone had a good laugh at the cost of poor Casanova’s almost nude state in the middle of a residential park with arc lights! But Alert alert, my mind flashed with alarm…When all of them thought it to be plain ol’ raggin and jest, somewhere could there have been a different sexual message, a gay thing going on, very subtly??

Casanova brought a date home, and Unlinkin Park was already there, burning a cd of songs from Casa’s computer without even informing him that he would be coming! Infact, he was there before them! So Casanova spent an evening (otherwise meant to be spent in a more cuddlesome with his date) talking about good ol’ days when they were kids with his best friend and a confused looking date who could not believe she had been invited to his home for this!

On Unlinkin Parkin’s birthday, at ffad, they both danced like we weren’t there. Really. Though the former is not much of a dancer, Casanova only shows his moves when the ladies are around. He doesn’t get the name just like that! So, when suddenly after 12, the only person who could drag Unlinkin Park to the floor was Casa, it was sweet and hootable, but also very very fishy.

I think I was spending hours thinking about just them! God! How lame could my life be, but well, you cant always pretend to be busy, sometimes, you have to be plain vella! And what bothered me the most was the fact that they were both very close to me. What if one was gay and the other wasn’t? What if those two decided to confide in me one fine day? What if I was imagining stuff and in reality, they were simply buddies??

On a Saturday at a pub in GK2, we all were merry and those two were as usual at it. One had been thrown out of school, and the other had soon followed. One played cricket and one played tennis. And the stories went on and on. I was deep in my vodka and thoughts…What is it that those two saw in each other?

And just as abruptly, Unlinkin Park as if in a confession box, drawled to me, “You know what Mrinalini, you are not like them. You know those girls I see in Gk? Fair skin, brown dyed hair, designer clothes, them all? They look like 10,000 clones shopping! I like you. I think I do. What do you say Casanova? You approve buddy?”

And Casanova (who is the less weirder and more smoother of the two) says, “I always told you, go for her! Always, you shy pig! You are a late latif but Mrinalini knows that. You two make a good pair!”

And while I searched for my voice to come back, to be able to digest what I’d just heard, none of them waited for me to respond, they simply hugged. One in the other’s joy!

While I wont divulge whether I agreed or not, I will tell you this. They were surely not gay. They were just in love with each other. The bond that is mushy but not romantic. Friends forever.

And while the third person (me in this case) can sometimes feel bewildered at what one sees, the truth is not for you to see all the time. Sometimes you don’t get it, but there lies the charm of the relationship…

Sunday, August 24, 2008

a quick update!

Impulsive decision= no job= no crappy work= a whole lot of peace!

Yes, that's how it goes. I quit that publication now recording cum production cum something company. Never imagined I would feel so relieved. The ordeal is finally over.
There's so much going on in my life that it's hard to concentrate on one thing. There's enthusiasm building up for a kick-ass job that should be round the corner; hopefully. There's excitement for catching up with family members again- ah I missed those gossip sessions with cousins and all. I can meet up with Nandu, Mrinu and Anjali whenever I feel like. Mr. distant relationship is coming next month. I'll be visiting Shirdi for a few days (absolutely deserved).
Even though life's smiling down at me, everything's not all hunky-dory. But you know for once I realize that I have no reason to crib and whine. Hence things must be fine, it's just me whose being such a cynic. Trying to find yet another issue to sulk.

Anyway besides this I have had a fairly decent month. To begin with, i had two night outs in the same week.
Night spend 1: at Nandini's place which was so much fun. She's the perfect host who keeps brining the most scrumptious of dishes (cooked by her mom) to your plate. Oh how can I forget, Nandu makes yum chocolate mousse and if you eat them with Oreo cookies--- mmm the combination is to kill for.
Though I regret dozing off at 1am, but that's typical of me, I literally do a night spend. The entire time spent was great fun.

Night spend 2: at college friend's place who wanted to go out on a Wednesday night (ladies night=free entry=free weird tasting margarita's). We were 9 people in total, some skimpily dressed, some smartly dressed, some just dressed (me). So we reach this tiny, actually very tiny pub and move towards the bar, grab the margarita's and searched for a place to sit. There was some space on this huge couch but then we decided to leave it to the grossly engrossed couple. Getting bored we decided to hatch a plan to murder the DJ. I swear I could kill him for playing that exceedingly annoying dhee-chaak beats for continuously over 2 hours. I mean dude, give me the console I'll play better. Anyway the jerk begins to play some better songs and just then a friend suggested we should go dance on the SMALL table.

Me: Are u crazy? This place is anyway so shady.

Girl (drunk on lousy margarita's): let's go it's anyway so tiny.

Me: Hmm, okay

And I like a fool go climb it, and the next second decide to get down when out of no where a glass edge cut my ankle. Within minutes it began to bleed profusely. What followed was a painful ride back to her place and then in the morning to my place.

So yea that's all from me as of now but i'm hoping within the coming week i have loads of more interesting details to post

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The usual and the unusual

I saw a cat eating grass. A cat.eating.grass. Like properly munching it like it was a cow in cat's clothing.
And a rat eating flowers, all in the same day. Thought I should share.

There are some updates to be received by everyone, Piya and Anjali's career related updates and generally anything from Mrinu. Where are you Mri? Haven't read anything by you in while. Tune in guys.

Certain Random updates
Listening to: Vienna by Billy Joel (It is my 'calm frazzled nerves' song. When multi tasking gets too much and when I have too much on my list, the life list y'know? - travel to Europe, backpack across Egypt, get those expensive shoes, buy an iPhone, treat parents to a long vacation etc etc, I listen to this song and take deep breaths. Works for a while, you all give a listen! Song introduction courtesy Anjali)

Reading: Time Out- Magazine! Someone please suggest some books! I'm all out of reading matter and too lazy to research. Thanks to college and the commute, I have reading time again so all suggestions welcome.

So now that I have wasted your time giving random updates of strange things and my uninteresting life (except Vienna, must listen!), I will end your misery.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anjali and the shaydar

Being Anjali is not easy. For starters one has to deal with shady men all the time. Its like I have an active ‘shaydar’, a priceless term given by an intelligent friend of mine. Wondering what is shaydar? Simple, its Shady Radar. So I have an active radar, which attracts only and only shady men. Its not that I don’t know nice, decent guys, but the shady proposals shine out brightly out of the rest of the proposals. But I have learnt to live with that. What I haven’t been able to deal with are the volley of questions thrown at me. Sample this: “ Hey wats up? So? Tell me any new guy in your life?”( err….they actually mean ANY guy at all) or “ How come your not dating anyone”( well, lets just say I'm strange, I know you want to put me in the museum) or “ How come a pretty girl like you is still single?”(thanks for calling me pretty but is it necessary for a pretty girl to have a boy friend?)

All the questions are accompanied with bewildered looks, and after my answer its always a sympathetic like oh-you-poor-kid. As if I have an incurable disease. But now even I have a look to answer back which usually says “yeah what to do ….life is a bitch” At times, I feel like saying “I am single because am gay and I’m scared to confess my feelings to a girl” but then I don’t. Maybe because I’m scared that people might actually believe me, I mean they anyway doubt my sexual preference.

Another thing that I don’t get are the unending jokes on me being gay. No, don’t get me wrong. I love jokes on me. I am my favourite bakra. But really, just because I have amazing girl friends and best friends who mean the world to me does not make me gay, does it? And the jokes have been stretched so far that I don’t find them funny anymore, really.

Then there is the ‘good girl’ image I seem to have created. I really don’t have issues with people thinking I’m a good girl, a ‘homely’ girl and all that (which I am), but please spare me from questions like “oh I never knew you drink?” or “You smoke??!!" at parties. Yeah right! I smoke it’s a sin and you smoke its releasing tension? This world I tell you, full of hypocrites! I remember once this guy asking me at a party- I never knew you were into smoking and drinking? You just don’t look the sort. So what exactly do the ‘smoking and drinking type’ look, I wonder. Mini skirt clad, black nail paint with a come-screw-me look? I admit, I watch too many tacky hindi movies and hence this description. But seriously, how can one ‘look’ a smoker or an alcoholic? And why is it surprising only when Anjali Roy does it? Sigh!

I am not ok with pre-conceived notions. Well, notions about me atleast. I’m also not ok with the fact that my boss calls Mrinu and me the “bong bombshells” or the fact that he addresses me in front of other office people as Angie. Its ANAJLI and not ANGIE! Does he really think that by using such ‘cool lingos’ he can connect with us? Ha! Dream on! Because when a pot bellied man with a huge bulbous nose and ugly pouty lips like him calls us Bong Bomshells, it just sounds gross. Though I have to admit that he has good taste ;-) but still….eeewww!The other day he addressed Mrinu as ‘Baby’. Mrinu almost collapsed.

I’m also not ok about the strange men in my life (I’m being polite by calling them just strange…they are more than that), or the lack of a hot ‘Brad Pitt type’ of a guy in my life (yeah I’m a dreamer!).
I’m not ok with my job.Even though I work for the biggest media house in the country, or perhaps Asia, and my job sounds very glamorous but in reality it sucks! And I’m reaching a stagnation point. I need a new job…soon!And it’s so difficult to find the job you really want to do.And the wait is frustrating.

The list is long.And believe me, when one has to deal with all these and many other stupid things in life daily, it gets to you. But what keeps me sane are the friends. As Nandu put it, all the irritating things become tolerable because of them.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Some setbacks and a few random things

Remember me willing to change my opinion about guys and shadiness and my tendency to attract the worst of the lot? Yea well, it happened. College started, and I have only ONE other girl in class. Which is ok. NOT. I’m a girl’s girl, I need them around, in flocks, herds, tonnes- apply any level of measurement here, you know what I mean?

So with the majority boys, I’ve identified a smart aleck, a smart ass and one plain ass who we will call Dharmendra*. So Dharmendra from Jaisalmer was a-ok. Initially, I decided to be open minded and be friendly (obviously in moderation since I’m not into back-slapping etc) and casual. But did it work? Nooooooo…

Aforementioned Dharmendra belongs to the ‘chance pe dance’ category**. I just didn’t realize it would be so soon. Its only been a week, I mean! What the hell??

So in the interests of being casual, I didn’t realize that my faithful shaydar*** was turned off. And it didn’t switch on till this morning when it came back full flow, red light blinking and I decided to perfect my frosty nosed stare and like Anjali advised, to talk in super fast English. Apparently its intimidating, and I also went on the ignore mode. So much for flexibility in changing opinion. I hope I’m not being paranoid and reading too much into anything but somehow I don’t think this is the case. Oh –well, I hope I’m done with my quota of the year. (Pray for me)

Being in a new place with new people, yet again, has made me realize that its easy for me to know people but when it comes to genuinely liking, its so rare to find someone who you can share your opinion with, talk freely and have fun too. It just makes me realize that my friends, the ones who’ve bravely stayed with me for all this while, are the ones worth keeping no matter what new places I go to. I will wax philosophical and say that our friendship has passed the test of time etc etc. I’m not good at philo stuff so I’ll stop before I make someone cry.

Haan toh like I was saying, friends. Anjali, Mrinu and Piya are friends I made in my previous workplace where Piya was an intern. She is now, as you know working with a magazine now but we guys were together for less than an year and its amazing how we weren’t ‘colleagues’ or work acquaintances but real friends. And I cannot even begin to tell you how rare it is to find that one person and I feel blessed to have three! We aren’t all same, but we gel well (mini rhyme! yaye) Thank God for that! Crappy bosses, mind-numbingly boring assignments, irritating work colleagues all become suddenly tolerable. There were days when I would have liked to closet myself in the girl’s loo and not come out for the rest of the day (misery lacks consideration for other people’s emergencies too) but then you have your support system which makes it a bearable, even enjoyable experience on the worst of days so you can imagine the fun on the good ones.

Case in point? Some random conversations I keep having with all of them over gtalk (I love gtalk! Its like the official chat/messenger and you be signed in all day and pretend to send official documents while you’re trading songs. And no, Google didn’t pay me to write this although they should could.)

Here’s an example of this extremely boring day I was having while I was completely bored and so was Anjali and there is seriously no point to it, but I still feel like sharing.

(After one round of quoting from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (I know, American sit com and all but its seriously funny and they have great writers and I will watch and watch and watch.))

Anjali: shit we watch too much friends :P

me: i know! and we watch it way too many times :D

Anjali: yes and still laugh at the same jokes


(My status message was this song I was listening to- Love you madly by Cake, hence Anjali’s perplexity (you should listen to it! Cool song))

me: ya that’s a band! :D

Anjali: hahaha

we shd start a band too


aam rass :P

me: Muffins!


Anjali: no, we are desi

me: Imlis?

Anjali: aamrass

yeah or gajaks


Trust Anjali to come up with appropriate food related desi names for our fantsy band

me: hahahahaha. or Ram laddoos?

oorrr The Chutneys!

Anjali: imli is still part of the popular culture

u know sexy= imlis, in films

me: hmmmm

Anjali: but

me: so we couldn’t be sexy Imlis?

I do like Imlis

Anjali: gajak or aamrass or ram laddoos are unpredictable

Imli is predictable na

imagine a band called gajak

me: they are male sounding..think of unpredictable feminine sounding names


Anjali: what comes to ur mind when u think of tht name?

arrey!! thts the catch na

me: umm.. gajak?

Anjali: u think of ugly pot bellied guys

me: some rajasthani men?


like ' gajak de de manne'

Anjali: lol


now everyone will think like u, and then they see us, 'pretty' 'sexy' us

me: lmao

Anjali: ho gaya na anti climax


me: and gajak will be all the fad?

Anjali: ya

me: maybe we could give away gajaks at the end of our concerts ;)

endorsement bhi milegi

Anjali: lol

No plz am not too fond of gajak

although Diva(name changed, we like Diva!) has got yummy gajak today

but still

me: no wonder its on your mind!

Anjali: ha waise de sakte hai :D

of course

me: then lets be ram laddoos

we should enjoy eating our band name

Anjali: Too long

me: chainamurgi?

Anjali: we cud be shondesh



me: hahahahahaha

we could be shondesh..imagine chucking shondeshes like white snowballs to crowds ;)

Anjali: errr

if we are bad then they might be throwing tht on us :P

No ‘If’s’ there, we will be bad if I’m in it. Its license to kill

me: we should wear raincoats at the concerts..just in case

Anjali: Nandu

Plz we are rockstars

we cant look like cartoons

me: no they can be nice sexy transparent raincoats

Anjali: phir bhi

me: under which we can wear fluroscent rockstar type clothes

The performer in me is definitely coming out!

Anjali: imagine

month of june

and we performing in an open field


main toh melt ho jaungi

Yeah right, like we’ve already booked all the year through

me: hahahahaha

ok raincoats dropped

Anjali: :)

its amazing, the capacity we have

to dream

me: i knowww

Anjali: random things

See what I mean? I have conversations like this with Piya and Mrinu too and seriously, I would be worried if I didn’t!

*name changed to protect the privacy of the person concerned so he can be stupid in obscurity, believe me, his name is just as hindi filmish but this blog is not an expose of the dim-witted people I meet so names remain ambiguous but fun!

**refer previous post for the (limited/controversial) segregation of the men in my life

***shaydar- Internal alarm system (specific to girls, specially us four) designed to calibrate the shadiness of a person within a specific diameter, very reliable. Also may be known as ‘a woman’s intution’. Never undermine it, its rarely wrong. (is it getting hard to keep up with the asterisks? Should I use $ and # etc? Lets see.)

Thank you for putting up with the frequent interrupting notations.


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